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Personal Information

Real Name: Dominion (last name, first name is unknown)

Gender: Male

Aliases: Doctor Dominion, The Hood, Supreme Monarch, The Good Doctor, Modern Day Napoleon

Alignment: Chaotic Good, Lawful Evil

Identity: Secret

History: Secret

Status: Alive

Home World: Earth

Base of Operations: Morvaria (Castle Dominion)

Species: Human

Age: Unknown

Orientation: Unknown

Marital Status: Unknown

Relatives: Omar Dominion (Father), Aya Domnion (Mother)

Height: 6'3

Weight: 210 lb (Out of armor), 385 lb (In armor)

Eye Color: Unknown

Hair Color: Unknown

Education: University, Self taught, Apprentice, MD, PhD

Occupation: Ruler of Nation, Extremist

Moral Code

Dominion will do nearly anything in his power to reach his goals, all besides unnecessary murder and other crimes of that nature. His campaign is mostly about trying to improve the lives of others, typically by punishing those he sees as being responsible for their misery. He does this by taking control of various organizations and in some cases entire cities. He has also grown greatly since he was a child, he now has a rule against hurting children in anyway, shape or form. Rather than a full on villain, he can be seen as a tragic hero. While he has good intentions, he will do some heinous things in order to achieve his goals. Whether or not he is a hero or villain depends on who you ask.


In the country of Morocco, a under the name "Dominion" was born a child. He was born to small village that was practically unheard of, not that it was an issue to anyone who lived there. He was rather quite and had a tendency to keep to himself, this lead to him often being the victim of those who saw him as being anything less than "normal". While his mother would simply console him for how he was treated, his father had a very different approach and told his son how he should deal with these other children. He would force him to confront his bullies rather than allowing him to gain shelter away from them. He told him that "the world will always you to change, but it's better to change the world"..

He would listen to this philosophy and did so by seeking revenge against those who had tormented him. However, instead of attacking them directly, he thought of a way that he could deal with them without getting into trouble along, with guaranteeing successes. He began creating a chemical solution from a rare poisonous insect and ran several trials on children who tormented him in order to perfect the formula. He would do so by subtly injecting them with different variations of the formula until he gained the desired results. The injections would come from small scratches from under his finger nails when he was being attacked by them. He studied the symptoms of each scratch from all of the bullies who were infected, he then applied what happened to them to his own research. After several weeks, he finally perfected the formula and gained the desired result: death.

Anytime that he was bullied, he would threaten the death of the attacker, which lead to them passing away shortly after. It happened several times in the village to the point where no child dared to threaten the boy, fearing that they would fall victim to his "ungodly power". The adults on the other hand believed that there was a serial killer on the loose murdering children, well, they were right. Many months would pass and the boy would continue his research and practices, unbeknownst to his parents. He wanted to keep his intelligence hidden from them so that people would except little from him, as well as not making him a suspect in the murder of the children. He later used his gifts for more altruistic means, like tricking the wealthy and donating to poor. Many other of his actions would attributed to helping others.

One day, his village was ravaged by a group of European war criminals that came to steal supplies and other resources. While the authorities tried to fight back against them, they came to suddenly and were to great in number for their efforts to make a difference. They killed anyone who dared to attack them as well as anyone who refused to do what they were instructed to do. Dozens of people were shot and left for dead in the streets, businesses were ransacked and families were destroyed. But the horror that the men brought wasn't close to being over, they quickly turned their sights over to the people who were living there. They stole truckloads of children from their families and typically murdered the parents when they refused. Dominion was one of those children. He was taken from his parents before they could they could refuse to let him go.

The soldiers who kidnapped them were quickly reveled to be war criminals who had now began investing in human trafficking. The children were sent put through Europe and Asia to countries like Turkey, Russia, Germany and Bangladesh where they would be sold to work for different slave owners for various reasons. Dominion ended up being owned by one man who was in charge of a mine that was located somewhere in the heart of Germany. He spent several months there and during this time had caught the eye of the man who had be looking over the workers. The reason being that Dominion proved to be incredibly innovative when it came to the process of locating and mining materials. After the boy explained how he figured out these new strategys to the slave owner, he was soon put in a higher position than his fellow miners.

He became very close to the owner of the mine, as the years went by, to the point where he himself was a partial owner. His partner was quite proud of how far he had come, but that pride wouldn't last forever. When Dominion had the chance, he staged the murder of his "partner" and then took complete owner ship of the mine. He apparently had been planning that moment ever since he was brought to the mine as a child. He freed the then children, now turned adults and allowed them to escape without any way that they could tracked by anyone within the human-trafficking business. He also supplied them with large sums of money to help them with. However, he also offered an alternative choice to anyone who wasn't sure what they would do with their lives. He gave them the option of following him and helping him on his quest of making a new world.

