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"Arrow" is the CW Series that's a adaptation to the Green Arrow Comic Series, which follows Oliver Queen's journey as Arrow to right the wrong s of his family. Arrow features an astounding number of DC characters which will featured below. One of my favorite new series so far, Arrow has earned its place alongside "Smallville" in the Live-Action DC Series.

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  • Known only as "Arrow" in the show, Oliver Queen, played by Stephen Amell, was a cocky trust fund brat who could get away with anything, like cheating on his girlfriend with her sister. On a Yacht trip with his father, an wave knocks the boat out and kills his girlfriend's sister and leads his father to die, Oliver is given the mission from his father before his suicide to fix his wrongs. Traumatized, Oliver is stranded on island where he's saved by a master bowman who teaches him how to survive and kill, with the mastery of a Bow and Arrow. In this version of Green Arrow, Oliver has a family, his mother and Sister, and step farther. As a new man, Oliver is a calm and distant man, but still plays as the original Ollie for show.

  • Known as "Starling City" in the show, for.... Reasons... I guess, is the backdrop for Oliver Queen's quest to fix the city of his family's mistakes.

  • Played by Katie Cassidy,Dinah "Laurel" Lance, On "Arrow" she is known as Laurel Lance. Laurel is Oliver Queen's ex-girlfriend, daughter of Detective Quentin Lance, sister to the deceased Sarah Lance, and she is a attorney in Starling City. Laurel had a relationship with Oliver's best friend Tommy Merlyn, but still has feelings for Oliver. Laurel may not be her alter ego but she has her hand-to-hand combat and a fishnet costume in her closet somewhere, most likely no Canary Cry. Her father Quntin Lance, always tries to protect his daughter, since she is the only one left, he also has ill feelings toward Oliver, blaming the shipwreck toward him.

  • Okay not quite the same character, Thea Queen, played by Willa Holland, is Oliver's younger sister, who is a bit of a wild child. Thea (it is insinuated) idolized Oliver as a child. They used to be close and, according to Oliver, she used to chase after him when she was younger; thus her given nickname, "Speedy." When her father and brother were both presumed dead, Thea felt alone — disconnected from the world. She fell into a life of drugs and partying to fill the void left by her father and brother. Oliver's reappearance has done little to fill that void, as he is hardly ever around to re-connect with his sister. After a string of "disappearances" and a murder charge, Thea herself is starting to wonder where it is exactly that Oliver "disappears" to. Will she become a version of Speedy that we know?

  • Played by Susanna Thompson, created for the show, Moira Queen is the mother of Oliver and Thea Queen, and the wife of Walter Steele. When her son returns, she is seemingly happy that he is alive. After Oliver is abducted, she voices concern over his safety, and hires John Diggle to be his bodyguard. However, at the end of "Pilot", she is shown to be the one behind Oliver's abduction after his arrival. At the end of "Honor Thy Father", it is revealed that the yacht was actually sabotaged, which led to the shipwreck. Moira is further questioned by a mysterious well-dressed man who points out to her that the vigilante is going after the people on "The List".

  • Played by Colin Salmon, Walter Steele is the step-father of Oliver Queen and Thea Queen. He works at Queen Consolidated. Walter discovers that Moira had the Queen's Gambit salvaged, and stored at a secret Warehouse. In the comics Walter is actually Caucasian.

  • Played by Paul Blackthorne, On "Arrow" he is known as Detective Quentin Lance is the father of Laurel and Sarah Lance. He is a police detective, and is partners with Detective Hilton. After the death of his daughter Sarah, Quentin blames her death at Oliver Queen and himself.

  • Tommy Merlyn, played by Colin Donnel, is a billionaire playboy "trustafarian", and the best friend of Oliver Queen. When Oliver returns to Starling City, Tommy believes the good times will roll again but is greatly mistaken as Oliver is a changed man. In Oliver's absence, he forms an on-again, off-again relationship with Oliver's ex-girlfriend Laurel Lance. Tommy is based on Green Arrow's mononymous enemy from the comics, Merlyn. His family runs Merlyn Global Group, So who knows when his comic counterpart may arrive.

  • The Crutch of the entire series, Year One helps bring the island as main focus point to Oliver Queen's back story. Like how he met Yao Fei, the archer, and Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke.

  • John Diggle, played by David Ramsey, known by the mononym, "Diggle" or Dig to Oliver Queen, is Oliver's former bodyguard and chauffeur. Oliver, though, tries to avoid him as much as he can. In "Lone Gunman", it is revealed that he had a brother who died working as a bodyguard and thus left behind a wife. He discovers Oliver is Arrow after he is taken to Oliver's lair to recuperate after being shot by Deadshot. After this discovery, he quit his job as Oliver's bodyguard stating how he did not approve how "Oliver spent his nights". However, he later joined Oliver in "helping" Starling City, albeit mostly on the sideline, and even donned the Arrow costume in order to save Oliver from incarceration. Diggle is likely named after Andy Diggle, the author of Green Arrow: Year One, upon which Arrow is largely based, as is his brother who bears the exact name.

  • Robert Queen, Played by Jamey Sheridan, was the father of Oliver and Thea Queen, and the husband of Moira Queen. Richard tells his son to survive and right his wrongs in Starling City. He shoots himself dead to save his son and increase his chances of survival after they are shipwrecked.

  • Played by Kelly Hu, LADY Deathstrike in X2, and Cheshire in Young Justice, China's first media appearance is pretty close to the comics. China is a top mercenary of the Chinese Triads who was sent to kill Laurel.

