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What now? 0

Well let's just ignore story continuity all together and just reinvent a good storyline. And it just doesn't work for me. I really enjoyed the last Richard Ryder Nova series. I believe it was 36 issues and I don't recall him loving Gamora. His love was Meagan of Excalibur. She was brought back to life from time travel battling the Sphinx villain. So I find it upsetting when writing I find is entirely out of sequence. I usually enjoy this book very much however this just really steams off the top...

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Teen Titans # 5 0

Superboy is taking action against The Teen Titans. There’s a lot action in this book. Superboy single handed defeats The Teen Titans. However Superboy is taking a new direction against N.O.W.H.E.R.E. Solstice warns Superboy about the culling and how it is coming. The great spirit release is at hand. Superboy sees that Solstice is telling the truth. This is changing everything that Superboy stands for now. He doesn’t want to do any more damage, however if must know the truth. Mr. Templar, the mai...

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Batman: The Dark Knight # 5 0

A fast read, this read very quick. A little too fast. We would prefer more for our money than just a story that’s going to pass in five minutes. Really David Finch? Although I did love the art work and the story wasn’t half bad at all still as a fan, speaking for everyone we like a little more dialogue for our money. I did enjoy scenes with The Scarecrow, You did a good job overall. This series so far has been very up and down. I have to rate this book a 3.5 rating of 5.0 rating. The reason why ...

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Justice League # 5 0

Darkseid being a badass, doing what he does best. Justice League being the DC flagship title, i said it before i will say it again, a all star MVP writer and MVP artist proclaimed to do the best book of the month. Here it is ladies and gentlemen Justice League # 5. In this issue we Superman heavily injured from his first encounter with Darkseid. It’s a mess of things heroes feeling like this is the end prepare for the end. Batman revealing his identity to Green Lantern the first Justice member t...

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Aquaman # 5 0

Geoff Johns is really hitting hard recreating the Aquaman Universe. Homerun after homerun. From beginning to end this has been developing very nicely. Looks like Geoff Johns is going to reinvent Atlantis. It will be most interesting. This new reinventing the character will be more than likely a hugely success as Geoff Johns was with The Green Lantern. I am loving this series, it’s another A list book out there. I rate this book a 5.0 rating of 5.0 rating.1=wack, 1.5=falling asleep, 2=below avera...

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Voodoo # 5 0

This is a great issue. We have two alien races going at it. The character development is very hot indeed. We have Voodoo going green her beautiful eyes glowing red and Daemonite with optipus tenicials coming out his mouth. So far Voodoo has been a great book and continues to be a great book. And this story is coming out very nicely. I am enjoying this read very much. The law is still on Voodoo tracks. Stay tuned… I rate this book a 5.0 rating of 5.0 rating.1=wack, 1.5=falling asleep, 2=below ave...

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Flash # 5 0

A lot of tension came out of this issue. Raises some question about Barry Allen friend Manuel. It’s somewhat understandable however very necessary what the Flash must do to save his friend. This book is great, it reads almost like a movie. The art work is just awesome. You can’t go wrong with the Flash. In fact I am loving this series so much I rate this book a 5.0 rating of 5.0 rating.1=wack, 1.5=falling asleep, 2=below average, 2.5=pick it up a bit, 3= average, 3.5=dope, 4=good, 4.5=excellent,...

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X-Men Legacy # 261 0

Interesting character development going on for Rogue And Gambit going on. Rouge and Rachel Summers are discussing Rouge and Magneto relationship. The explanation is that it is vague and a huge lack of communication involved. On the same boat Gambit just only makes out with Frenzy and she and Gambit decided that it was a mistake. No big deal. Also in this issue we have Exodus attacking Wolverine X-Men team. Exodus at the end of this issues ask that he maybe forgiven for his intrusion and now want...

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles # 6 0

This is a series that has just been on fire. Eastman bringing back The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles mastering the best origins possible for the book. I congratulates the creative team. In the beginning of this book we get to see a glimpse of The Foot. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles follow there training and don’t get involved but to watch. The TMNT understand from this incident that there is trouble ahead. We also get to see Casey Jones meet April O’Niel and that’s going exciting since there a...

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Fantastic Four # 602 0

The Flagship title, The Fantastic Four! The Fantastic Four and The Avengers are fighting off The Annihilation Wave. And it is a disaster, people are being killed, people are dying. Well we are not seeing this in the panels however i bet is just horrible for the people to experience. Since the Annihilation Wave is super being that exist only to destroy one another. Having Johnny Storm back is great however, with the battles going on it’s just too over whelming to enjoy. Galactus greets himself on...

