Those who still have their lives can go, but leave your limbs. They belong to me now.

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Mothers Milk, They need it.




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Item #: GAM-01

Object Class: Calvary

Height: 30 ft

Weight: 30 000 Ib

Population: 24

Population Growth Rate: 1.3 / 63 days

Strength: 103 Tonnes

Speed: 68 mph

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Type GAM-01
Type GAM-01

The crucifixion was ready. A child no older than fourteen was centered in a dark room with awaiting figures in the shadows. Defiled and delivered to the place of her death. She screams for help but a singed pain came out of her throat, her vocal chords carefully removed. Displeasure brought to her as she tried to move, her limbs shut down by tools that dissected her meat. Her stomach pulled out. She was going to die and no one could save her. "ONLY I, Can save her. Save her from this disentitle life that was bought to her at birth. I'm sorry, I had to hurt you. I really didn't want it to go down this way. BUT! It was the only way to bribe your executioner, you see...It's only a fawn, and lets say.. I believe.... you can motivate it to move....We could of got to know each other...Heck, we could of been lovers, but fate told me! That you're... A PIECE OF SHIT, You improper primitive pest of a life form! How dare you run away from your abusive father! YOU SHOULD DIE FOR ALLOWING ME TO KIDNAP YOU SOOO EASILY!"

The child's flesh is bathed with the salted air from aged flesh that awaited her. Absolved with the beauty that the doctor has unhindered before her. The child's body fell faint in the presence of the sublime warrior that was assorted in front of her. The glistening brisk structures that flourished throughout its solidity of augmented flesh brought the child to feel its hell fire that was caged within. The Infected host slept. The sacred flesh laid abused and accomplish to the virus of the laboratory in bedded in its DNA. Bursting with miasmic powers the virus created. Auspicious tunnels that swayed in the flesh of the warrior, representing demonic veins. The corrupted veins tore accurate slices into the armored flesh. Creating an architectural body of torture. Awakening from a deep sleep, the soulless slave from the laboratory was summoned to consume the traditional sacrifice in front of the infected abomination.

The child was bustling in its efforts to escape, but rendered useless. The flesh of its limbs sown to the floor with bulky nails. The child's struggle only made its wounds larger. Her open torso began to flower the floor with her entrails. It was like bleeding sauce on a dinner plate. Her pain made the newborn hunger. "Struggle more darling! I love it when they have spirit left in them! " Trapped in the laboratory's web, She could only look upwards towards her accepted death, enjoying her last few seconds of life in awe.

The fawn began to beg for his mothers milk.

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Equipped with:

Plasma Cannon

Type- WL01-(T)-HBL

Thermonuclear Magnetohydrodynamic Fusion Reactors

Mutated with:

Regenerative Abilities

Advanced Myofibril Muscle Tissue

Catalyzed Kinetic Chemical Structure

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