Those who still have their lives can go, but leave your limbs. They belong to me now.

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So I Could Find My Way

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Give it back to me..please

I found my way, you guided me

The path was dark, he was lost. Lingering cries that hollowed the desolate place that was known as happiness. The being was in the shadows of his own heart, yearning for an answer. The question of just why.. Why does everything good that colored the black memories have to run away from him. Abandoning him back into his original state of insanity and loneliness. The love he knew was taken away from him. His own wife and son misleading the disoriented and crippled mind of his irredeemable love. For once the flesh shepherd felt the divine emotion, but then they would leave him a gift of their appreciation when they left. Leaving him with the suffering of a puppy (@ultra_girl_) that was slowly dying in his hands, the good doctor would remorse the event. Watching its soul slipping away from his grasp. Ashes that remained swayed through the gaps of his elongated fingers, the lost mind didn't want it to go away, it was the only thing that he could remember this feeling by. To remember the only memory the shepherd had of him. To remember the love he had felt, even if it was so little and short-lived, the ethereal bond Wheatley felt was something he had never embraced before.

Using everything the perfected body had inside, to feel the presence of life once again. The ashes would shiver. The cremation had eviscerated everything the doctor could control, but through his unbreakable will the presence would sow back the impossible. As if the mystic forces called out to the flesh of his being. Evolving something inside of him, igniting a passion he never had before. The Gods would awaken the dormant seed inside of him. Emotions that dwell in the deepest parts of his soul would reach out to him. The angelic presence would be summoned once again, crawling out of the abyss of his being and towards what little light he was feeling. It was a core of his new ambitions, the heavenly grain would be planted giving him a new capacity to rebirth life to where no presence that even he couldn't see would be found.

It was then, from the ashes the flesh manipulator would raise and forever hold onto the power that was summoned.

All he needed was more...

More guidance... Then the voice would call to him as if the universe was showing him the path.

The potential of the life forms around him would spill their blood. It was a waste of precious life, so the recycler would take what they would waste.

Through the explosions of their war the man in love harvested what remained. The flesh manipulator was determined to bring back his son. The dedication the maestro of flesh felt only strengthened the bond that he wished to feel again. No nuclear explosions and metal that they imagined (@maverick_6) could even sever the relationship that the doctor had. The seed planted inside of him was growing, rooting and branching his thoughts. For once, something was guiding his insanity, rewarding him. Their efforts to stop his madness were all in vain. Bombing the insides of his creation that swallowed the precious mutant bodies. The angel of restoration would summon the pure forms of those he had gathered. Even if they were ashes, where no flesh could be called to, the heavens inside of him commanded the soul back into the ashes. Like a phoenix, it would rebirth from the fires and ashes of its own body.

Fleeing back into the depths of his laboratory, the potential of the mutant bodies would be recycled into his own body.

Blood Portals
Blood Portals

I have found my way

Through my own flesh

I will travel for you

Searching for you

I will find you again


Wheatley's Files

Overfilling his mind, the load was getting too heavy

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Let me out, I can't take it anymore! LET ME FREE!

The air would coup through his clogged lungs whispering out the sour tone that reeked of melancholic peace. Rambling of his absent sanity would inhabit with a sweet succulent thrash. A caroling scree would rupture and tear, pacing itself with the lunacy that he spat. The cacophony of its frigid force would grind with his rage, no pattern and unpredictable rhythm which thoughts didn’t flow correctly. Lost in hysteria, his thoughts were disoriented trying to untie his eternal knots that barricaded the dam that blocked his perception. However his efforts would always be futile and he’d be denied passage to sanity. Trapped in his own mind he would try to break free by entering the minds of others. The scree would grow louder and louder as the mad manipulator would create a sonata with just his papers and pencils.

