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Moon's End 0

Well, Moon Knight finishes it's run prematurely. It's been fun, to say the least, but it's come to a close. How does the ending hold up to the rest of the series?Well, it's certainly a good issue, no arguments there. The thing is, it's a bit underwhelming, which I was worried about after last issue. It's not a giant climax, and it teeters on the edge of a deus ex machina, but it's still well executed and doesn't feel like lazy story telling. No, the real problem with the way this issue ends is t...

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Splashing in the time stream 0

Well, this is certainly a step up.Last issue, we had a bit of a lull story wise and a HUGE drop in quality when it cam to the art, which is a shame because issues 5 and 6 were my favorite of the series so far. In this issue, Both Krul and Williams bring back their A game and give a fun sci-fi romp that definitely channels more than a little bit of Jonathan Hickman's recent work.Krul definitely aims for the high concept here, and gives us a very interesting take on the idea of non-linear time tra...

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Toad woos a lady 0

One of my bigger fears about AvX was how it would inevitably affect the tie-in titles. Fortunately, most of the books I'm reading at the moment seem to be keeping themselves separate from the battle, with the notable Exception of Wolverine and The X-Men, which has been one of my favorites from the company, and considering Logan and Beasts unique position as members of both the X-men and the Avengers, it's pretty clear why I was more than a little hesitant about this new story arc. Thankfully, th...

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Lobdell write more garbage 0

Ok, last month, I gave Teen Titans #7 a harsh review, but I stand by it, and re-reading it has not changed my opinion: The overall story is good, and is definitely something I'd like to read, but it was HORRIBLY executed, and a confusing mess, since it never explained key things that kinda need some kind of clearing up, as well as some poor dialogue (which has been plaguing all of Lobdell's books) and a tendency to show, and not tell. Superboy has many similar problems, and while it's not as bad...

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Out of the Blue 5

Hey, new issue of JLI. Sweet. Last issue was pretty damn good, and this issue started out pretty strong, but unfortunately the 3rd part of this issue completely derailed itself, and dragged the book down by a hefty margin.We're still dealing with the aftermath of the UN bombing, with Booster and the (possible) new recruit Bat-Wing trying to take down the villain Lightweaver. Characterization remains strong here, with booster remaining still the goofy showman while also consistently proving he's ...

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of Family and Flesh 0

Let's face it, the last two issues were kind of a slump for Animal Man. Another repetitive dream scene, an interlude for his movie, and a change up in artists kinda made the story drag it's heels for a bit. Thankfully, Issue 8 brings things back to the same high standards the first 5 issues set for this excellent series.Firstly, the transition between Travel Foreman and Steve Pugh's art is much smoother than last issue, and this time around Pugh's pencils are much more effective in capturing the...

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Cavernous Mind 0

It's no secret that I love Mark Waid's Daredevil. It's a great series. But one of the main complaints I've heard about it is that it just doesn't have the same noir tone earlier volumes had, ever since Frank Miller stepped in and revamped the character in the 80's. This issue starts to address these complaints, showing us how troubled Matt Murdoch really is, but rather than a completely break down, Waid focuses on tension and subtlety.The story itself is well written and emotionally charged, wit...

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Teen Titans hit their low 4

Alright, I realize this title has good points, and it has it's appeal, but honestly I'm reading too many flaws to keep me interested. Teen Titans #7 honestly loses a lot of what makes it enjoyable because of such sheer story telling problems and poor dialogue that the things that are good about it have become few and far between.I guess a good as place as any to start with is the info dump at the beginning, which begins perhaps the most noticeable flaw of the issue: They decide to show, not tell...

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Stumble to the finish 0

Well, it's the penultimate issue of Moon Knight, and as usual I'm sad to see it go. But as I read this issue, I started to realize how obvious it is that this series was cancelled before it's time. Last issue gave me the impression that issues 11 and 12 would be pure action, driving the series to it's inevitable conclusion as the two sides fight for the Ultron. the problem is, this issue doesn't really give us the impression that anything that big is gonna happen at the climax.It's a shame, beca...

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Taking on the Other Side 1

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. It's Aquaman, and it's back to the same quality as the first arc after the little dip with issue 6. The general comic community can't keep telling you to buy this title, but there's really no valid reason you shouldn't have at least enjoyed this on some level. Issue #7 was fantastic, and nicely sets the series up for the introduction of the Others.First of all, Johns has the right idea to make the main antagonist of this arc Aquaman's archnemesis, the Black Manta. John's se...

