What "Iron Man 3" can do that "1" & "2" did not.

Now maybe I'll be wrong, but imo, Iron Man 3 may finally give us something the other 2 movies didn't. An real Super Villain.

As successful as the Iron Man franchise has been - thanks to RDJ - the villains thus far have been weak. I'm not saying they are bad - but their big screen debuts didn't leave a strong impression on movie goers did it? Its unlikely that they left Iron Man 1 & 2 talking about who Iron Man faced. But since those movies were so Tony-centric (origin and legacy), it's not their fault entirely. Hopefully Marvel Studios will do right by IM's arch nemesis (good job so far ^_^) cause they kinda dropped the ball on the last one.

"The last one" being the Red Skull, who's part/portrayal in Captain America TFA left something to be desired (imo). It would have been great if he got the same TLC that Loki did - which was easier since he's Thor's brother.......aaaaand the main villain in Avengers.

Still, Marvel Studios movies need to do right by all of their villains in "Phase 2", they need to be stronger in every way. Selling them to the public is important too is it not?

The Mandarin looks and sounds GREAT so far, but he's gotta deliver.


Black Panther/Storm Divorce: Why "NOW"....?

Is it just me or did Marvel choose a bad time to annul T'Challa and Storm's marriage? But what's just as bad to me, is how they've been portrayed as a couple throughout this event. I know it's nothing new, but in this instance it's VERY upsetting.

So I think most would agree that Storm and Black Panther are intelligent, level headed people, with leadership experience on their resume.Thinkings things through before acting should be second nature to a ruling couple of a nation. Call me old fashioned but you would think they would have discussed the situation privately after they heard the news from Cap. You know....communication? Share their opinions of Hope, the current mutant plight, etc and most importantly, the value of Storm siding with the X-Men. Did any of the tie-ins touch on this at all?

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Imo, I think BP would support Storm going back to Utopia. As a senior member of the X-Man she would (potentially) have more of an impact on the situation among them as a voice of reason to Cyclops or her other fellow mutants. It's too bad she wasn't a bigger player in this story.

Either way, their marriage should have survived AVX for many reasons.Storm has proven her loyalty/commitment to Wakkanda even though she and T'Challa have had to struggle with other priorities and allegiances of late.

But with MARVEL NOW on the horizon comes a chance to make managing their other commitment's easier. And wouldn't it be great to have seen an Avenger/X-Men couple among the roster of Uncanny Avengers?

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Dangerous Villianesses in comics: Are there any?

And when I say dangerous I mean they make you (the reader) and/or the hero(es) "crap their pants", like the AAA villains we all know and love. The ones that are taken seriously and command respect.

Are there any? Or maybe I should say, are there enough?

Who would you consider a AAA female villain?

I can think of a few that are probably in that category (one that pretty obvious now that I think about it) but I'd rather get your thoughts.


Worlds Finest #2 : Kara's costume crisis continues.....

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Good: The new logo design for the P is pretty good, much better than the original. Gone are those ugly gold bracers and boots ^_^

Bad: Though they probably did it because of the logo, the extra cloth covering only one side of her chest looks weird.

Overall it still looks like a work in progress imo. But as I recently read in an article (yeah I'm late), she's not Power Girl yet.

"And as of Worlds' Finest #1, Kara hasn't taken on a costumed identity. She hasn't become Power Girl yet in the New 52, at all." - Paul Levitz

Well if they're going to go that rout, I guess there's nothing to worry about.....for now at least. Hopefully I'll like the character (and costume) we get once Kara figures things out.


Thoughts on the new Secret Avengers

As overjoyed as I was to hear that Rick Remender will be the permanent writer on Secret Avengers (starting February), some of that joy was sucked away when I saw the new roster and more importantly their new leader.


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While I’m more than willing to be proven wrong about this roster, at the moment I can’t help but feel that the inclusion of Captain Britain, Hammond Torch(?) and Hank Pym (another science guy?) deviate a bit too far from the kind of characters that should be in a “black ops” unit, not that they all have to be (ex) soldiers/warriors mind you……or be dressed in dark colors.

Hank Pym would work imo if he was still the Wasp but a Giant Man doesn't really fit (imo) and I'm not convinced a "human torch" does either....but I could be wrong.

Venom is okay I guess but Black Panther would have been more ideal, Vision would have been great as well (if the Acuna covers are true).


I understand why Marvel/Remender put Hawkeye on the team (Black Widow) but I just don’t like the idea of him as their leader. I’m sure he has the leadership qualities, he did lead the Thunderbolts at one point (right?)

My real problem with this decision is more about who wasn’t chosen.

A Missed Opportunity
A Missed Opportunity

Why oh why didn’t they choose Mockingbird?

After what Jim McCann did with her character (in Avengers: The Reunion & Hawkeye & Mockingbird), Secret Avengers would be the PERFECT book for Bobby to spread her wings and live up to her potential as the “world’s most dangerous super spy” which she really isn’t doing in New Avengers. I don’t know what future plans Bendis has for her but I don’t think it could beat Bobby getting back in the spy game as leader of a black ops Avengers squad. She’d feel right at home ^_^

Regardless of her current (super soldier) state, Bobby as leader is a better fit all around IMO. No offense Hawkeye.

So what do you think of the new Secret Avengers?


What if Transonic was related to Apocalypse?

Not sure if this has been brought up on this site, but just in case......

On CBR's latest "X-Position" on fan has a very interesting theory about Laurie's ancestry that he shares with new Generation Hope writer James Asmus.

1) It seems as though Laurie -- due to the markings on her face and skin pigment -- bears a resemblance to Warren's Archangel persona as well as Chamber and, perhaps most ominously, Apocalypse. Is there a possibility that Laurie is connected in any fashion to Clan Akkaba?

