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Black Super Heroes who deserve a movie

While some people forget Spawn (1997) and Blade (1998) and the sequels and even if people want to forget Steel, there have been some great black super heroes but there are even more who deserve their own film and may not get one.

This is just a brief list, if you have any ideas I've missed, let me know.

List items

  • Easily one of my all time favorite heroes, I loved the animated show

  • I know he's showing up in the Jessica Jones show but I feel he deserves a bit more

  • Might be a tough sell but I think it could work

  • A reboot/remake is needed

  • One of the most powerful X-men and in my opinion, one of the coolest, she's been in multiple X-men films and deserves her own story

  • After his appearance in Iron Man 2 and Avengers 2, I think he needs his own story; maybe one to explain what he was doing during the first Avengers film

  • Avengers aside, he is a good character who I think can be entertaining

  • After the very poorly done GL movie with Reynolds, this character deserves his own story and preferably a better (I heard rumors there will be, I hope they're true)

  • Getting her own animated series is nice but a character with all her power deserves more than a brief animated series