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Giant Metal Dinosaurs For The Win! 0

Ah, Planetoid. You were a fun little romp. Was this issue worth the long wait since the last issue? Yea. We get a lot of action that could have felt more tied up if the book was on a monthly schedule, but I'm not complaining too much. By a single issue metric, this book is somewhat jarring. You get that a war is going on but you don't fully understand the sacrifice made at the end. Hell, even the epilogue was a little beyond me until I started thinking more about the first issue, then it all ...

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Funeral for a Fallen Son 0

Whew. Now we get to an actual Bat-comic that feels like a "Requiem" issue. But does it deliver? Well, Nightwing steals the show. Seriously, he does. He has a very realistic reaction to seeing Damian lying there dead. Just plain disbelief, that turns into anger focused on Damian's killer. Even at the funeral, he is the one pushing Bruce to say something, to what would probably have been total silence if he didn't. Squire, watching the funeral of her own partner from afar, decides to take up the ...

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Another Awesome Read 0

Give Chew a read through or two or five. If you pay close attention to the details, you still won’t get everything that Guillory throws at you in those details.The thing I enjoy most about each issue of Chew is that a new reader could come along on just about any book and everything they need to get into the series is there on the page. This being the second part of a storyline, we do get some reveals that long time readers have been expecting and waiting for. The delivery for the reveal can be ...

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An Excellent Ending 0

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is the last issue of Comeback. But don’t worry, it does deliver the same quality as previous issues.Time travel stories can be a tangled web, and Comeback brings that subject matter directly into the story. The creators tackled what type of rules will apply to this type of time travel story and it makes for a whole story in and of itself.At the end of the previous issue, time was invalidated.So where does the story go if that was how the previous iss...

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Not Necessarily Year One 0

So let’s talk Year One stories.When I pick up a Year One book, I’m expecting to find the a story about the title character’s first year. They are young, fresh, and inexperienced. They will make mistakes. They are learning.Being relatively new to anything Judge Dredd, I’m interested in seeing the direction that this book takes. The IDW series that recently started got me hooked on Dredd, and now I’m reading through the Complete Casefiles in order to get as immersed in Dredd as I can. So when I he...

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Chaos Explained 0

So I heard a rumor that Riley Rossmo will be leaving art duties for this book after issue 6. Saw the solicitation and the rumor got confirmed.I cried for this book.Rossmo on art has been a wonderful thing to see and look forward to each month. It will be really hard to imagine another artist's take on it, but the writing is strong enough that I will stick with it regardless.So, that would make this issue Rossmo's penultimate issue. Let's see how things shape up for everyone.And it is just anothe...

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A Proper Funeral 0

ReviewI've said before tha Tomasi really hits it on the head when it came to the relationship between Damian and Bruce. But I've left something very important out of that equation - Gleason's art. Tomasi takes a step back from writing to give us an issue where the story is entirely conveyed through the pictures that Gleason puts together.Nothing shows more about what that relationship meant than this entire issue. And that is something that all the creators on this book put together to show the ...

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CAn we finally be done with Rotworld? 0

"Epilogue"Yea, this comic is supposed to be an "epilogue." I think they used the wrong word and should have gone with "finale-for realz!."There is a whole mix of stuff in here that is just going to drive me off the book. Something went very wrong somewhere down the line and the book lost some focus.We start off with a general reset of everything back to pre-Rotworld set up, just as predicted. Then, in a moment that just made me wonder why this hasn't happened before, Maxine suddenly stands up to...

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Illegal Time Travel For The Win! 0

ReviewThere are some stories that are made for big budget movies. And this story could be one, but it wouldn't fit just right.This story belongs in a comic book.There is still the air of mystery around everything in this book, but a lot does get revealed in this issue. I can say for sure that even after a second read through that I am still filled with the desire to read more and re-read everything that came before. Somehow I think I will be forced to re-read it again when the final issue comes ...

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"Sweet DeGrasse Tyson's Mustache!" 0

Ok, I'm nerdy and all, but even I have to admit that having an entire issue devoted to Professor Frink can be a bit much. Luckily, this issue is divided into three stories that each have the right length and humor.I gotta say, the thing that sold me on the comic right away was seeing the phrase "Sweet DeGrasse Tyson's Mustache!" on the second page. Being a huge Neil DeGrasse Tyson fan, and seeing him in a recent Superman comic, has me thrilled to see two big interests of mine coming together.Eac...

