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DC Animal-People

This is specifically a list of individuals in DC who have been augmented by one or means to have animal genetics and powers

List items

  • Possibly the most obvious choice for this list. There have been multiple Cheetahs and the source of their powers is often mystical but it still results in a human-animal hybrid

  • A marine biologist that injected herself with killer whale DNA that resulted in a super strong, aquatic, orca-humanoid

  • Another famous human-animal hybird. Kirk Langstrom experimented on himself and the result was the powerful Man-Bat

  • Similar process to Man-Bat with basically the same result

  • A gambler used as a guinea pig in experiments that made him part man, part snake

  • One of many to take the mantle of Black Condor, he was experimented on by his grandfather Creighton, connected to a society that wanted to give mankind the power of flight

  • A bit more Gorilla than man, save for his mind

  • While Thanagareans are an alien race, they have bird-like aspects and human. They can also have hybrid children as Warhawk is the son of a human (John Stewart) and a Thanagarean (Hawkgirl)

  • Some stories have him enhanced/modified by alligator genetics to enhance his existing mutations

  • Son of Wildcat

  • The power to become any animal and yet retain his human intellect