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Avengers VS. X-Men

Looks like event that involves a lot of big name creators. Let’s focus our eyes on who will be the writers of this series. First let’s look into the works of Jason Aaron, we have some great work on books; Wolverine, Ghost Rider, The Incredible Hulk, Wolverine And The X-Men, The Astonishing Spider Man And Wolverine, much more works. I am pleased with Jason Aaron as a writer so far I think he’s doing just great. And I like the fact that he is apart of this limited series coming up. Next we have Brain Michael Bendis more than likely working the Avengers side of things. And who better than Brain Michael Bendis to lead on what scenario would be for this team. Last huge event Brain Michael Bendis delivered was “Siege”. So I would recommend Bendis, the only thing I have against Bendis is that would he is bombarded with numerous books it does strain away from his creativity taking away from the stories he writes. Currently he is writing; New Avengers, Avengers, Moon Knight, and Ultimate Spider Man. If you ask me currently Ultimate Spider Man is his best book at the moment. Ed Brubaker is also working the book, seeing how Ed Brubaker is writing Captain America, Secret Avengers (recently off the book), Winter Soldier (upcoming). Perhaps this maybe up his alley being, he is proclaimed writer with much success. His death of Bucky really didn’t go well with fans as he handed his works in with Matt Fraction for Fear It Self arc. Fear Itself # 7.1 was a garbage book in my opinion. Artist Oliver Coipel does a stand up for books like “House Of M” and “Siege” so to me I think he does a fantastic work. Matt Fraction is a apart of this book, I’m not impressed with his works on Fear It Self on a over all score. I think if he can sustain good writing on his parts it just may help him recover some of his credibility towards to his fans. Fans categorical to my knowledge did not like him on Uncanny X-Men so hopefully we don’t more of the same crap we been getting with Matt Fractions works. Even though Invincible Iron Man writing are just fantastic with applause. Jonathon Hickman writer of Fantastic Four, and FF, have been very good on a overall basis, however his latest FF # 12 work is a downer. I enjoy most of what I pick up by Jonathan Hickman, for all the writers Marvel have picked up this series there shouldn’t be any failure consider this is a bullet proof all star team. Other artist arise with this as John Romita Jr. (Uncanny X-Men, Kick-Ass, Kick-Ass 2, Avengers, & more) steps to the plate. Lately a lot of new readers do not like John Romita Jr. art work, however his art style over the years hasn’t decline instead he is progressingly getting better at his art works. I think he will deliver good works for this series. Adam Kubert has phenomenal ark work. Considerably the greatest Wolverine artist of all time. Adam Kubert has done great pencils on; Uncanny X-Men, X-Men, Wolverine, The Astonishing Spider Man And Wolverine, Ultimate X-Men Vol.1, and much more). This event is suppose to be huge and really get the Marvel Universe rolling on fire literally as the Phoenix is back. Stay tuned…

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The Avengers VS. X-Men

So who’s ready for this first of all? Well ready or not let’s get ready to rumble! Not sure exactly how this is going to play out, but who ever does really know. Well it does raise some questions since Storm plays on Cyclops X-Men team and Wolverine has his own X-Men team. Being both Avengers Storm may have some conflict with Black Panther, and perhaps Wolverine. How will this play out? Still a raising question. I think this should play out good, however I rather this story take place in the core book titles of Uncanny, X-Men Vol.2, New Avengers, and The Avenger self title books. I am tired of one shot this and events take place in this special mini series this. It’s just getting tired especially after Fear It Self. Give our pockets a rest well ya. Well either way it’s a 12 issue mini series concerning Hope Summers because The Phoenix force is back and there’s a obvious threat upon the world. Another civil rival between Cyclops and Captain America. The last clash these two leaders had it out was during the return of Scarlet Witch of the book The Avengers: “The Children Crusade”. Also there’s tension in the mini series Magneto: “Not A Hero” with Captain America and Iron Man seeing Magneto still as a terrorist accused of killing some protestors against mutants. The fight does sustain a good quality story arc, I just rather see this take place in the regular monthly books.

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that's a shame to see X-23 go.

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I have to disagree with Marvels decision, I like the character. And over all I agree with the statement if the quality is poor then it should be canceled. I felt the last story arc was average. It wasn't great however according to sales with the DC 52 launch all titles have tooken a dive considered the comic book market is being flooded. Plus Marjorie Liu did sustain a impressive considering she outsold Daken the villainess son of Wolverine. And I don't believe sales have plunged for her as bad as some of the other titles. True the book is selling 24,000 copies plus, still though hasn't reached cancellation below 20,000 copies. Before the DC relaunch X-23 was selling over 46,000 copies plus. However I remind everyone that yes the comic industry is more flooded than ever, meaning people are buying various titles being now there's more to choose from.

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It just doesn't make any sense to me. X-23 was higher in popularity than Daken plus he's title isn't being cancelled so according to your graph by the looks of things this was a bull shit decision by Marvel Executives.