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Not My Type of Justice League 0

Let's look past the All-Star line of books inspired title logo for the book and the over saturation of variant covers for the title. Please, let's move past that and onto the main story of the book, because it all can't be for flash and spectacle, can it?Well, maybe.The basic premise for this book is to get an Ultimates team, excuse me, Justice League team that is under America's control and influence.Yea.There is a lot that this intro issue has to handle, and we have several plates spinning abo...

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Bring On More Dredd 0

I haven't regretted picking up this title at all.There is just so much history and story that this book can draw from, and it gives you that sense of history in the end of each book as Douglas Wolk provides a way for readers who are new to the character, like me, to know the history.This issue shows the rest of the story from the previous issue's main story, and it ends how I expected it to. That isn't to say that it was a boring read or anything, I was still thrown for a couple of curve balls a...

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Final Dance For Now 0

All right, let me just gush and again say that I was right that Joker didn't know any of the secret IDs for the Bat-family.That little bit of bragging aside, let's take a look at this issue. Was it a good conclusion? Yes, it was good. Was it great and praise worthy and should have received as much of a push as it got? Not so much.Granted, we did have some material for the rest of the Bat-family to grow from here. They will have ramifications that will be sure to be dealt with in their own books,...

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Not Too Bad For A New Tale 0

Well, this is interesting.Let me give you some Star Wars credentials. I used to play the Collectible Card Game before I even saw the movies. I have seen the original trilogy. I've seen the prequels. Like most older fans I know, I prefer the originals. I can come up with a few quotes and am fairly good at Star Wars trivia. I haven't read any of the books or comics for Star Wars, although that is an excellent way to continue the story.So what drove me to pick up this book? Brian Wood.Wood has been...

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Don't Touch Anything Joker Related 0

ReviewWell, it had to happen. A detective book I am just OK with.We know who the Merrymaker is right on the first page, and it doesn't come to that big of a surprise once that answer is in front of you. When you really think about it, the main story of Emporer Penguin really suffered from having to acknowledge the whole Death of the Family stuff. Which is weird, because I don't think that Dark Knight had to address it. Weird. I don't know, I don't buy it anyways.One little thing I noticed was th...

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Spoiler Free Dead 0

No, I won’t spoil “Walking Dead #107″ for you.Sorry, but there is no way I am going to reveal the fate of Carl.Let’s talk about brush strokes here for a minute, and how long in advance Kirkman plots events. Namely, I would like to discuss about where character loyalties lie.The last scene of the issue makes me second guess about who to trust. Kirkman usually has the group meet some people, and then everyone’s world turns upside down. Well, we’ve met Negan’s people, but there was a group before t...

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Hook V. Pan 0

I like the concept with this comic. Peter Pan retold in the backdrop of Europe in the middle of World War Two. I read the first arc and was entertained but just didn’t dig it enough to keep up with the single issues. So when issue #9 dropped in my lap, I thought it would be interesting to see how things have played out since I last read the series.So I find myself in the middle of a very interesting issue. This is the confrontation/interrogation of Peter by Hook. It is in this setting that the s...

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Keeping My Skin Crawling 0

So after the first three issues, I became sold on the idea of Bedlam and all of the wonderful goodness it brings. Can the comic keep the momentum going with the new issue?Things aren’t as nearly in your face in the opening scenes as the first few pages of the last issue were. We do get a very visual burn death in the opening pages, but nothing that really compares to the brutalness I felt from the cat opening of the previous issue.A chunk of the issue is focused on Detective Ramira Acevedo and w...

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Creeping Towards A Finale, Maybe 0

ReviewQuick recap for Rotworld - We had a Prologue for both Swamp Thing and Animal Man, we had an annual from Swamp Thing that went into the Rotworld mythos, we had four issues each for Swamp Thing and Animal Man, and now a we start a four part finale. So 15 comic to tell this whole story.Why?What we have seen so far doesn't really amount to a big as a crossover as this feels. Let's call this what it is - over hyped. This story really feels stretched out. Readers were told that these two series ...

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The Return To An Excellent Issue 0

Talk about being dumped right into the action! Right from page one we have the Turtles in the middle of a battlefield on the world of Neutrino. And the action really doesn’t stop there save for a few moments flashing back to earth.I was surprised that this was a regular sized issue when I finished reading it. There was a lot of exposition and action that felt like the story was thrown into high gear. It makes perfect sense that this is happening, seeing has how we have a couple of different stor...

