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I strongly protest against Mar-Vell's resurrection. Join me.

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My argumentation against the possible resurrection of our favourite kree captain will be three-fold (with actually a fourth argument under the belt, you'll see at the end):

I) That would be invalidating one of the most beautiful sagas of the late 70s-early 80s.

The Jim Starlin ark and every aspects of it was insanely close to perfection and represents one of my childhood's best memories, but it is so because the character (Mar-Vell) was infinitely human.

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His ascension from man to protector of the universe endowed with the cosmic awareness is a wonderful story full of pain rage, sacrifices, held together by hope and a difficult friendship. The Death of Captain Mar-Vell came as a sublime conclusion to that epic piece of comics, something absolutely unique back then. The sacrifice of Mar-Vell produced a unique emotion and a sentiment of completion never experienced by the fans so far and probably since then.

Reviving the captain would be throwing all this to the trash bin, it would be invalidating some of the most splendid moments of the Marvel universe since its creation.

Do you really want to piss on a Picasso for the sake of selling a few copies to curious readers? Because all the real captain's fan, all those who discovered those enigmatic and wonderful stories and learned how to love comics thanks to those will be offended and disappointed.

What's your next step after that: changing the end of Casablanca or rewriting "Les Misérables" so that it's more joyful?

II) Hey, did "The End" serve for nothing?

Not that I want to be a snotty ass, but if I remember correctly, Thanos himself (ironic, isn't it, Mar-Vell's greatest enemy) "fixed" the Marvel Universe a few years ago, removing the flaw allowing all heroes to be resurrected every other day?

I mean discontinuity is one thing, but taking the hassle of creating a major cosmiic event supposed specifically to create boundaries supposed to make your universe more stable and enjoyable to finally ditch all the improvements. Come on. Big blue Himself would cry.

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III) Resurrecting characters is confessing your inability to create something new.

That's right, I've said it.

If really you want to use old characters because you ran out of gas for your imagination, then just say so, and give us "Captain Mar-Vell, the Untold Tales". I'd be more than eager to read things that have happened before his death and we haven't witnessed yet. Plus it would force the art team to produce a genuine effort to resuscitate the ambiance, the spirit of the 70s-80s. THAT would kick ass.

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Fourth argument (beware, totally below the belt): I am a captain too.

Yes, you read that correctly: I am an Army captain. I have been on the job for the last 17 years.

Here's the thing if I died in combat, or even home after living a life inspirational to others, if I'd leave in peace, being proud of myself and knowing that the ones I love will keep a fond memory of myself and my achievement, the last thing I'd want is some uninspired scenarist to resuscitate me for the mere sake of creating a commotion.


Leave Marv in peace, leave him be the eternal champion his life AND death have made him.

Thanks to his tragic death, he remains in every heart and every mind of the Marvel Universe's heroes as both an example and a beloved friend.

Leave he and us fans who grew up with him in peace.

Thanks for reading.