He traveled with them over the years and began to expand his grasp and resources. He would have his followers set up underground posts in different countries where they would feed him information that they would pick up off of corrupt government officials. He himself had used and invested the wealth that he accumulated from the mine the shady businesses that he ran to support himself and his own efforts. He traveled Africa, Europe and Asia across and funded his own education, eventually getting himself more than one PhD. He would go to different countries and acquire different skills and resources, including armor that he received from his extensive martial arts training he received in Tokyo. He was later able to buy entire libraries where he would be able to further educate himself when his teachers ran out of lessons to offer him.

He later discovered that the soldiers who ransacked his village as a child had actually come from the (fictional) European country Nivaria. He was able to rally his forces and subtly control the countries rulers from behind the scenes. Over time, he gained complete control over the country and announced himself publicly as its new ruler. Two of his first a acts a ruler was separating the country from Europe and renaming it "Morvaria". There was little dispute over why he should become the county's new leader, due to the fact that the lives of the people there had undoubtedly become better under his rule. As he got older, he gained the courage to return to his old village and see what had come of his parents. Shortly after arriving, he discovered that they had left decades ago due to wanting a new life. Enraged by the possibility of never seeing his parents again, he returned to his country and began to enact his plans of global conquest.


Doctor Dominion does not posses any superhuman abilities, but instead uses his intelligence and resources to reach his goals.


Super Genius-Level Intellect: Dominion is a often recognized as being one of the most intelligent humans to have ever existed. His brain patterns have been analysed and have revealed to be beyond what a human being is normally capable of. He has shown ever since he was a child that he could come up with new ways of thinking and solve problems that could take the average person years in a matter of weeks, if not days. He has an advanced understanding of everything around him and also incredibly knowledgeable, having a natural aptitude for taking in raw information and comprehending it. His mind even extends to the point where he is able to naturally comprehend and master different arts with no prior knowledge. Being able to understand concepts that are beyond some of the must ingenues people alive, he is able to achieve practically any task that he sets out to accomplish. His logical reasoning skills allow him to draw near perfect conclusions to any set of data that he has obtained. The capabilities of his brain are do advanced that it has even gained the attention of beings unknown to most of the world.

Mind Scape: Through years of intense meditation and self reflection, Dominion has been able to create an advanced mental construct which he refers to as the ''Mind Scape''. Being a world inside of his own head, he has no limits to what he can achieve within the world, giving him no boundaries, ethical or possible, for his work to be done. He primarily uses the Mind Scape as a way of testing out theories and determine the validity of any given onion or concept that he becomes aware of and more, gaining near perfect results each time. Being the nexus of his conscious, subconscious and unconscious minds, any piece of information that he obtains can be retrieved and use for the purpose of comparing any and all previously obtained information to new data as a frame of reference. One of the most important and prevalent advantages that this world provides is allowing him to stay in touch with each of his inner thoughts and emotions.

Polymath: His mind being the gifted treasure that it is, Doctor Dominion is not limited to just one field of study like many other geniuses that would be found. Through the numerous fields that he has studied and trained in over the years he has showed cased his aptitude for a seemingly unlimited number of studies. While there are particular fields in which he is a true master in e.g. medical science, his mind is not limited to one type of special practice.

Master Strategist & Tactician: The good doctor is well known for thinking ahead and outsmarting his enemies. This has shown on countless occasions to be one of his greatest assets. He has been known to come up with complex plans that can span entire years, which is a true testament to how patient he is. He has also shown that he excels at analyzing opponents and exploiting their weaknesses. He goes through a series of mental simulations when facing any opponent before he attacks them, the reason being that he would be able to maximize his odds of success by taking into account every known variable before proceeding with the real issue. This way, he usually finds the absolute best way to solve a problem as efficiently as possible.

Expert Scientist: Dominion is highly versed in several fields of science including: physics, engineering, biochemistry, neurology and several others. Many of the world's greatest researchers reach out for his insight whenever there is a problem that they have not yet found as solution to. His main focuses however are physics and biology, getting the most use out of those two fields in his line of work. He has shown to be top of the class in several branches of many different fields and constantly applies this knowledge to his work. He even went so far as to get a PhD in Medical Science, Nuclear Physics, Biochemistry, Physiology, Particle Physics and Theoretical Physics.

Master of Persuasion: He is an excellent persuader who is able to convince practically any opponent of anything. Whenever he begins speaking, he does so for a specific reason rather than simply wanting to engaged in conversation with others. He can lead people to inadvertently do or say what he wants simply by having a conversation with them. Dominion has been known to choose every word he use with extreme care. He is able to easily alter people's thoughts and feelings with the smallest gestures and details that he invokes.

Heightened Physiology: While not peak human, Dominion is in excellent physical condition. He exercises regularly and has the build of an Olympic level athlete. He can bench press over 250 lb and can run at a top speed of 13 km per hour.

Master Combatant: He is an extremely capable fighter who can give nearly any other human a good challenge in a physical confrontation. Due to rigorous training in several different countries, Doctor Dominion has gained a black belt in: Taekwondo, Ju Jiu Jitsu and Judo.

Swordsmanship: Despite using a blade that is shaped traditionally like one that you would find in the hands of a knight from the 1600s, Dominion is extremely well trained at using his sword very much like one would seen a fencer in a duel.

