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Muh Fave Jedi

Because of CV's limitations in creating lists I have to place my number ten here.

Pong Krell

My like of this character is no where in depth as many other characters, and really boiled down to his skill in duel-wielding double sided lightsabers.

List items

  • Obi-Wan is such a phenomenal character when it comes to Star Wars, for so many reasons. He has a plethora of accomplishments under his belt, none of which went to his head or puffed up his ego. He has fought three very powerful Sith lords and several other extremely powerful dark siders well over a dozen times and lived to tell the tale, only dying when he wished to buy Luke time. He got man handled by Dooku in their first bout, but was always willing to face a man whose duelling prowess was the stuff of legend whenever the need arose. He was an extremely accomplished swordsman, and attained the praise of Mace Windu as the best Soresu practitioner to ever live. He ended to life of the infamous Jedi killer Grievous, survived Order 66, and along with Yoda secured the Jedi temple from a clone army and changed the emergency codes to save any surviving Jedi. He prevented Anakin from becoming the most powerful Sith lord to ever live. He spent decades protecting the man who would redeem Darth Vader and destroy the Empire.

    Here is a succinct explanation of who he is as a person and Jedi which I find fitting. (none of this description is my own work but it fits so well with why I admire him so much)

    A Phenomenal pilot who doesn’t like to fly, a devastating warrior who’d rather not fight, a negotiator without peer who frankly prefers to sit alone in a cave and meditate.

    Jedi master, general in the grand army of the Republic, member of the Jedi council. And yet, inside, he feels like he’s none of these things. Inside, he still feels like a padawan.

    Greatness was never his ambition. He wants only to perform whatever task ge is given to the best of his ability.

    He is modest, centered and always kind.


    It is characteristic of Obi-wan that he is entirely unaware of this.

  • Master of the order, and member of the Jedi council. Mace is a Jedi of legendary calibre. The best lightsaber duelist, second only to Yoda. He mastered all seven forms of lightsaber combat, completed form VII and was the only one to master it without falling to the dark side. Extremely powerful in the Force. And he had a unique approach among the Jedi in utilizing it, able to flirt with the dark side in employing the Force without falling victim to it. Possibly the greatest master of shatterpoint. And one of the few to match Sidious’s skill with a blade.

  • Another legendary figure, who for centuries worked tirelessly to produce Jedi capable to fending off the inevitable return of the Sith. His story is made all the more tragic that it was his most gifted pupil who would subvert his centuries of work. He also chose to employ a glorified stick to fight his battles. Total bad ass.

  • Luke is the living representation of the chosen one. The term “extremely powerful” just doesn’t do his character justice. He is, in my opinion the most skilled duelist to ever live. And easily the most powerful non-entity Force user. The rate at which he learned both was simply phenomenal, he is a genuine prodigy that comes along only once. Becoming a competent (if not skilled) swordsman with a little over a year in formal training, and going on to challenge Palpatine as a duelist in a decade. His connection to the Force, and ability to learn new techniques was unrivaled, mastering many techniques within days of being introduced to them. He saved the galaxy a multitude of times, and has gone toe-to-toe with the most powerful beings in the galaxy time and again, always managing to come out on top. He would be higher on the list if I didn’t find his stereotypical good guy personality so bland.

  • Because of CV's limitations with creating lists I'm forced to use this picture. However I'm referring to Anakin before his fall.

    Though many find Anakin’s personality from the movies too whiny. The books, and tv series have given me a new appreciation for him. He grew up in some of the shittiest conditions one can live in, a living piece of property. The fact that he went from being a lowly slave from a back-water planet on the outer rim to “The Hero Without Fear” is an amazing transformation. In a little over a decade he became the best Djem-So stylist in the Jedi order and reached the same league of skill as “the greats” of his time. His cockiness throughout the series, and desperation in the novel to save Padme really humanized him for me.

  • His personality, combined with the period in which he was born make him very interesting to me. Ignored by his negligent mother, he honed himself to become what he thought would be the ultimate Sith hunter. His membership in a splinter group of the Jedi, whose ideology allowed them to needlessly slaughter their padawans to “prevent the return of the Sith” makes him that much more intriguing to me.

  • Another great personality from the Old Republic era. Daring/ foolhardy enough to infiltrate a dark side cult, Skilled enough to stalemate Exar Kun in a duel, and retaining a good portion of it despite being stripped of the Force. Forcing the Mandalorians into his service, and is redeemed only after he kills his brother.

  • Corran has definitely lived a colorful life. Starting in the Corellian Security Force. Joining the Rebellion as a pilot, infiltrating Coruscant. Becoming a Jedi to track down his wife. One thing that makes him refreshingly unique is his laughably pathetic aptitude for telekinesis, contrasted by his powerful illusions and propensity to absorb energy. He is a powerful Jedi, but not so unbelievably powerful as the likes of the Skywalkers, Kyp, and Katarn. I find this lets me enjoy his character more for whatever reason.