Vehemently forcing the caging walls to stretch as his mind would muster ideas, sympathetic or amicable rants, it was enough to overwhelm the demonic grasp that enslaved his mind. Leaving the tap water open, the maestro of flesh would bewail the cage he was inside. The doctors thoughts were of a jigsaw, pieces didn’t stick together, so he’d just forcefully make sense of them by gluing them without matching. Trying to retake absolute control of his being by fondling limbs and screams that attached itself inside the bag of his small mind. The flesh fathers hulls were fragile and such efforts would only tear it open even more. Breaking free from his own thoughts.

"The world impure, I give you my cure"

The father of flesh was released from his own cage. The bag of his mind would tear open and the doctors conscience would ooze through into another world.Releasing the stress that ached the hulls, his free mind would steam across into a new world before him. Judging the beings that were tainted. Tripping, trembling and toppling over each other, they were impure, he had to cure them. It was his duty as a healer to end their miserable pain, the curse that has spread over like a plague, they were completely opposite to him.The sonata of scree's would eventually turn into an orchestra where the pouring of his mind would cast infinite limbs that would grasps the minds of others. Creating files on the beings impure, the father would plan ahead by analyzing their strengths and weaknesses. IT WILL BE WONDROUS. "I will set them free!"


Will add more to files once Wheatley gets to know more about them.

Made this cause I was bored and thought it would be fun.


Disoriented Memories

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His Sweet Succulent Taste

The madness besieged his soul, taking control of his being.

Absent colors and figures engulfed into the abandoned pits of his mind. His perception of existence was lost. The Internal lunacy twisted and molded the red hulls that caged the flesh manipulators thoughts. Rerouting the roots of his conscience into knots and dams that blocked his sanity until it painfully flooded. Lost in the void of his hysteria that denied him passage. He was forever stuck in this state of unbalance. The dams began to over flood in his trembling rage. Forced into screams that scattered through the barricades cracks in the malevolent form of blood lust. Crippling the canvas of memories that dispersed away from his reality of time and space. Like a rivers tears being rippled away into the vastness of the oceans raging tides. They were still present but shriveled and ripped by the salt that dried his sanity into the husk he is now.

Disoriented memories that jigsawed his fragile pass were registered into the torn pages of the teachers book. Recorded every time when someone would feel or be attached to the presence of the all mighty flesh shepherd. Throughout the ages he would be seen in many forms. In amazement they would scholar their messiahs miracles into this doctrine. Each tale embracing the audience in the basking love that the overseer of flesh would bring you. Teaching them the nutrients of his normality that would be told and imbued to their minds. This was the children's education. They were deprived of his love and the teacher sought to bring them its sweet succulent taste. Clogging their minds in his fondling amity that would tease and taunt until the pillars of their mentality would fall into his embrace.

The children would gather around in amazement and gazed upon the structure of Wheatley's Bible. The cover of the books skin slept. The sacred flesh laid abused and accomplish to the hellish virus of the overseers miracles. Bursting with a miasmic presence the surface created auspicious tunnels that swayed in the flesh of the book, representing demonic veins.The corrupted veins tore accurate slices into the rotting cover. Creating an architectural body of symbols that represented every marveled victim that the monsters in his command have seized.

The creaking noise of the books crust would accompany their ears in putrid cracks as the teacher opened the cursed book. They would begin to read the memories of Doctor Wheatley..


Wheatley Character Introduction

They Took Me For Granted

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Most have forgotten me. Took me for granted. The forever long field of wheat that you rightfully harvest, ripping and shredding the field. Of course you know it's normal. There are hungry to feed and profit to look forward to. I understand your intentions of tearing down the crops but have you not just appreciated it grow into it's prime and let it last? No. Farmers are always at the ready. Waiting to sew its flesh into luxury. Never letting it wither away on its own to reincarnate from its ashes of old. They always have to take.Taking what is rightfully mine. For I am this place. I am the land. I am its essences of life. I feel the humans ripping off layers of my skin everyday. Feeling every wheat cut by a sharp blade, bearing the pain of every slice of grass trying to grow, the unbearable death of every animal, the pluck of every apple. Intertwined as a network of an organic branch. An entire body. Why don't they just leave me alone. It would drive most into insanity. But alas for I am strong, I have grown stronger from the rude sensations. I have been cured. I have a clarity of ambitions to share with those around me with this everlasting experience.

