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Split personality, the best of two worlds. Two identical minds stuck inside the same body. One of the world's most brilliant scientist turned into his greatest creation. Another possessed by satanic rituals caged inside the toxic husk. The Doctor And The @mother

They Are Wheatley

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Of course you don't have to believe any of this. I'm just an insane crazy man to you right?

Doesn't matter if i'm lying or not...You're still stuck on this planet with me.

Name: Wheatley

Age: Unknown

Alignment: None

Gender: Male

Affiliation: My Mother

Base Height: 11’6”

Base Weight: 209 Ibs

Race: Mutated Human

Turned Into His Greatest Creation

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To be or what not to be. This is a choice. What he can't change is his sadistically intelligent mind. However his absolute knowledge is clouded by his addiction and delusions of his corrupted masterpiece. The Laboratory. Trying to fit in with today's modern society he usually attempts to sell or trade his work. Purposely blinding himself in warfare and profit. This is the critique of the human race that he sees in his eyes. Which he tries to represent in its truest form. A cancer. This is why he names his laboratory creations after certain roles of humanity.

So come and snatch a little taste!

They Follow

The Cult Of The Great Doctor

His great efforts are not in vain, for his divine massacres of displayed beauties would father the purest of minds. People that understand the acquaintance the laboratory has been casting out in its aggressive behavior. Like a rattling preacher but of extreme conditions. His words are beginning to have an effect! The people of this wretched world will soon follow and organize in the great doctor's name.

The people that have been cleansed, clean and pure, little idle hosts that have been effected of the flesh fathers presence obey his words with no end. They scalp their false god, painting the flesh as it was intended, In his image. The image of a starving being with angel wings. The absolute physical appearance of the father of flesh can deceive those to believe that he is a deity. A God among men. They are correct in the sense of power.

The Conscious Virus

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It's your choice if you think Wheatley is a fallen angel or just a crazy old man. He might be a crazy old man that thinks he's an angel, or he simply is a fallen angel that has gone insane.

The chaotic presence that is known as the flesh manipulator is a confused one. His memories and creations can be depicted as the insanity of a omega level mutant infecting life forms with a mutated plague or be evaluated as a lingering demon that walks the earth, haunting and cursing those weaker than him. You can pick one, or the other, maybe both. It simply doesn't matter. The only thing you need to know that the flesh manipulator has gone mad.

Omnipresent Mitosis

The ethereal hull of the beings flesh has transcended and evolved into an ageless and immortal celestial host that the presence walks in. Any physical harm that attacks the steel forged durability of its hull is viciously regenerated into its normal form. No amount of heat and destruction will ever remove the father of flesh from this realm. The body will eventually manage to regenerate a new and haunt again for he is bound to this world, for as long as there is flesh in this realm. There will be the caretaker of life to nurture it.

Mid Level Telepathy

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The doctor can call out to those without using his voice. He can sense and see those who he has made contact with, his followers..and his victims. He's the presence that you can either be subdued with his welcoming embrace or be tortured and haunted. Wheatley has a type of telepathy and control of flesh, giving him most of his titles. Talking to and manipulating Organics is the core of the immortal being as seen in the bible of his appearances. The demon can be felt inside of them, first as an little itch when he grabs hold of you telepathic..then a cough..you fall ill..weakening the resistances of the host until the threshold is broken and the doctor can fully manipulate the cursed into his monsters and creations.

As he does to others, he can do to himself. Creating deformities and anomalies inside of his own body. To manipulate his own strengths and grow more. Branching out extra bladed limbs and heads, the angel of restoration is truly an abomination. Over time, the perfect body can evolve and mend its own tissue into the level of complexity that it desires. The doctor is the one and only perfected meat, conjuring its own level of strength, durability and speed. However such attempts require focus and prolonged the more the presence acquires.

Toxic Imbued

The fallen angel has been subdued and blended its fragile mind into the chaos of Gothic. Unconsciously tainting itself with evil. The perfected body had grew into a hellspawn, a nest of vile sicknesses that only the devil could conjure. Infusing the flesh with insanity, it evolved the most potent poisons and acids that this world has ever seen. It was a biological warfare that have been studied and mastered for years while the doctor had isolated himself in his laboratory. The father of life had been re purposed. Becoming anti-flesh. Anything that is unwelcome to the life forms above has been internally locked into the spirit. Spawning and emanating toxins, poisons, virus, radiation and acids as easily as one flexes and moves their limbs.

Teleportation, Mutation

Through tainted and infected flesh of his followers and victims he is able to transpose his mind and body through their afflicted meat. Traveling his mind and soul from their spilling puddles of blood, using the sanguine pools as doorways. He can be anywhere and everywhere at once. Harvesting this ability of portals from the mutant crop fields of a bloody battlefield.