What happened to the starting with something nice rule? I liked that rule! Nonetheless, Chris, I'll still answer you. And in this case, the answer is -- I honestly never thought along those lines.

I think that's a very intriguing idea you've cooked up, but if I ran with it now, I'd just be stealing from you. So I think the best solution is for you to become a comic book writer and take over "Generation Hope" after I'm chased away with pitchforks and torches.

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The Starfire controversy, DC was holding back just a bit.......

Apparently DC was holding back on their treatment of Starfire in one area....................personally I didn't like how she was portrayed either but I won't go there.....

But still....just for fun...here's the best part of Kickpuncher's rant.

Scott Lobdell gives his audience, his industry, possibly his entire gender the finger and says “Oh no, you mother#$#^ers. That’s not your fantasy. Your fantasy is a woman that will literally have sex with you just for existing. No woman with any standards, no matter how low, no matter how forgiving, could possibly be attracted to you, so here’s your new sex object—a brain-damaged goldfish with a rack. And you’re such a scared little boy, so afraid of commitment in even your own pathetic fantasies, that you’ll run away from a ‘clinger’ even if she’s as gorgeous, charming, and supportive as the woman Starfire used to be. You can’t bear even that slight chance that she’ll make you move out of your parents’ basement, get a real job, and make something of yourself. So I’ll cater to that too! Not only doesn’t she want a relationship, she won’t even remember you! That’s what you want in the end, isn’t it? A vagina-shaped goldfish! Look upon your lust, ye nerdy, and despair.”

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My Catwoman #1 Rant: Thanks a lot Winick.........

I know I’m a bit late to the conversation party, but I’ve GOT to say my peace on what took place in this book, one that I never planned on investing in but was curious none the less.

Catwoman #1
Catwoman #1

I’ll admit I gave in and bought Catwoman #1 (online) cause I heard there was a bit of cheesecake, nothing wrong with a little of that right? I’m sure many of you know by now what took place in this issue. Yeah, the cheesecake did become a bit much at times but I’ll be able to get over that much faster than what took place in the last 5 pages, especially when I think about how this makes Batman look.

I’ll begin with this quote from Power Girl #17 (by Judd Winick ironically)

“There was and maybe is no one who was more dedicated to “ridding the world of evil”. It was beyond passion. It was beyond vocation. Every molecule of his body seemed to point in one direction. Putting the bad guys down.”

I’d be pretty surprised to find someone here who doesn’t agree with this statement. This is Batman at his core, what he is and hopefully will always be. His passion and dedication to his war on crime is almost superhuman………almost.

Batman’s strong focus and will usually means putting his needs and desires in check which he seems to do pretty easily most of the time. Does that mean he can’t have romance in his life? HELL NO. Some sex? Why not? I didn’t mind it all that much, at least from what I’ve seen overall in various Bat-media………..

a) the timing was right

b) there was love involved….on some level

c) it was usually tastefully depicted and

d) it was consensual.....

Sure there are exceptions to this…as the story dictated at times (like with Orion’s wife as I recall, I’m sure there were others) but in most cases it seemed like Batman knew when and when not to. He never seemed to let it get out of hand, to make him loose focus. He’s a busy man after all and Gotham will always be his first love.

I don’t know about you but…..imo…..that lust filled horn-dog, lying on the floor, looking like a dog in heat (kinda) on the last page of this issue is not the Batman I just described, the one that DC claims to have taken a hands off approach to.

I don’t care what kind of “modern” take this is supposed to be, Batman being forced into sex and giving into it so easily combined with this over-the-top, and tasteless cliffhanger page makes him look pathetic. But what makes it worse is, like Selina said “This isn’t the first time”?


I know it’s only been one issue but is this seriously going to be the new foundation of their relationship? Mindless orgies?

I know in a way, Selina always seemed to have him wrapped around her finger but never completely. Now that I think about it neither of them have been able to completely “tame” the other have they? If so that’s the beauty of their relationship isn’t it?

But if this encounter is what usually happens, if this is how their relationship truly starts, where “Every time he protests”, “then gives in” (sounds creepy), Winick has just turned Batman into (pardon my French) Catwoman’s B*#CH.

A mentally weak and “whipped” Batman? DISGUSTING!!!

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And for the sake of contrast here's a recent book I didn't mind. X-Force Sex and Violence. At least this book had a proper rating and the sex depicted in the artwork imo made it seem consensual.

It was in character and neither was portrayed as the victim, compared to the art and dialogue in the final scene of Catwoman #1.

And weather male or female being the victim is not cool, it's just plain creepy and makes it feel more like rape then consensual sex....imo.


Why Superman should wear armor....

Superman by Jeremy Roberts
Superman by Jeremy Roberts
I'm probably a bit late to the party on this as I'm sure someone has made this hypothesis.....but just in case.
Isn't it about time Superman wore a costume 24/7 to protect him.............from Kryptonite?
Having Supes go down every single time Lex Luthor (or anyone really) whips out any color version 
of the alien rock has been done to DEATH.  Why not make his enemies work a little harder in order to weaken him?
Though his hands and his head are still exposed, but it shouldn't have the same effect......right?

Meet the new "Poison Ivy" of the Batman Universe

 The role of "sexy Batman villainess" has officially been filled

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 She's just one of a bunch of new villains on some of the covers for the Bat-Family books in November
Is she a imagining of the Metropolis weapons dealer or something completely different? And what's with all the chains? 
Getting past the hotness I'm not sure that she works as a Bat villain imo...not yet anyways. At least Ivy and others could be portrayed not only in a darker tone but a more upbeat and lighter tone as well both in character and visualls. It will be interesting to see how they pull that off wither this one cause I just don't see it at the moment.
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