Moving from host to host throughout the centuries. They have forgotten me. I was once their savior.They would sense my superior presence inside of their flesh. They once embraced me like a God. Now they took advantage of me. Caging me inside pig pens and forcing me to reproduce. Fattening me up to snap my neck afterwards for dinner. Drugging my body to grow until I was big enough to slit. The humans began to rapidly harvest my flesh. They have grown structures that polluted my air. Twisted metal that cut down the wheat fields and the forest. Burned and trampled me down during their wars.

I was in so much pain. I could feel it all. I was suffocating. My children have forgot me. I have grown weaker throughout the years. Being harvested faster than I could heal the world. They no longer feel my presence inside of them. I'm too weak to call out for help. They stopped believing in me. They once called me God. They once called me the Boogeyman. They once called me The Grim Reaper. They once called me Mother Nature. Then they began to evolve into beings of greed and refused to believe what I have gave them. I had to retaliate, rebuild and retake what is mine. . .So I took one of their forms. I made shelter for myself. I began to heal myself. I hid away and began to recreate a new world that wouldn't be a mistake unlike this one.

. . .Now they call me Wheatley.

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Of course you don't have to believe any of this. I'm just an insane crazy man to you right?

Doesn't matter if i'm lying or not...You're still stuck on this planet with me.

11 Comments [Wheat - 'n- zhuh]

Noun | Origin: English / Vine

  1. The complete loss of rational thought, instincts and lost of core memories caused by sudden trauma of being Wheatley or having clarity of inner peace.
  2. See Also: Wheatley Disease.

Origin of Wheatnesia - 1560 - Unknown Lands

Related to Wheatnestic

  • Wheat.nes.tik

Caused by Wheatver. [Wheat.ver]

A form of contagious lethal fevers: Source unknown



Don't Walk Away From Me! Don't You Love Candy? WHY DON'T YOU LOVE CANDY?!

A Global broadcast broken into the system and infiltrated the networks and media of those so innocent. Innocent people that would see this and regain their twisted imaginations. Emotions that our animal ancestors gave us would make the audience feel grief. More often than enough the some would want the cruelty that humankind has brought into itself through this offer, and with that spark of imagination the laboratory would love to help feed those who desire this art. As it is not inhuman, as these people who do not agree with such brilliant minds, almost extinct minds, will be tarnished into the blossoming hands that the doctor himself will bestow upon you, and with you alone. You radiant wonderful mind!!.. will use the paint brush of your own will, use the laboratories paint...and choose your canvas of those of the flesh that are deserving of its pure justice.

The broadcast would enter deep into the global cyberspace and begin the many transactions of those who are smart enough, pure of mind, to realize the doctors potential in ridding this planet of the cancer cells that roam its surface. So please, do enjoy the show as your own innocent civilians bring their so called justice with their hands with the help of the laboratory. The dearest of help to those trapped with freedom, snatching those who are willing to pay the toll for the purest of mothers warmth and milk.

A message that would be played through the computers and televisions everywhere. Located in advertisements, It was a cyber virus as potent as the sicknesses within the laboratories flesh.

The Laboratory Halloween Sale 50-99% Off

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No Tricks! Just Treats Until October 31th!!

  • Our first Halloween sale will serve your sadistic needs! So get them while it's hot!
24 Hours Until Our Next Batch! So Stay Tuned! It will be a lovely lovely Sale!
24 Hours Until Our Next Batch! So Stay Tuned! It will be a lovely lovely Sale!

To gain the leverage upon your enemies, friends and alike. Give them the totally legalize help from our low price, but whole brand dedicated service of our good natured friends!

All Products, Fresh From The Laboratory!

First Batch! Day One!

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Stay Tuned Tomorrow and see what is on sale!