  • Played by Michael Rowe, Deadshot's second appearance in Live Action, right after "Smallville", This Deadshot matchs his comic book appearance more accurately (no pun intended), rather then the cowboy look, Deadshot is an assassin who uses poison-laced bullets and long-ranged weaponry. He has murdered countless targets in his time, including John Diggle 's deceased brother, Andy Diggle. After a job, he tattoos the name of his victims (killed targets) on his body. like those on Arrow's own hit list, but also including his The Queen Family as well. Arrow confronts him in small skirmish that leads to Arrow shooting him in his targeting eye, presumed dead.

  • Played by Jeffery Robinson, His second Live-Action series since Smallvile's General Slade Wilson. Only his mask appeared on the Pilot episode of "Arrow" with eye shot out, but later in the season, in one of the flashbacks on the island,He appears to either be employed by or simply associated with Edward Fyers. Ollie is tortured by Deathstroke to find the whereabouts of his rescuer, Yoa Fei. Deathstroke will return again, but when.

  • Played by Sebastian Dunn, ally of Green Arrow in the comics, This Edward Fyer leads a group of mercenaries that are hunting down Yao-Fei, Who knows if they will become allies in the future.

  • Portrayed by Chelah Horsdal. Kate Spencer,In the show, she is the lawyer prosecutor of Oliver Queen, who's been arrested by Quentin Lance with the charge of being the masked, murderer vigilante who's attacking the wealthy people of Starling City. Probably she may become the vigilante "Manhunter"

  • Constantine Drakon, played by Darren Shahlavi. Adam Hunt is a corrupt business man who made it on Arrow's hit list after Ollie found his father's journal. According to Robert Queen's journal, Adam Hunt may have been one of the conspirators who orchestrated the attempted assassination on his son as well as his murder. Constantine Drakon was a formidable opponent for Ollie but in the end Hunt was exposed for his illegitimate dealings.

  • Played by Jessica De Gouw, Helena Bertinelli, secretly known as the vigilante the Huntress, is the daughter of a crime boss set on destroying her father's crime empire. She and Oliver become a couple at the end of the episode Muse of Fire.They later team up in the future episode, we can only see where things go.

  • The Royal Flush Gang were a family of bank robbers, consisting of King, Queen, Jack, and Ten. The family in Arrow have no special powers, or weapons like in the comics or the animated series, or have the robot Ace (or in that fact, anyone named Ace. After King's death, its presumed that the team disbanded, maybe?

  • Derek Reston, played by Currie Graham, known under the alias "King", was the leader of the Royal Flush Gang. After losing his job at Queen Consolidated, Derek and his family become bank robbers in order to survive. After feeling the sting of the life of crime, Derek wants to quit, but on the last job, Arrow stops him, but only to be shot dead by a guard.

  • Mrs. Reston, played by Sarah-Jane Redmond, known under the alias of "Queen", is a member of the bank-robbing Royal Flush Gang. She's the only member of the group not to wear a mask or participate in the actual act of "robbing". She serves more as a ringer for the group.

  • (So forget all I said about there being no Ace) Kyle Reston,played by Kyle Schmid (from shows like Copper and Being Human, and Smallville) known under the alias of "Ace", is a bank robber and a member of the Royal Flush Gang. In the comics, the Ace of Spades is an android created by Derek Reston, so, in some way, he's his son also in the DC universe.

  • Teddy Reston, played by Tom Stevens, known under the alias of "Jack", is member of the bank-robbing Royal Flush Gang.

  • In the comic books, the company name is Queen Industries rather than Queen Consolidated. Queen Consolidated is a company run by the Queen family. It was run by Robert Queen until his death in 2007. It was taken over by Walter Steele.

  • Garfield Lynns, (played by Andrew Dunbar) also known as Firefly, is a former fireman that was presumed deceased in 2009, thought to have died on duty. However, he survived and became obsessed with revenge, targeting and murdering members of his old team. In an attempt at killing the Fire Chief at Oliver's night club, Oliver intervened as the Hood, preventing the murder. When Oliver suggested getting him help as opposed to killing him, he refused the offer and commited suicide by stepping into the nearby fire of the burning night club.

    He may share his name, but he is a totally different version of the Firefly character I know and love.

  • Ted Gaynor (played by Ben Browder), was a private security contractor for Blackhawk Squad Protection Group. He was Diggle's commanding officer during his first tour in Afghanistan. He was later killed by The Hood.

  • Known as "The Count" (played by Seth Gabel), is the dealer of a drug called Vertigo. He recived his nickname because his first victims/customers were left with a mark by the drug, shaped like a vampire's bite.

    He eventually fights with The Hood, however in the end he gave the Count a taste of his own medicine and injected with considerable amounts of his own drug, an amount doctors have never seen anyone live through before. He is strapped to a gurney and wheeled off into a hospital, declared insane.

    This version is really nothing like Vertigo, but brings a over the top charm to it.

  • Felicity Smoak (played by Emily Bett Rickards) is an employee of Queen Consolidated. She has assisted Ollie with his Arrow activities unaware for several months untill Ollie revealed himself as Arrow. She will continue to as a main character in season 2.

    In the show shes tech support for Queen, so I gave her the nickname "Oracle Fox", since shes like a combination of Lucius Fox and Oracle.

  • Shado appears in the Arrow TV series, portrayed by Celina Jade. In the show, she is Yao Fei's daughter, captured by Ed Fyers and used to blackmail the ex Chinese officer.

    In the comics, Green Arrow and her have a complicated relationship.... REALLY complicated.