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FF # 14 0

Another review on The Future Foundation. Sadly but the art is looking gross. Valerie looks like she is two years old talking and walking. And the big scene with Doctor Doom is somewhat out of character, considering Valerie new found love with Dr. Doom just seems a little out of wack. Sorry but this is not getting any better. In fact in my opinion this book is just getting worse. Everything in this book is tie in into The Fantastic Four book. However this book is lacking on so many qualities. Thi...

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Infestation 2 # 1 0

The beginning of this story was bad ass. I loved how the tied The Freemasons into knowing this great knowledge that happen one day. There a cross plane and ties all reality together so now we will TMNT, Transformers, G.I. Joe, and much more all in one universe. It’s a awesome thought. Well this story slump after the first 6 pages. Still a good book. I will be reviewing all the tie ins as well. I rate this read a 3.5 rating of 5.0 rating.1=wack, 1.5=falling asleep, 2=below average, 2.5=pick it up...

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The Mighty Thor # 10 0

Heimdall the God that has all seeing is having a rival with Taranus. It seems that Heimdall cannot see him and he wants to know why. On the other shore of things we have kid Loki and Silver Surfer trying to bring back Thor. And looks like they maybe possible for the next issue. As the rise of excitement concludes in the next issue of The Mighty Thor. I rate this book a 4.0 rating of 5.0 rating.1=wack, 1.5=falling asleep, 2=below average, 2.5=pick it up a bit, 3= average, 3.5=dope, 4=good, 4.5=ex...

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Transformers: Robots In Disguise # 1 1

The Autobots are having there differences. One group led by Rodimus titled Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye, now brings Bubblebee team in motion Transformers: Robots In Disguise series. Very nicely drawn however not a lot back round detail in a ton panels, still though the art is good. I didn’t think this as good as Rodimus Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye. However Bubblebee does show good leadership qualities and persisted in keeping the peace that have on Cybertron. They will never p...

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Invincible Iron Man # 512 0

Iron Man being called in by his fellow politicians. Tony Stark got drunk over in Asgard in the "Fear Itself" storyline. It was weaponizers tradition to celebrate drinking while forming comradery. So long as Tony Stark explains that his his statement while he was saving the world I don't think there is much to explain to Congress. Overall this issue was a great issue. There's a lot of plot to this book. We have The Mandarin the big main villain plotting against Tony Stark. We also have Blizzard a...

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Avenging Spider-Man # 3 0

Wow! Closing up this story was extraordinary nonetheless fantastic. Joe Mad pencils are very memorable moments in comic book history. The story was very well told, betwen Spider-Man and J Jonah Jameson there’s just great character development. You will not be disappointed. I love the final confrontation between the Molans and Spider-Man was a great ending. What is it with Spider-Man titles being on fire? Not sure but it’s a good thing. I will not not be picking up next issue because Greg Land is...

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Green Lantern Corps # 5 0

Guy Gardner recruits some new faces for a mission that we have never seen. However they are some of the toughest in the the Green Lantern Corps. This book is nicely written. Very good art and Peter Tomasi writing couldn’t be better. Setting out to save there fellow lanters from a treat that very possible hurt the Corps. The Green Lanterns make a gamble and go with using fear against there new enemy. It’s going to be a tough call. But you can’t help but await to pick up the next issue. Very Good ...

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Batman # 5 0

Batman is going insane literally. We have Batman trapped in a maze of the The Court Of Owls nest and it’s feeding time. This is a amazing issue, from issue # 2 this book has improved dramatically. As Batman journeys lost and abandon to find his way readers all get to experience how the Batman is dealing with being insane for the moment. As you turn the pages you may experience the book being sideways to upside down. That way readers can get a twist of what is really going on. Blue Goblin in his ...

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Nightwing # 5 0

No peace for Dick Grayson. The cliffhanger had me like big surprise. However I will say this issue was straight awesome, mostly hehe. I like how the story ties in with Dick Grayson circus friends. Not sure if I understand Raya character it seems that she will be taking a turn in character development. In a way it kinda looks bad, but hey the series has been great. I like to leave some lead way for writer Higgins. I like you guys to give this read a try. I rate this book a 4.0 rating of 5.0 ratin...

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Voltron # 2 0

Learning the origin of Zarkon has been a interesting development. I enjoy learing on the evil Zarkon came to be. This book takes place presently in the year 2124, and the origin being told for Zarkon is the year 2014. The bad about this book is that we do not get to see a lot of Voltron. We see a few splash panels here and there, however not so much development. The good about this book is that we do get to learn about Zarkon. This book is over all good however it lacks in other elements. I rate...