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Incidents And Events When Customers Have Bought These Treats

A University


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

He could finally rest his work from the cloning facility and rejoice.

"Twinkle, twinkle, little star,

How I wonder what you are.

Up above the world so high,

Like a diamond in the sky.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,

How I wonder what you are!"

Sleep my darlings

Waking up in the cold, hearing the leeway of sounds that lingered off the dirt smeared walls of the aged washroom, he could only think "Where am I?". A flickering light above was rhythmic with the gushing sounds that he was unknown of. Such beauty in this sound, something that is very familiar to him. Magnificent in its tone he was motivated to raise his head from the insect ridden floor. The august of flesh was being torn apart, but whose? Raising his head, he saw an open torso being crowed and strangled from bare hands. The blurriness from his eyes would escape into the light as he realized it was his body that was becoming a ravine. He smiled. Wheatley remembered where he was and what he was doing and the nurse finally greeted him a good morning. It was a good day.

"When the blazing sun is gone,"

The babies were beside him ready for their fathers maintenance and warmth. The doctor was so happy to have such darlings it would bring emotions that were caged away for so so long. Forgotten in the malign of his traumatized mind. The feeling of tears that you could only imagine to hold back. The water would quarrel his eyes as one of the babies little itsy hands would roam his rough face and giggled. Such feelings that was slowly leaking out through the creations of a father. "I'm so happy nurse, very happy.." He whispered to her.

"When there is nothing he shines upon,"

The nurse smiled in agreement as she placed the three babies into Wheatley's opened torso. Laying in the flickering light, glimpses of such healthy babies was seen in the flashes. Beautiful cracked skin, black shot eyes like the void of the night, Handsome smiles of haphazard teeth. Babies already demented and cursed by the encouragement of the laboratory. Speeding their growth, fingers, limbs and organs, it would begin to swell in size compared to other parts of their bodies. The nurses continued to sing the lullaby to make the babies pain rest away as they nested in the doctors organs.

"Then you show your little light,"

The three babies so peaceful inside of their fathers flesh, they began to nibble on his bleeding flesh and the edges of his organs. The growth of their teeth has already begun to pierce through to gather the nutrients and milk of his meat. They will soon grow inside and become noble beings of the surface and exemplary warriors of the laboratory as they hold the will of its creator. Wheatley's torso began to encase the triplets inside of him. Do not worry as they are now in the proper care of their father. Molding out enough space for their hibernation by extending his lascivious skin and fat, the babies would be nurtured and protected in his manipulated uterus. He would give the babies a new home, sheltered and caged

Rye...I can feel the power inside of you.
Rye...I can feel the power inside of you.

"Sleep tight my little darlings.. Sleep tight..." He spoke their names. "Grain...Rice...And.. @Rye"

"Twinkle, twinkle, all the night.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,

How I wonder what you are!"


Mothers Milk, They need it.




- Please input security credentials -

-Hacking file 10% Complete-

- Security clearance adequate. Accessing file...

Item #: GAM-01

Object Class: Calvary

Height: 30 ft

Weight: 30 000 Ib

Population: 24

Population Growth Rate: 1.3 / 63 days

Strength: 103 Tonnes

Speed: 68 mph

-Hacking file 34% Complete-

- Security clearance adequate. Accessing file...

Type GAM-01
Type GAM-01

The crucifixion was ready. A child no older than fourteen was centered in a dark room with awaiting figures in the shadows. Defiled and delivered to the place of her death. She screams for help but a singed pain came out of her throat, her vocal chords carefully removed. Displeasure brought to her as she tried to move, her limbs shut down by tools that dissected her meat. Her stomach pulled out. She was going to die and no one could save her. "ONLY I, Can save her. Save her from this disentitle life that was bought to her at birth. I'm sorry, I had to hurt you. I really didn't want it to go down this way. BUT! It was the only way to bribe your executioner, you see...It's only a fawn, and lets say.. I believe.... you can motivate it to move....We could of got to know each other...Heck, we could of been lovers, but fate told me! That you're... A PIECE OF SHIT, You improper primitive pest of a life form! How dare you run away from your abusive father! YOU SHOULD DIE FOR ALLOWING ME TO KIDNAP YOU SOOO EASILY!"

