Interrupted Comics

Comics that did not have an ending and / or comics that deserved their stories to continue.

List items

  • Scud took 10 years but had its well deserved and much desired continuation and ending of its history. We need more stories with "Heart Breaker Series 1373".

  • Usagi Yojimbo by Stan Sakai is one of the most beloved comics, Space Usagi was a futuristic / space version of the same that did not have the duration that deserved.

  • Static was created in Milestone Comics, a coalition of African-American writers and artists, made famous by the cartoon Static Shock. All of the so-called "Dakota Verse" that in addition to Static and its metahuman enemies there was a whole range of heroes like Hardware, Blood Syndicate, Icon, Shadow Cabinet among others. With the cancellation of the magazines and the subsequent absolution of the characters by DC Comics the final end of these stories was in the miniseries Milestone Forever. Static nowadays is part of the DC universe, but Milestone Comics should have its magazines continued in the original universe.

  • Dark Horse Presents went to the anthology that launched the first comics of the publisher, in his second incarnation released comics by MySpace. It was in this online initiative that Sugarshock! appeared. Written by Joss Whedon and illustrated by Fábio Moon is surely a crazy adventure about hatred of Vikings, nonsense discussions and a light humor with sci-fi blasts.