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Disclaimer- The following is a synopsis for a fan-fic novel inspired by the DC Comics universe. I do not own nor intend to profit off of any of dc's characters or intellectual property.

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James Cavanaugh has just survived a massacre. He and his rifle team were ambushed by a group of unknown mercenaries shortly after discovering a crate of energy rifles. The revelation of Cavanaugh’s metahuman abilities has alienated him from his fellow marines, causing several superiors to suspect his involvement in the slayings.

Though all hope initially appears to be lost, a new acquaintance intervenes on James’s behalf. Agent Charlie Brown explains that the recent tragedy has drawn the attention DEO (Department of Extranormal Operations), a government agency that specializes in all extranormal phenomena. Charlie conscripts James into a new experimental program known as the CORE (Covert Operations and Risk Evaluation) division.

Alongside CORE, Cavanaugh hones his powers to pursue his quest for redemption; but when their investigation into the energy rifles uncovers a greater threat at large, James realizes that the massacre was only the beginning of the terror ahead. Apex, a secret society of metahumans, seeks to govern the world through the shadows by mass producing a new superweapon on American soil.

Will James avenge his fallen brothers? Or will, his attackers finally eliminate all lose ends, starting with Cavanaugh? And in the event that CORE division manages to thwart Apex’s advances, how can the DEO dismantle a worldwide criminal network?


Indefinite Hiatus

Hey guys,

I'm going to be leaving comicvine for awhile. As of late I haven't felt as motivated, as skilled, or as passionate with writing projects as I used to be. I've been moving from rut to rut over the past year and I don't feel like there's much more for me to learn here. Over the next few months I'm going to attempt to publish a story that I should have finished 3 years ago, then after that I'm not sure what's next. I'll still respond to pms in case anyone needs to chat with me, but otherwise I won't be posting much.




Wiki Stub: Stardust

5CRU Concepts- Stardust

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Stardust is a highly addictive illegal narcotic. The drug goes by many names on the streets of Amber City; names such as: "Dust", "Smurf", "Star", or "Comet."

One of the reasons Stardust is in high demand is because it is only manufactured in Amber City and it has a "Joker's Card" effect, making it wildly unpredictable. It could be used as a stimulant, depressant, or hallucinogen depending on multiple variables (mainly, the consumers own physiology and the amount taken). This means that two people using the same batch of Stardust can have very different reactions (ex. Person "A" might feel like he/she is on PCP while Person "B" might just feel like he/she's having a heroin high).

It is important to note that Carriers are extremely sensitive to the Stardust drug. All Carriers possess a lower tolerance for the drug and usage of the narcotic may alter the effects on their powers. For most Carriers a stimulant effect from Stardust boosts their powers, a depressant effect dulls their abilities to almost near human levels, and a hallucinogenic affect may temporarily change their powers entirely.

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Along with the problem of containing a growing numbers of stardust addicts, local Amber City law enforcement has also had to deal with the increasing presence of gang activity. The potential for foreign clients has incentivized criminal enterprises to form as many international pipelines as possible, causing a "whack a' mole" pattern between the local authorities and stardust distributors. If such a dangerous trend continues drug related deaths could skyrocket across the globe.


Wiki Stub: 5CRU- Heat Seeker Reborn- Annual 1

Heat Seeker Reborn > Heat Seeker Reborn- Annual 1 released by the 5th Column Reborn Universe on July 1, 2015

"Fever Dreams"

Short summary

Jonathan "Nate" Thames, also known as Heat Seeker, recalls a recurring nightmare that he can only describe as a "world of fire." Thames's subconscious forces him into interact with the ghosts of his past, present day friends and foes, and threats to his imminent future.

Spoiler Points/Trivia

  • Nate awakens on the kitchen floor (his last location in 5CC's Heat Seeker 2). Briefly before recognizing the World of Fire he hallucinates that he has been moved outside into an alleyway.
  • The schoolbag filled with drugs in the alleyway has an image of Crazy Cat. Crazy Cat is the universe equivalent of Demon Dog, both being kids tv show characters.
  • During his fight with Wind Duster, Brooks calls him his nemesis. This could mean that Nate either believes he is still a villain or a much less honorable hero than Wind Duster.
  • In another hallucination, Wind Duster is replaced by the Quans and Mr. Yun. Yun calls Heat Seeker a coward, referring to the fact that Nate has not faced Yun since he switched sides (joining the CBTF).
  • Nate is saved by CBTF's Last Resort. During Last Resort's cameo, they briefly suggest that he stands to improve the value of his life if he becomes a hero.
  • While burying Nate alive in the cemetery, Bryce Conrad Durst reminds Nate of the two most destructive moments of his past: Nate's overdose, and his first murder.
  • Comments from Alpha and details of Tessa's appearance indicate that Nate's girlfriend was gangraped and presumably murdered during his absence.
  • Both Tess and Bryce call him a traitor. In the dream Tess call him a traitor for abandoning her when she needed him the most. Bryce's views Nate as a traitor for informing the Police of their illegal narcotics operation.
  • Heat Seeker digs himself out of the grave only to experience a fourth hallucination a top Scahill Tower. He begins to experience disastrous side effects when his utilizer device seizes control over his body.
  • Unlike other dreams where he destroys his city, Heat Seeker battles a gigantic beast that flings fireballs from the sky. The unknown beast is the true creator of the World of Fire, claiming dominion over this portion of Nate's subconscious.
  • Heat Seeker loses the battle but uses the fire within himself to become one with the alien threat.
  • Despite experiencing problems with restoring Nate's utilizer, Dr. Clayton proudly reports her success to Tori Scahill.




Heat Seeker

Wind Duster

Mr. Yun

Genghis Quan

Kublai Quan

Morris Pfeifer


Zack Attack

The Every


Tessa Lange

Victoria Scahill

Unkown Alien

Rockstar Jones

Elouise Clayton


Scahill Umbrella



Yun Crew

Last Resort



World of Fire

Amber City


Nate's Apartment


Abandoned Building


Diamond's Point

Scahill Tower

Fort Middleton

CBTF Headquarters

Unnamed Bunker



Crazy Cat




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The New Multiverse: EARTH 4774

Hey guys! I just wanted to announce that I'm going to be starting my own universe. Like the thread title says, it's called EARTH 4774. Right now it will serve as a tagline for my independent work. Hopefully it will become part of a much larger multiverse (if you're interested in creating your own dc Universe under my banner).

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