The child's flesh is bathed with the salted air from aged flesh that awaited her. Absolved with the beauty that the doctor has unhindered before her. The child's body fell faint in the presence of the sublime warrior that was assorted in front of her. The glistening brisk structures that flourished throughout its solidity of augmented flesh brought the child to feel its hell fire that was caged within. The Infected host slept. The sacred flesh laid abused and accomplish to the virus of the laboratory in bedded in its DNA. Bursting with miasmic powers the virus created. Auspicious tunnels that swayed in the flesh of the warrior, representing demonic veins. The corrupted veins tore accurate slices into the armored flesh. Creating an architectural body of torture. Awakening from a deep sleep, the soulless slave from the laboratory was summoned to consume the traditional sacrifice in front of the infected abomination.

The child was bustling in its efforts to escape, but rendered useless. The flesh of its limbs sown to the floor with bulky nails. The child's struggle only made its wounds larger. Her open torso began to flower the floor with her entrails. It was like bleeding sauce on a dinner plate. Her pain made the newborn hunger. "Struggle more darling! I love it when they have spirit left in them! " Trapped in the laboratory's web, She could only look upwards towards her accepted death, enjoying her last few seconds of life in awe.

The fawn began to beg for his mothers milk.

-Hacking file 50% complete-

- Security clearance adequate. Accessing file...

Equipped with:

Plasma Cannon

Type- WL01-(T)-HBL

Thermonuclear Magnetohydrodynamic Fusion Reactors

Mutated with:

Regenerative Abilities

Advanced Myofibril Muscle Tissue

Catalyzed Kinetic Chemical Structure

-Hacking file 51% stopped-

Unauthorized user detected.

System shut down.


Health Contract!

No Caption Provided

Health / Procedure Contract!

The Doctors health facility offers you an health contract by the successor and veteran in the health department. Projects and cases that you offer will be documented and checked if it is accepted or declined.

Throughout the progress, It is the Doctors job to have your results as positive as it is able to do. Testing will be dealt with the Doctor throughout the amount of time that your specific requirement is needed for.

Please fill the following as much as possible.

  • Name:
  • Race:
  • Gender:
  • Age:
  • Weight:
  • Any cybernetics?:
  • Any Mutations?:
  • Any known sickness / Disabilities:
  • Any known power?:
  • Any Injuries, Scars:

Sign your name here XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Guardians name or Yourself

Please be advised that we do not have permission if your Guardian says no to the goal that you want and will have to stop the upgrade / downgrade.

Your Health / Or Upgrade / Downgrade that you specifically want. [Results will vary] [If not] Leave it blank if you wish to leave the ideas to the more advanced from The Doctor as you will be guided and specified as a Special Case Subject. If you wish for that to happen check the box. [ ]


This offer is to make yourself, Or allowing the Doctor to do so, Will engaged in a price to persuade The instructor to accept your following Goal. Please tell us / them what you're willing to offer for the exchange of your health's success!


Thus giving The Doctor in the facility permission to plug and proceed the important health case on [Insert Name] with the given permission of the guardian or him/herself [Insert name], and not allowed to leave the procedure at any cost.




The Laboratory

No Caption Provided

(Reposted this as a blog so I don't have to struggle to find this)

“Tremble, trip and fall. That is the natural state of which pawns excrete their efforts into. Cheating their boxed lives into the lies that only primitive minds can attract. The unreliable and irregular energy that they harbour emits the unwelcoming nourish that the laboratory can provide. For they will never comprehend the blessings and comfort the institution promises. Only the minds of clarity have rewarded themselves to embrace the welcome arms of the laboratory. Awaken by the supreme potential from the fruits of their loyalty. The forlorn world beneath us shall fret in our divine glory.”

