Those who still have their lives can go, but leave your limbs. They belong to me now.

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Don't Walk Away From Me! Don't You Love Candy? WHY DON'T YOU LOVE CANDY?!

A Global broadcast broken into the system and infiltrated the networks and media of those so innocent. Innocent people that would see this and regain their twisted imaginations. Emotions that our animal ancestors gave us would make the audience feel grief. More often than enough the some would want the cruelty that humankind has brought into itself through this offer, and with that spark of imagination the laboratory would love to help feed those who desire this art. As it is not inhuman, as these people who do not agree with such brilliant minds, almost extinct minds, will be tarnished into the blossoming hands that the doctor himself will bestow upon you, and with you alone. You radiant wonderful mind!!.. will use the paint brush of your own will, use the laboratories paint...and choose your canvas of those of the flesh that are deserving of its pure justice.

The broadcast would enter deep into the global cyberspace and begin the many transactions of those who are smart enough, pure of mind, to realize the doctors potential in ridding this planet of the cancer cells that roam its surface. So please, do enjoy the show as your own innocent civilians bring their so called justice with their hands with the help of the laboratory. The dearest of help to those trapped with freedom, snatching those who are willing to pay the toll for the purest of mothers warmth and milk.

A message that would be played through the computers and televisions everywhere. Located in advertisements, It was a cyber virus as potent as the sicknesses within the laboratories flesh.

The Laboratory Halloween Sale 50-99% Off

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24 Hours Until Our Next Batch! So Stay Tuned! It will be a lovely lovely Sale!
24 Hours Until Our Next Batch! So Stay Tuned! It will be a lovely lovely Sale!

To gain the leverage upon your enemies, friends and alike. Give them the totally legalize help from our low price, but whole brand dedicated service of our good natured friends!

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