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Moon Knight # 9 0

Strange, strange for our hero. It seems that Moon Knight is hearing voices in his head that can be somewhat disturbing, or he is just trying to figure what the greatest heroes he looks up to would do. Moon Knight does up grade this issue. We get to witness new weapons of Moon Knight, he is now thinking more like Batman comparible, seeing that Moon Knight is upgrading his gadgets. I don’t see our hero really crazy hearing his role models in his head, however he is driven, probably somewhat stress...

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Daredevil # 8 0

Mark Waid really putting it it to the web head. This issue is a continuation from Amazing Spider-Man # 677. Last we known there was a frame up of The Black Cat. Since Spider-Man put a spider tracer on The Black Cat it led the authorities directly to the Black Cat. Black Cat feeling tension towards Spider-Man, she decides to electrocute Spider-Man. Daredevil in the mix saves The Black Cat reputation from being a convicted felon. Spider-Man from the previous issue turned his emotion towards Black ...

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Uncanny X-Force # 20 0

Another dimension problem we have to deal with and it’s captain Britain. A interesting turn that X-Force will have to take responsibility for. I like issue, it brings a new creative side in perspective and it’s a over all good read. Dead Pool has some comedic moments that will just leave you rolling on the floor laughing. This Night Crawler has stated, unquote, “hey I am a a**h*** and I am nothing like Nightcrawler from this dimension”. It’s tough for Wolverine to just adapt and say hey that’s n...

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Cobra # 9 0

Mike Costa spot lighting the villains doing a world control domination to control the world. I love it! This issue really shows much sides to the evil organization know as Cobra. G.I. Joe fans will adore this issue. You get to see action scenes all around. Even Snake Eyes makes a slash in this book. You will not be disappointed just by seeing how big Cobra is progressing around the globe. Great writing, great art work. Mike Costa does a bang up job. A 4.5 rating of 5.0 rating.http://djmaximusgod...

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Uncanny X-Men # 5 0

Uncanny X-Men # 5 (Vol. 2)The story was good, however I must speak out against Greg Land art work. It’s nice mostly I would say about 65 percent. However the women faces look all the same. Plus people just smiling out of character. I would like Greg Land to do something more than X-Men. I think he gets too much lead way in doing the X-Men titles. Fans regardless are bind to buy Uncanny X-Men. It’s the flagship title. However fans have often speaking out that they are tired of Greg Land art work....

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Danger Girl: Revolver # 1 0

Danger Girl: Revolver # 1Amazing cover art by J. Scott Campbell. This book was a lot of fun. For those not familiar with Danger Girl, it is James Bond meets the sexiest woman of the world. The female version of James Bond. J. Scott Campbell creation of these characters I remember back on Cliffhanger/Image Comics. Abbey Chase is still my favorite. The funniest and sexiest of all three of our female heroines. Andy Hartnell writing fits for a perfect installment for this issue. Campbell artwork is ...

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Amazing Spider-Man # 678 0

Gotta commend the flag ship title, it’s been on fire since issue # 648. It so seems that Peter Parker secret indentity is becoming more compromised. From what we learned back on Spider Island is that when Peter Parker came on TV and revealed he had Spider Powers it undid Dr. Strange spell to keep his secret safe. Peter Parker broke that spell so now it will be a matter of time before other people will figure it out. In this issue Peter Parker has a lot on his plate with saving the city. It’s up ...

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Ultimate Spider-Man # 6 0

Great writing by Brian Michael Bendis. It’s not usually artist however the art is sustainable, and it’s not bad. Miles Morales decides to do some patrolling as Spider-Man. He still has a lot to learn however he coming along nicely. We get to learn that there is something in past about there family history that will more than likely be a burden for the future. I also like the part where Miles Morales best friend gives him a DVD bootleg of Peter Parker when he was Ultimate Universe Spider-Man vers...

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Venom # 12 0

Another great issue for the fans. This series is still on fire. Not sure how but this book has been better than Amazing Spider-Man the last three issues. Not sure how long it will last but this read is good. I great conclusion from Venom Vs. Halloween Jack. And the fight was just awesome! I don’t want to spoil any dialog. Trust me Rick Remender does a bang up job this issue. Even Blue Goblin in his Comic Book reviews was close to giving this book his pick of the week. I rate this book a 4.5 rati...

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Avengers # 21 0

I love the cover! Sexy Storm has joined The Avengers! However we do not get to read much on Storm. Brian Michael Bendis has done a good job with this issue. It’s pretty heavy for the Avengers. Seeing that Hydra is taking down The Avengers. Book is great, The art is good, however I think fans are awaiting art style like Adam Kubert. I think that wound be awesome for the book if he is up to it. I like H.A.M.M.E.R. and Hydra are really coming together. Even though the cover maybe misleading, Spider...