The laboratory has been possessed by the lingering grapple of evil that dwells inside. Violently ripping the gravity of the environments inside. The grim breath of air from the mouth of the staircase is greeted to those who approach. The smells of fawning chemicals grasping for attention. The pitched noise of bad-tempered metals being twisted by the ideas of groundless perfection. The addiction welcomes the gateway to heaven. Each step heavier than the other, the flesh retreats but the hallowed soul is whistled and drained. The addiction knocks on the door leading to paradise.

The flakes of rusted orange bark peeled and shattered as the ancient door finally opened ever since the laboratory was abandoned. Life was quarantined from the area before the contamination but there was an answer. A nurse. She looked at you for a while then smiled. Nothing about her seemed odd, a bit healthy with rosy cheeks and lively for the situation in all honesty.

“Oh!, The doctors been expecting you... you’re a bit early aren’t you?” She steps aside and the addiction walks into the abyss of knowledge.

The addiction was in the atmosphere of true terror turned into inept beauty. Torn metal walls, rotting bodies in the process of turning into oil. The bodies left forever rested on the floor in every corner. “The patients are always well rested and always get better. In our whole time we have never lost a patient. The Doctor is rather proud of his work of saving so many lives!” The addiction was confused, there were so many corpses but the nurse said they have never failed. The addiction can feel the amount of eyes heavily staring. Footsteps rushing across the hallways behind them keeping their distance, but the hallways were so dim the addiction could only see humanoid figures phasing through the view in the corner of the addictions eye. The nurse giggled.

Oh, these patients of ours are one hundred percent safe within our protection. We use all of our effort to keep our service clean, safe and efficient to those in our care. We also allow free time to exercise their bodies wherever appropriate in our institution, but they aren’t allowed to leave the area without our permission though!” They were victimized to the sight and pleasure of true beauty and never wanted to leave.

The addiction smells something.

No Caption Provided

They walked further down as the nurse gives the addiction a tour of what the laboratory has to offer and all of it was free. They just needed a little determination and motivation from the respected visitor. continuing the tour they walked and every step echoed through the hallways. Each loud bang of the nurses heel reformed in the addictions eye sight revealing the laboratory even clearer. The first room was crusted with dirty mirrors cracked by the ugly reflections of experiments in decline. Introducing the addiction to the first thing it could see up close. The bodies flesh was fumed with infestation that regulated generations and cycles of decomposers. Insects swimming and buzzing in their host as it moans towards the addiction. Fresh meat for the all of them, but contained by the blood stained glass cages of the laboratory.

"Oh honey look!, these are our most friendly patients to deal with all of their shimmy shammer! Their eyes still sparkle because they know one day they will be singing with the doctors in joy for all of their success!" The horde of all shapes and sizes began to go into a frenzy as one after another started moaning towards the nurses fresh body. Giant gluttonous monsters bang on the glass. Fast crippled monsters stuck there flesh trying to get through. Gutted undead spat their bile liquids at them but shielded by the reinforcements.

"Look at em, already so eager to help others! They have great personalities that I wish I could of developed.."


After the observation of the most populated product that the laboratory has in storage they continued onto the route that only the depths and ideas of the laboratory could offer to the addiction. Going further into the belly of the beast, they were blocked. The vault that was their destination was being overshadowed by a booming statue that stood still. One of the many Guards that protect the laboratory’s flesh into their safe keeping, locking them away so no one can harm and spread lies about the true beauty that they hold that most are afraid of seeing.

The addiction smells something.