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Slight Fizzle To New Arc 0

I love science. I like thinking about different areas of science and the possibilities of what would happen if they intermixed a little and created new technologies. Think Tank likes to do that. At the end of each issue, Hawkins goes a little bit in depth of the ideas that inspired the comic and where their roots lie in real world technologies. There are some creative liberties taken, but I find it fascinating to see.So why doesn’t this book excite me more?Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t like the a...

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Now Here Is Some Art To See 1

An anthology book about Dia de los Muertos? That has a hook to it.There is a lot in this book that is interesting to read and see. On the inside panel they call the comic “Riley Rossmo’s Dia de los Muertos” and it is easy to see why—his hands are all over this book. If he didn’t bring the art to the book, then he was there for the colors and layouts.There are three stories focusing around the theme of Dia de los Muertos. For those who don’t know about the holiday, there is a line from the book t...

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Fall From Stardom 0

I’m reading a comic about a volleyball player.That’s my first thought. My second is that I’m actually intrigued. I blame Brian Wood for that.The debut issue of Mara was pretty well done. The book did a great job of introducing Mara’s character and the world she inhabits. Political and social commentary are as much a part of this book as it is in any of Wood’s other works. For a recent example, look at The Massive from Dark Horse and see how much environmentalism is on display. Mara, as you can g...

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Keep on Chugging Along 0

ReviewUm, Ok.It has been a long time since I last reviewed an issue of the Flash. I just got to the point that I didn't really have much to say on the book. Francis Manapul is doing his thing in the book with the art and the story. And it can be pretty to look at from time to time, but it just feels off.I would say that it seems Manapul wants Flash's powers to be more mental than anything. With the speed thought coming into play and the new power that Flash demonstrated in this issue to transpor...

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Feels Like Closure 0

ReviewI'm actually kinda shocked by this book.No, not by the need to show Damian in his future Batman costume, but by the art work. I've seen Syaf's work in other books, most notably Batgirl, but it takes the cake here! Something about it just seems to make more sense and fit in this story. It's weird, but I really dug it this time around.The story itself felt really nicely done and paced just right. I wouldn't call it one, but this feels gives me the general feeling of closure. We got to hit so...

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Heating Up! 0

ReviewWhy can't the regular book be like this one?Trust me, I'm not trying to down talk the main book, but this mini just seems to capture something about the turtles in the art that has been missing in the main book for some time.A few things of note - the soldiers are standing up in a limo. I noticed this back in an issue of Flash. Is there something about limos that are different in the comic book world? Also weird to note - Raph looks like he lands on the street when he jumps from the van on...

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That Cover 0

ReviewFirst, we have to look at that cover by Jenny Frison. If there isn't anything that is going to catch the eye of anyone who walks into the shop, I don't know what will. First, the limited color palette catches your eye. It stands out against all those multi-colored covers filled with superheroes. Then, you realize it is a girl sitting around in her underwear. But this is an almost photo-realistic cover, and so there is a lot of natural beauty in the shape of the female body on display here ...

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This is Joker's Circus 0

ReviewInteresting thing on the credits portion of the first page that I just noticed. Maybe it was there before, maybe it wasn't, but for how long as Nightwing's creation been credited to Marv Wolfman and George Perez? Would you think there would be a link to the person who originally created Dick Grayson? Interesting.Any who, to the comic itself! One thing that has bothered me with the whole Death of the Family crossover has been trying to figure out where Joker had time to get everything toget...

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An Ending, Sorta 0

ReviewAnd so Creator-Owned Heroes comes to a close. Ongoing comics are completed, lots of interviews are posted, and a lot of potential and inspiration is shown.I think it was Warren Ellis who recently said that if the book was called anything else but Creator-Owned Heroes, it might have had a shot at making it. So I let that drivel swirl around in my brain for a bit. Would there be a title that would still describe this book and possible make it sell better?It would need something that shows it...

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Heating Up For the Finale 0

ReviewKnowing how all the peripheral books have been ending their adventures in the Death of the Family story, I could easily take a guess at what would happen at the end of this book, or at least what silver object would make an appearance. But what about the adventure until that point? How does that fair along the way in this penultimate comic in the current story arc?In general, I don't like penultimate chapters of anything. It doesn't really tie anything up with regards to the plot, it more ...