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Green Lantern # 5 0

Geoff Johns my number 1 writer of the year, 2011. Knocking it out the ball park. This is just a fantastic read. It’s Green Lantern fan celebration. We finally get what most fans want. And I don’t to spoiler it. But hey it’s a long time coming for Hal Jordon and the fans. Sinestro makes his way to being hero for the time being, however his popularity is just angry people mostly. Who can blame the people of Korugar. This comic is highly recommended. I rate this issue a 5.0 rating of 5.0 rating.htt...

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Batgirl # 5 0

Gail Simone still delivers a good read. This book still concludes Barbra Gordon doing a good job as Batgirl. I remember as a kid reading Batgirl in Crisis On Infinite Earths and portrays Batgirl the same way very strong, willing to do whatever she can to keep Gotham City a better place. Batgirl comes across a new villain Gretal we don’t find out very much about her intents for Gotham yet however we do get a fight. Also there is a sudden appearance of Barbra mother, I think it will surprising how...

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Superboy # 5 0

Superboy lost and confused wasn’t sure who to turn to. Being a weapon for a shadow government black ops is the only thing Superboy knows to be. However he does have emotion for the people whom raised him and that were the closet thing dear to him. Superboy saw Fairchild the closet thing he has to a mother. I like Fairchild character, however I liked her character origin better from Image Comics with Gen 13. She was a small geeky chick kinda cute, then she hulked out with big boobs still stayed s...

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Suicide Squad # 5 0

This book has been highly entertaining and this issue maintains that momentum. Very good writing by Adam Glass he shows riding on cliffhangers can do a lot of good for a story. We get to see our villains be anti-heroes by keeping the current prisoners from escaping. The villains being anti-heroes are still expressed as villains even though they are doing the right thing. The character expressions are priceless. This book is a great read. I rate this book a 4.5 rating of 5.0 rating.http://djmaxim...

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Batwoman # 5 0

J.H. Williams my # 1 artist of the year, 2011. J.H. Williams is also co-writer in this issue and also W. Haden Blackman is also a great writer that helps create this magnificent comic book. As many times said by many people, the art alone is worth getting this book. There’s the first scene in this issue that is so perfectly drawn and written I had to read it twice because i was that wowed. There’s a ton going on in this issue, like Kate Kane cover is blown by D.E.O. A organization similar to Bat...

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Wolverine # 300 0

Sabretooth is back! Wolverine # 300 a renumbering issue I take it. Well in my opinion the renumbering should never take place in the first place. You mislead new in believing they are actually buying a new number 1. Well screw you bub because it’s just a marketing scheme, an illusion! Not a number 1. Plus it alienates long time readers that bought the series from issue number 1. I would appreciate highly if Marvel would stop doing this crap. It’s just a number, and I believe majority readers wou...

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Wolverine And The X-Men # 4 0

Interesting, interesting, interesting stuff developing in this issue. There’s a lot of cool stuff unraveling in this issue. We have Deathlok as a guest speaker and has some scary stuff to the kids and what can they say but s**t there pants. I’m laughing my ass off, believe me this book is a ton of fun. We get to experience the return of Warren Worthington III new outlook on life after his mission with Wolverine’s X-FORCE. Not to spoiler the moment however there’s a new student that will just lea...

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Amazing Spider-Man # 677 0

Mark Waid back to writing Spider-Man comic. He had a break and believe he did need the break because the last he wrote a issue of Spider-Man it was bad. However this time Mark Waid redeems himself this issue. Guest starring Dare Devil and The Black Cat. It’s a very fun issue indeed. I really enjoyed the talk back and forth between Black Cat and Spider-Man. Peter Parker being on the rebound wants back in the hands of Black Cat however she has great intuition and sees right through him. Peter Park...

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Incredible Hulk # 4 0

The man wants back in the monster. Hulk Vs. Bruce Banner. Hulk wants to kill Bruce Banner. Bruce Banner has just gone off the wall, off the rocking chair, he is insane. And what is more insane is his island of Hulk animals obeying there daddy Bruce Banner by attacking the Hulk. There some interesting looking creatures that are Hulked out, over all story telling Jason Aaron is doing a bang up job, applause for his writing on the Hulk. Jason Aaron is making Hulk once more a proud top selling comin...

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New Avengers # 20 1

Some may see this as a rehash. However I find that statement just a half truth. Darkseid is trying to end the Universe in DC yet again however fans are loving it. This issue we get to enjoy Brain Michael Bendis last arc on New Avengers. And yes! Happy face, it is fun. There’s awesome fight scenes and yet interesting New Dark Avengers. And The New Dark Avengers are not to be underestimated indeed as they do give The New Avengers a run for there money. And the cliffhanger is a oh great we’re in fo...

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