Multilingual: Dominion is fluent in: English, Swahili, Russian, German, Japanese and Latin. He is also able to recognize but not speak Spanish, French, Arabic, Italian, Cantonese, Swiss, Greek and Mandarin.

Crack Pilot: Dominion is capable of piloting all manor of vehicles. But he focuses mainly air based methods of travel.

Indomitable Will: What is arguably the most impressive trait of Doctor Dominion is the inhuman amount of willpower that he possesses. Regardless of what threat he faces, he refuses to stand down if it is not in the best interests of his people. His level of resolve can be matched by very few if any, but even those who can compare to him will more often than not seem falter in their conviction when compared to him. This relentless nature that he has allows him to stand in the face of any situation without be crack in his resolve. It is so great in fact, that he has actually developed a high level resistance to mental attacks, him simply refusing to submit to the will of others. This along with his helmet's defenses make controlling his mind a nigh-impossible feat. With his intellectual capability combined with his will to see his work through, there is virtually no obstacle that can stand in the path of victory.

Equipment (Not all equipment is active at all times)

Body Armor: Doctor Dominion is covered head to toe in full metal body armor (which he rarely takes off). Being made of a metal compound of his own design, it is one of the most durable materials on the planet. His armor is bullet-proof, non-magnetic, waterproof and shock resistant. It has shown to be able to withstand large explosions that can topple buildings and kill class 3 meta humans with ease. It also enhances his strength to the point where he can easily lift 45,000 tons.

Force-Field Projection: His armor also projects and invisible force-filed that is usually about 3 cm thick. It has shown to be able to take ungodly amounts of power without being penetrated. It mainly can serve to protect through the use of absorbing and repurposing energy based attacks. This demonstrates how difficult it is to even being in a position where you can injure him. However, it does take a considerate amount of energy in order for it to be sustainable.

Electric Bolt Generation: His gauntlets are able to conduct over 50,000-500,000 volts of electricity. This blast have a range of ten feet and are less effective at a distance. They take a few moments to recharge, usually needing approximately one or to seconds before they can be used again. Over uses of these gauntlets typically falls within the range of being used 45 times in a row. This causes the metal erode and the bolts to become.

Psychic Dampener: The helmet/mask of the suit contains a neuro-cerebral scrambler. It function is to discombobulate the mental influence of any telepath attempts to affect the mental state of the user, whether its something as extreme as mind control or as docile a reading thoughts. It is done via taking a mental transmission sent by a telepath and essentially bombarded it with counter signals projected by the mind of the user themself on its way into the mind. It would seem that only an omega level telepath would be able to breach the helmet's protective barrier with a reasonable efficiency.

Sword: A stream of liquid metal is contained within one arm of the armor at all times, been kept in a heated state while still being able to keep the user protected. When rapidly cooled and manipulated at the atomic level by the armor's artificial homeostasis, it used to form a 30 inch long sword. The blade is designed to be so sharp that it can easily slice through a sheet of steel. It can also be retracted and stored back into the armor when need be. It is also able to project a field of something that Dominion refers to as anti-energy, which holds many unknown and disturbing effects on positive energy.

EMP Generator: The armor also includes an EMP generator that can create an electromagnetic pulse with a radius of over 300 meters. It has been known to be most effective against devices based electrical energy. Though, more advanced systems have been known to with stand it to a certain degree. The EMP takes approximately 3 hours for it to be completely charged.

Cloak: His cloak is used to help conceal his appearance as well as storing several devices inside of his uniform. It has tensile strength which is often compared to substances like kevlar, making is extremely difficult to rip. It is also is completely fireproof.

Energy/Matter Manipulation Technology: The gauntlets are specialized in the ability to manipulate gravitational fields and electromagnetic force as a way of manipulating matter in a way almost akin to telekinesis. Giving the ability to destroy incredibly durable structures and move impossible large objects. also allows the ability to take control of the energy in an object or organism in various ways. The main use of this containing an amount of mass in a self-imposing field. The field reflects any amount of the energy that the mass produces back onto itself and effectively creates nigh-inescapable field of energy. It also gives him the ability to absorb energy if it falls within the range of chemical, electrical, nuclear or thermal. Any other kind would simply surround the armor in its own empowered field.

Inter dimensional Projector: A device that can be implanted in the armor allows Dominion to slide through different dimensions, teleport to different locations and in some cases temporal relocation. It does this by rearranging the physical space around him relative to his own space frame in order to operate in a fashion that would not only allow him to instantaneously travel but freely move through space regardless of what should normally be physically possible. The limitations of the travel lay within what dimension are within the knowledge and application of the machinery. The secrets of how it works is known only by Dominion, but is rarely used.


Focus: Dominion has a tendency to get so caught up in the task at hand that he tends to lose sight of other things that he should be paying attention to.

Moral Code: Dominion's strict moral code often causes him to do things that would be considered illogical and even outside of his best interest.

Children: As a result of his rigid philosophy, The Doc will never willfully hurt a child or anyone he does not see as being mentally developed.

Apples: (The joke speaks for itself.)