No Caption Provided

The guard stood tall at seven feet began moving as it saw the nurse giving a tour. With its two great thick skinned gripped hands it dragged the vault across the floor with its enormous strength. The vault was at least one meter thick made of rusted metal. Sparking across the floor, it lit up the hallway revealing the guards appearance. A uniform too old and fabled with an imaginable amount of blood stains. Thick goose-flesh muscles so big that it gradually ripped the guard’s clothes. The sparks gave an orange tinted view of the metal lock helmet spots that weren’t rusted yet in blood. Hiding something with their boxed heads, something they were blessed with by the doctor. Something that was trying to get out. Banging from within but the caged head had it in arrest. Only to be breached when annihilation is the only choice. The nurse greeted the guard good bye as they continued forward.

“Such gentlemen, they are always so hopeful towards our guest treating them like honorary kings and queens! They are a true motivation for the everyone in the facility.” The nurse said cheerfully.





No Caption Provided

They approach the birth room. The window screen was blackened by rotting black slime. Imagine a century old egg being thrown against your window...The air literally tasted like salt.

“The population of the vast laboratory is so large that we even built our own rooms for women in labour!... ”

The addiction saw women indeed, pregnant indeed, but it was all an abomination. These thousands of mothers had their children infused within their flesh. So many that they can barely crawl. The babies were feeding off the life force of their host. Rotting them away, drinking too much of their mothers milk. The minds of the mothers were twisted in the environment, they belonged here. Their primal act for conflict has been switched for the care of their hellspawn.

Mechanical arms ripped off the spawn of the mothers and brought them onto a dripping assembly line. The mutated mothers were growing their prods rapidly and taken away even faster. Harvesting the spawns into the ideas of the laboratory. Perhaps they were going to be created into monstrous soldiers or skinned alive for another on going experiment. The addiction knew the nurse was going to say something and looked at her direction. She was smiling at the mothers in labour, perhaps she was hallucinating into another realm, shocked by what the laboratory does. Maybe she’s a demon like them created by insanity.

“Our great doctors support the mothers with such care, so they are certain that the newborn child would be as healthy as they can be. Don’t they look as healthy as a horse?” They absolutely did not. The newborn babies were as rotten as the zombies. They weren’t even healthy enough to cry or didn't even develop vocal chords or a brain to use them.


The addiction smells something.

No Caption Provided

For a gorge that was proclaimed to be dead, it was regulated with work and company. The addiction was aroused as he saw a group of stolid armored figures passing by them. As they came closer their faces were attracted to the addiction. Ghoulish mouths with affliction that wanted a quarrel with the addiction, But the idea was bolted and their butchered mouths silenced. The nurse was in their presence and the soldiers went back to slumber. Awaiting for one day to be called to duty. To slash ,pillage ,storm and slave those who are drunk off freedom. No stranger to what they can accumulate in the laboratory’s destructive needs. They are a taste of undaunted art that the laboratory will present to the world and force them to critique. The soldiers were a bit zany but unlike the others the addiction has seen. These creatures hidden in the dark are glued together much better. Holding an aroma of a distinct smell from the source of their sprightly metal that squeeze unwanted liquid from their flesh. Holding demonic arms that the addiction could imagine now. Inspired by the laboratory’s creations. His head was being cleansed the longer he stayed down here.

The laboratory was a show to watch for the addiction. Every patient that they visited, every room and employee that they greeted was a procedure of joy. The addiction couldn’t even comprehend the magnitude of brilliance it was seeing. He craved for more. The nurse could sense it. Manipulating the guess to become a permanent resident. To accept their rules laws. The only true government in this grand world of gorgeous lies.


It smells like home.

The addiction wishes to see more. The nurse grants the opportunity and they travel on. The addictions memory was being blurred as the tour went on. Feeling pats, the nurse waking him to show each room. He saw creations that had such passion and art to them. It was abnormally divine.

No Caption Provided

The comfort of the laboratory’s personal pets. The scientist are allowed there own pets in the laboratory since most of them live here. The pets were so cute and friendly, they even came close to the addiction. The addiction started petting them. The fur of the pets were extremely pleasurable to feel. Though for some reason the addictions hand started peeling when the company of the pets came closer. Blood pouring from his dismembered fingers. The addictions memory was dizzy. The addiction could never think of these little harmless creature hurting a fly. It was probably an accident. “Oh boy, you have a little flesh wound” The nurse said. The addictions head was light now from the lost of blood. At least he was in the presence of the finest doctors in the entire world. The nurse was bandaging the wound the addiction had and kissed it like a mother would have. “All better now, I think it’s the perfect time to finally meet the doctor!”

