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Female Comic characters who deserve a movie of their own

A simple list of characters who are female and are deserving of their own solo films.

List items

  • Obviously

  • I'd like to know more about her from before she met Starlord and the others

  • She is awesome, that is my defense

  • New one please

  • Same for her, new one please

  • This may be a hard sell but could work

  • I think she's become fairly popular from the X-men franchise, though recently she's been overshadowed by Mystique

  • Not your typical comic character so I bet she'd make a great comic book movie

  • This might be another hard sell but I love this character and know she has real potential for a film

  • I think this one is a long time coming, especially with the way (spoilers) Avengers 2 ended

  • I feel like she has a better chance on the CW with Flash & Arrow but I'd like to see a film made for her

  • It would be nice to have a character who could eventually fill the role of Wolverine in the franchise and who better than a clone of Wolverine?

  • The Kick Ass movies (I think) didn't do the comics justice but a Hit Girl movie might