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Now that Young Justice is over, sadly, but I'm going to rant right now, but anyway, The series managed to have some of the greatest potential out of any comic book animated series. So, I will start a questionnaire for of my own creation to some up the best of best that I thought the series done well. So, lets start my favorite things about the series (This is all in my opinion)

  • Favorite Character

Wally West/Kid Flash, not only do we share a last name, but we share the same mindset.... love ya, Wallman!

  • Favorite Storyline

Red Arrow's story from brash sidekick, to making him better than the current comic version. Well done Greg!

  • Favorite Adaptation of a...
  • - Character

Both Red Arrow and Arsenal existing in the same space, also I have to mention big daddy Black Manta!

  • - Comic Storyline

The Reach storyline, they didn't show up in force, but a sign of welcome... Guess no one has ever seen V or "To Serve Man"

  • Funniest Moment

The entire "Hello Megan" opening, and KF's "smooth" reaction to turn off the TV.

  • Darkest Moment

"Failsafe", The entire episode

  • Serious Moment

Vandal Savage's speech in "Auld Acquaintance", He kind of has point that the league has stopped the progress of humanity by saving everyone, but that's a pretty extreme idea.

  • Favorite Details
  • - From Show's Lore

When the series began it was on July 4th, when it ends 5 years later, also on July 4th

  • - Comic Lore

Young Justice has PLENTY of these, but to narrow it down.... The entire Flash Family in "Bloodlines"

  • Relationships

I'm not that big on relationships in shows, but I'm going with the classic "Spitfire" (Artemis and Wally, respectively)

  • Voice Actors

With every star that has appeared on Young Justice, my favorite has to be Crispin Freeman has not only Red Arrow, but as Arsenal, and as the first Guardian. I can't mention voce actors without mentioning Nolan North, who voices Superboy, Superman, Zatara, Marvin White, The Tribune and Clayface.... I think he lives in a VO Box.

  • Design
  • - Character

Sportsmaster, If you know his character before the show, you would add him here too.

  • - Costume

Nightwing, I love his costume, out all the great designs.... like Deathstroke, I love his the most.

  • Fight Scenes

The Summit's fight scene, I will compare this to "The Avenger's" scene, you know what i'm talking about.

  • Characters I wanted More from

Batgirl and Wondergirl

  • Favorite Quotes

Don't call us sidekicks, not after today.

- Red Arrow

  • A Storyline I wanted to be explored upon

One word, Match.

  • Characters you wanted to appear


  • Unanswered Questions

Should I count the Season 3 setup... why not... Darkseid!

  • Things future shows should adopt

Two things more shows should adopt from Young Justice, Story Development and a good time jump.

  • Something you would've improved upon

Character Development... As much as I love the shows characters, in my mind they could have focused more on characters ate time than mostly on story.

  • The shows taking over

I really don't want to talk about it, but i'm just goanna say "I hope it's good".

That's pretty much it for the questionnaire, but its over yet, what about your thoughts? What are your questions I listed above or do you have questions that I will consider adding? Comment and let me know.

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Only 2 months to save Young Justice

The above link displays a screenshot of a post on the DC Nation face book page - a post from someone who rang one of the higher-ups at CN and was told that "if the fans want to turn things around for YJ, we have two months to do so and we need THOUSANDS of more viewers". So all is not lost yet, keep watching and please encourage friends to watch the show, because a noticeable increase in viewers will save it. It's likely that by 'two months', the director means the seven weeks left of the show's run. So make sure you do your bit to try and increase ratings for each of those 7 episodes!

if you want to save YJ and or GL:TAS, you will have to promote the HELL OUT FOR THESE SHOWS! Do what ever it takes, tell someone about it, relate with them about there favorite show that was cut short, also download from itunes as toonami gave plenty of other ways to support the show. Finally spread this blog by reblogging (like I've been doing), do wanna another show to disappear.

As I take a que from MangoSirene, Stay Asterous!


My Avenger's Theme Music Video

Like this says yours truly made this bomb-ass video, and it didn't really take that much time to edit it together, iwas just really lucky i found the clips i needed. I will be putting some more up later on, so if you have a youtube account please make positive marks for it. enjoy!

So, what did you think? I have more videos planned but its always great to recive recommendations so comment below!

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Young Justice 2013 Official Trailer

As I told you guys a few days ago, the promo teased the return of one of my favorite cartoons/shows of all time, Young Justice. But here is the first official look of the upcoming 2013 year. Enjoy.

This is the Youtube version of the trailer posted a few days ago, FYI

It's safe to say... SH!T'S GOING DOWN!

Young Justice returns on January 5th 2013


Happy B-Day to ME!

On the 23rd the most wonderful time in the world takes place! Hopefully the world dosen't blow up or sometime tomorrow! Till then...

Happy Holidays Everyone!

I hope birtday is like another West!

God I feel old.


Look Who made the TV Guide Cover!

Doctor Who wins the TV Guide Fan favorite show contest

No Caption Provided

With Entertainment Weekly earlier this year, Doctor Who is getting its moment to shine in America!

To read the full article go to the link...

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