This Week's Stack

This week was pretty heavy as far as my budget is concerned. Partly because of "Superboy Annual #1" but what can you do? This week's haul included: Wonder Woman #16, Before Watchmen: Minutemen #6, Uncanny X-Force #1, Justice League #16, Bedlam #3, Nightwing #16, the aforementioned, Superboy Annual #1, Red Hood and the Outlaws #16, Supergirl #16, and Uncanny Avengers #3.

I have hung in there with the "He'l On Earth" crossover but I am finding that it hasn't progressed much since He'l and Supergirl entered the Fortress of Solitude. I love crossovers, but this one has stalled. While the Superboy Annual was fun, the banter between Superboy and Superman got stale fast. I will stick with the event. I only hope the Superman issues will rise to the level of Batman issues of the "Death of the Family" event to make it worth my while and my dollars.

Speaking of "Death of the Family" this week's entry's were both hit and miss. The Nightwing issue was solid. It carried through on the Joker's direct attack on Nightwing and Haley's circus. The destruction of the circus and Joker handing Christina a spike covered mallet to say "Hello" to Dick with is as creepy as anything moment I read so far. What's under the DOME?!?!?! Which brings me to Red Hood. The last two issues have been a nice addition to "Death of the Family" but issue 16 had a lot to be desired as an actual tie-in. I like the advancement of Arsenal's leadership abilities but it would have been a better as a Teen Titans issue.

Uncanny X-Force was my surprise of the week. I had only hoped that the Marvel NOW! relaunch of the series could live up to my expectations of Rick Remender's fantastic run. Sam Humphries really delivers and I can't wait to see what's next. Check out my review. There is a great Spider-Man-esque style in the Uncanny Avengers that has kept my faith going in this series. Thor as an agent of the Red Skull via Charles Xavier is very intriguing. The best of the rest? Wonder Woman #16. Brain Azzarello and Cliff Chiang continue to deliver top notch writing and art and the conclusion of Before Watchmen: Minutemen #6 from Darwyn Cooke has been the best of the Before Watchmen titles. "Throne of Atlantis," from what I can only assume is directed from the mind of Geoff Johns, has been one of the best events from DC recently. This week's issue of Justice League continues a next level issue from Johns and artist Ivan Reis. If I were to cut my pull-list down to just 5 issues Justice League and Aquaman would definitely make the the cut.

Finally, I am a Bedlam defender. When this series started there was, what I thought, an unjust amount of criticism of Madder Red to Joker comparisons. While it can be easy to make that connection I find it a lazy one. Nick Spencer has attacked his contradictions of conscious and reform of Madder Red with conviction which has made the read even more engaging. His writing is catered to Riley Rossmo's art and Jean-Paul Csuka's colors to a tee. While the Joker may be the inspiration, Madder Red is his own style of psychopath. Bedlam is well worth your time.

Until next Wednesday. Happy reading!