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Real Name: Dion Shane Sobol

Aliases: The Weekend Crook

Hometown: Santa Monica, California

Universe: CVnU

Heritage: Russian, Ukrainian

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Raven Black

Weight: 130lbs

Age: 23

Eye Color: Green

Height: 5'11

Notable Features: Almost always publicly seen in a various clown masks and other "Heist" apparel.

Personality: Manic, psychotic, cunning, adrenaline junkie

Orientation: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Single

Alignment: Chaotic evil

Occupation: Bank robber, hired gun, professional criminal, thief, assassin

Affiliation: None

Powers/Abilities: Trained and prime physical shape, skilled with many firearms (Military), professional driver, knowledgeable in theft and grand larceny.