DMC: Favorites Characters

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  • Steve Rogers is THE MAN, the first Super Soldier, and a living symbol of America at it's best and (for me at least) a reminder of what America once was. But what I like most about the character is is wholesomeness his goodness and when you break him down, he's just a good soldier doing his best to get the job done.

    In a way, his death (in CA vol.5 #25) symbolized how America has lost it's way.

    The "Bucky Era" was great (especially the costume), but it's good to have Steve back in the stars and stripes....which had to happen sooner or later. Rick Remender as the new Cap writer still feels odd to me, but time will tell whether he has what it takes.

  • Bruce Wayne of course. There is no other.

    Though he is THE superhero of most of my childhood, he's not on my pull list a whole lot. Now a days just a graphic novel here and there.

  • I've seen enough of him growing up (in various mediums) to give him a place on this list. He's the first and arguably still the best comic book superhero. And it's always great to see him cut loose on Darkseid ^_^

    But as of late I've come to appreciate him more as he's been criticized for being too good which somehow translates to being, stale and boring. It's like our society has forgotten what goodness really means, which is expected since the culture RARELY exalts things or people of that nature. I hope that goodness has remain since the relaunch. According to one website his personality has changed drastically, describing him as a bully? Say it ain't so!!

  • coming soon.....well eventually


    Odyssey was pretty good, so I thought I'd give Azarello's run a chance. But her new origin made me realize how much I like the original, enough for me to drop the book sadly. Her true origin is touching and made her unique. When it comes back, I'll buy her book again......maybe, it depends.

  • I gotta say, I've become a Storm fan as of late. I think it finally hit me when I put her on one of my teams in U.MvsC3, or maybe it was when she recently joined the Avengers late in Bendis run.

    She's without a doubt one of Marvel's most popular female super-heroes. She's graced multiple media, she's a a prominent member of the X-Men and an Avenger (for a short time). And if you think about it, she has a lot of similarities to Wonder Woman, if that counts for anything (I think so ^_^)

    On top of all that, I like her personality and class, which I hope has been preserved after all the changes Marvel has made to the character post T'Challa.

  • Now I was never a Aquaman hater but I understood how easy it was for the general public to discredit him since it seemed like he couldn't do much. But like many of you who became fans of Mera during Blackest Night I figured if there's one writer who could prove people wrong and show what Aquaman can really do, it Geoff Johns.

    With all the Aquaman talk between 2009 - 2011 one thing I've realized about the character is how much he has in common with Steve Rogers (imo). Similar looks, & personality (somewhat) and even their armor (chain-mail/fish scales). Plus they both usually have committed girlfriends ^_^

  • Kinda had no choice but to put her on this list. I was very impressed with Geoff's work on the character in Blackest Night, a character that quite honestly I didn't know that much about aside from being Aquaman's girl. But that story (along with Brightest Day) really made her shine. Aquaman's got a real powerhouse at his side. Love her hydro-kinetic powers....it will be interesting to see just how far her abilities go in the new series.

    It's also great to see another female character go toe to toe with Wonder Woman.......since not many can.

  • Her recent solo series (mostly the Palmiotti/Conner stuff) made me a PG fan. Her book was just pure comic book fun which was such a breath of fresh air. It's the kind of book that should always be on the shelves, and should have been part of the re-launch.

    But seeing that she's an Earth-2 character, I'm content that they didn't focus on her from the start. Hopefully I'll be comfortable with the new version of PG in World's Finest...hopefully

  • Yeah I'll admit, she's kinda hot. After Queen Veranke dragged her name trough the mud, her new series was definitely on my list. Too bad it didn't last long enough to see her prove herself as a hero.

    Though I get the feeling that premise was lost when she joined the premier "Avengers" team, which I didn't read every month (not a Bendis fan). Though I did pick up her Spider Island one-shot, it was pretty good ^_^

  • Surrounded by a dark and troubled cast, Zatanna is one of the few "bright lights" in the Batman Family. She always seems upbeat and positive like her portrayals in Batman TAS and other cartoons. I'm certain it's more or less the same in the comics but I could be wrong.

    Her ongoing series was great, Dinni did so much in just #16 issues. Then the re-launch happened..............

  • It was during Secret Invasion and Dark Reign" that I became a Songbird fan. She's seen the best (if there ever was) and the worst of the Thunderbolts program; a team composed of reforming villains who eventually become "heroes" but it usually doesn't turn out that way. Songbird is one of the few who still believes in the program.

    After everything she went through during D.R., she deserves a position where she can really shine.

    Though I would love to see Songbird FINALLY join the Avengers, it seems she's eternally tied to the Thunderbolts.

  • Unlike Superman - where no matter how powerful he may be is always in control of his powers - the Sentry is not. I like that his greatest most powerful enemy is himself and ya gotta love the "championship belt"!

    Though I have to admit his origins (and the Void) can be a bit confusing at times.

    Bendis did a good job with his character at first but threw one heck of a curve ball on his origin with Dark Avengers #13. A few parts worked but the rest I could do without. It's a shame Marvel had to kill him, I think the character had potential.