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Did That Get Your Attention? 2

The first five pages of this book will make it or break it for readers. Visually, the first three will turn away a lot of readers who aren’t prepared to see animal cruelty in a comic. New readers to the book will also probably turn away. For hardcore cat lovers, the first three pages are just brutal and heart wrenching. For those who can look past them and people who found issues #1 and #2 of this series to be rather excellent, this book is set to rock your world. Just remember, this book is abo...

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Someone Died, Didn't They? 0

Last issue featured the death of a major character in Chew. And no, I’m not going to spoil it for you in the first paragraph of the review for “Chew #31.” Instead, let’s discuss how this issue brings not one, but two funerals. No, there is no new shocking death in these panels. Through the use of flashbacks, we are taken to the time when Tony Chew buried his wife.Warning: Spoilers!In the last issue of Chew, Tony’s sister met an untimely, but foreseen, ugly demise. We now pick up the pieces where...

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Not Like This 1

ReviewIt is finally there. A flashback to Barbara in a wheelchair. Taking some time to explore the lost New 52 chapter of her life in a wheelchair. But whatever you do, don't blink. Blink and it is gone.Seriously, there were two pages to it that felt more of a focus on Batgirl that I could accept coming out of the New 52. I would want nothing more than for this to be a focus for a little while. But wait, we got some Death in the Family to focus on.So my question about Barbara is this: what type ...

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Joker Crossover with No Joker 0

ReviewOh, you want a Bat-book that ties into the Death of the Family books but didn't have Joker appear in the book at all yet still rock to the standards of the main story?Bat-book quest resolved!This book does a couple of cool things I was interested in. It used a lot of the Penguin background characters from earlier issues as a back drop for what was going on in this issue. It also featured a bunch of crazed people going haywire now that Joker was back in the public eye. They are all no-name ...

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Bring On The Foot! 1

Well, this is definitely something I've been waiting for in the main Turtles book.This book is great at introducing you to the mystery behind the Foot Clan. And it does it spectacularly well. We are given some history, see how it ties into other Turtle lore so far, and comes across as something that has more gravity to it than a regular Turtle book. And best of all is the cliffhanger that really spells some things out.The one thing that I really didn't like is that this book is very much meant f...

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The Teen and The Joker 0

Every now and then I will post a message on Twitter or on a message board to a comic creator to see if they will respond. The message isn't anything to bait them or something like that. It is usually words of praise or maybe a request for some behind the scenes material.So I post sometimes on and hve gotten the occasional response. I posted to a forum about this particular comic, and got a response from Fabian Nicieza. You can read it here.Back? Coolness. Because the dialo...

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Excellent Finale 0

You didn’t really think this story was about Chris, did you?The title of the book and the cover caught my eye on the comic shelf months ago when the first issue came out. The credits for the book said the story and art were both done by Sean Murphy, which made me hesitate at first. Sometimes writer/artists can be extremely lacking in one of those two areas. Fortunately for Sean Murphy, that isn’t the case here in his first outing as a writer.So by last issue standards, how does this book stack u...

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Checking In With the TMNT World 0

ReviewWhoa, art change! Yes, I was looking forward to it, and Bates does a good job of getting things done better than the last artist. Bates' style is very similar to one that Duncan had so many issues ago, but with a hint of an anime style of flare.For the start of the next story, we get a check in on everyone's status. There isn't much from what is being said that old readers wouldn't already know. One thing that did catch my eye was that Shredder stated that they needed more of the ooze in o...

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Taking The Title "Clown Prince" Literally 0

ReviewLet's pause our regularly scheduled event to bring you some exposition and minor advancement in the story.There isn't anything bad about taking a break like that, but we are only a couple issues into the event in this book and the rest of the Bat-family of comics have really only just begun their crossovers. So much like the batarang had an origin story for it a couple issues back, let's take a look at that Joker card that hangs in the Bat-cave.But first observation - how the hell did the ...

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Joker Vs. Damian: Fight! 0

ReviewI like how other books, such as Detective, will let you know when you need to read another book before reading the issue that you currently have in case you missed some plot points. This book is missing the "Please read Batman #15 before reading this issue" on the first page. With that and some other confusing moments happening throughout the Bat-books right now, a definitive timeline for the books needs to be done.Small rant aside, please don't read this book until after you have read Bat...

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