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Underrated or Lesser Known Comics

Comics that are worth reading for new or seasoned comic readers. Some comics may be well known to some (especially seasoned readers) but not everyone so if you see one, don't worry, it's their because it deserves to be read, even if you already have read it.

List items

  • From the amazing Mark Millar, Superior is a story that no comic reader should ever avoid

  • The son of Carnage is born and unlike Carnage or Venom, Toxin is a force for good. Read the story of the symbiote who fights on the side of the law and takes down murdering psychopaths.

  • Want a doctor who makes house calls? This one does and will handle any ghost, goblin or demon in the house. Monsters, gods and regular psychopaths, the Witch Doctor handles them all.

  • You want a weird super power? How about the ability to know the history of anything you ever ate, weird enough for you? Chew is an original comic with an original concept meant for those who can appreciate it

  • What would happen if Superman had landed a few hours earlier? We end up with a Superman who believes in communism and becomes Russia's greatest hero.

  • Not every super hero is a boy-scout, Captain Dynamo tended to sleep around a bit and it resulted in multiple kids with multiple powers.

  • Super powered Pope, with his side-kick Jesus need to stop evil from taking over the planet as he battles horrific monsters and spends his night with hot demon babes and Mary, yes, the Mary.

  • The dead rise and someone needs to put them back in the ground. If you want to read about a young girl who turns monsters into mince meat, this series is for you.

  • Join the x-men in a strange story; babies born with super powers, a realistic view of Africa and the return of an older hero from that continent. This is not your regular X-men story.

  • Bodie wants to be considered scary, he is short, cute and is best friends with a sweet bar maid. Bodie however is not deterred and even takes on monsters to prove he has the chops.

  • Not your traditional comic book; join the apprentice to death and his attractive zombie-chicken partner as they travel across time and space to collect the souls of the dead and end up in crazy adventures

  • A strange take on the modern hero with some S&M mixed in at odd points but an interesting story none the less.

  • A classic Batman story and is perfect for new and old comic readers alike, if you don't have this comic in your collection, you're missing out.

  • Paul Dini, a writer for Batman, returns with the story of a super hero who can seemingly move around like a ghost but there is more than just a pretty face when it comes to Madame Mirage

  • If you saw the movies then you are missing out, the comic has a far better story, more graphic violence and more realistic take on a world of vigilantes.

  • Let's be honest, not every rich person with time and power are going to use it wisely, so what happens when they don't? You get the worlds first super villain.

  • Another Mark Millar story, it is only 4 issues long so it's great for new comic readers or seasoned ones with very little time. Join a team of former super criminals going for one last score.

  • Join Panda Delgado and her father as they handle criminals with their own brand of justice