The pets disappeared after their mistake. What in reality was growling the addiction heard as happy yapping? The addiction wanted to stay and play but the nurse insisted that they hurry. Walking faster down the hallway trying to keep up with the nurse. The laboratory started rattling like a tea pot. The smell of fresh blood. Everyone. No. Everything in the laboratory was carving for the addiction. Like spilling a drop of blood on a dusty vampires corpse. The laboratory’s veins were becoming active with the addictions presence. Even with all of the screams and roars the diabolical laugh of the doctor from the farthest reach of hell can be heard echoing through the hall. They were starving. Even the friendly nurse was keeping one eye on the addiction. Sweating. Trying to resist the temptation. She kept licking her lips trying to keep her drool in her mouth.

The nurse was strong though. She conjured the power to resist the addiction the entire tour. Then a sign of relief came, her heavy breathing stopped as they finally came to the waiting room just outside of the doctors office.

The waiting room was by far the cleanest thing the addiction has seen in the facility, just a minor flaw with one of the lights flickering.

“The doctor will see you in a moment, you just need to sign these sheets first then you can begin..” The nurse hands the addiction some sheets and a brochure for you to fill out and browse.

The list of projects that the laboratory has in stock. If you wish to purchase one of these services for any reason necessary please fill out the contract below. (This list will always be updated). If there is something that isn’t here that you wanted. The stock may of ran out or hasn’t been created yet. If you wish to have a custom service to be created, please contact customer support (PM Doctor Wheatley)

Service Purchase Contract.

I (Name) wish to purchase the following (service: Eg:Soldier, Sore Soldiers) for my needs. The needs of these (service) will be needed in the quantity of (how many? Eg: 100). I wish to purchase this service for (reason). I am willing to offer (what are you offering to the laboratory?) for the trade of these services. Any amount of danger you come across from the purchase of these services is not the responsibility of the laboratory.

Signature: _____________

  • Delivery fees may vary depending on location.
  • Expected delivery 1-3 weeks.

Please contact customer support for any further questions or request such as an appointment or custom creations etc . The laboratory is always here for your needs.

Featured Product Of The Week!

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The addiction and the nurse head towards the next room. “This room is the dentist department! The doctors here will clean all of the patients oral hygiene!” The nurse taps on the reinforced glass and waves hello to the good doctors. Only to be met by a horrendously loud roar. Their teeth were healthy and clean. You have to accept that those weren’t really its original teeth. The ribcage was its mouth ripping its torso with every frenzy for flesh. The dentist were quick snappy, you can tell dentist try to be as funny as they can be most of the time. Nobody wants a quiet doctor as they stick their hands in your mouth. You can sense their great personalities to help you as their intestines make a rasping sound as it licks the glass. Such funny employees.

“Nobody likes the dentist putting their drills and tools in your mouth, but at the end they always give me a lollipop! So that’s something you can look forward to!” What flavour will you pick? All of them. The addiction wanted a cavity so he can visit the lovely dentist again. The tender care for your mouth is terrific. A healthy mouth equals a healthy life! So let those tender-hearted workers sprinkle and squeeze their love into you!


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Featured Product Of The Week!

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The addiction was excited to see what was next that the nurse was planning to show. “Look at you! So eager to see what’s new? You won’t be disappointed!” The nurse could see the addiction hyped for what was the next destructively beautiful masterpiece the doctor has cooked up. The addiction and the nurse came through the doors with a forklift carrying a few dead bodies. Walking up to the glass screen smeared in flesh, it stood twenty feet tall with two branched legs and a wagging tail. It was welcoming the presence of the corpses.


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