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Who's essence again? 0

Alright, Red Hood again drags me back to review it, and all I can continue to say is that it's almost maddeningly uneven. Again, there's plenty of good to be found, but the bad really stands out.First of all, The issue started strong with Roy Harper, who proved himself to be far smarter than we would have thought (almost like an idiot savant kind of thing). And then they diminish those parts later by having him give a speech about how bad at history and biology he is, but he's still got great ai...

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Pillow Talk 1

I've picked up trades of X-factor in the past, and I've read some really positive reviews of this series, but this is the first time I've picked it up as a monthly title, and I can safely say it's a great jumping on point If you haven't already been following it. Nothing gets one invested in a story than opening on a scene of Madrox and Layla in post-coital pillow talk in a morgue. That being said, nothing really big happens here, it's definitely meant to ease someone into the story for when big...

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Slipping up through time 0

Well, I've been enjoying Captain Atom these past 6 issue, and I enjoyed this one. But there are problems here, and they make for one of the weakest yet.First of all, the main problem is the art. I enjoyed it for the most part in past issues, the contrasts and colors and all that, but this issue was just bad. very bad. I can't tell if it's the fault of Freddie Williams II or the inker, but there's something wrong here, and it kinda took me out of the experience.Next, the cover flat out lies to yo...

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Secrets of the Amazon 5

I'm loving the new 52 version of Wonder Woman, despite everything. No matter what you think about the changes, it's definitely restored my interest in a character that has never really been all that important in over 70 years of continuity. That being said, many people are gonna be unhappy about this issue, and I can't really blame them.The main issue I've seen people complain about in this series so far is that Wonder Woman's origins and people have been changed to one that is much darker and u...

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Out of the ashes 0

Resurrection Man is a nice little comic that has continually floated under our collective radars since the reboot began. I assume there's a market for it, which is why it hasn't been cancelled yet, which is all fine for me because despite it's obscurity it's a strong and creative part of DC's new 52, as issue number 7 proves.It's the start of a new arc (and a decent jumping on point), where our hero is laying low in a run down Metropolis apartment after the events of the last story-line. It's a ...

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Splash of Red 0

It's always kind of sad to see a good story end, And Justin Jordan'/Tradd Moore's Luther Strode has been one of the best. It's been 5 issues of beautiful violence, geek culture references and likable characters, but with Issue #6 we lamentably have to say goodbye to one of the best mini-series Image had too offer.If there's one thing I can say about Justin Jordan is that he's a master at both subtlety as well as extravagance. This issue never quite explains that much about the nature of Luther's...

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Sticking Around 2

Marvel has been kicking a lot of ass with their new ongoing's this year, with Daredevil, Punisher, Winter Soldier and the schism off shoots being surprisingly well received. Scarlet Spider is definitely a part of this trend, and continues to tell an very well written superhero tale.As the tagline reads "All of the power, none of the responsibility", Kane is basically Spider-man without all the continuity or the angering One more day changes. This issue continues to wonderfully set up his cast, m...

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Buy this. 0

Buy this series. Go out now and do it. Just... don't finish this review, or even this sentence. Go to comixology and download it, or make the trek to a store and get it. Just... go.Now, for the review... This issue was EPIC. This is a sword and sorcery comic done right, and everything about this series just works so well. Paul Cornell is a fantastic author, and this issue nicely wraps things up for this arc, and just leaves me pumped for what's to come.This issue is just pure action and warfare,...

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Weeping Shades of Indigo 2

First off, I'm so happy I got to use that reference in a title. If you get what it is, we're friends now. You have no say.So, after a pause in Green Lantern #6, we get shoved head first into issue #7. Sinestro has come for Hal Jordan again, and this time the Indigo tribe gets involved. I really liked this issue, and I think it's probably the best since issue 3, which was my favorite thus far.First of all, much of this entertainment to be found book continues to comes from the buddy comedy tone i...

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The Bat and the Bird 0

Just to start this off, I have to say issue #6 of Batgirl was pure crap. I gave it a 3 and a half when I reviewed it, but I think I was being too fair. What it might have done well, there was quite a bit of bad, and Detective Mckenna's place as the antagonist to Batgirl who represents the police force's attitudes on vigilantes was absolutely ruined through bad writing plain and contradictory attitudes, and after stewing on it for a month it got to the point where I considered dropping the title ...

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International Sanctions 3

I got in on JLI a bit too late in the game, especially since I've seen some people just trashing the title without mercy, but I started to catch up a bit digitally and I have to say a lot of the hate is unjustified. It feels very much like a blend of bronze/modern age styles, updated to todays standards. In other words, it feels like a SUPERHERO book, and I guess most people don't want that from Marvel or DC... *COUGH* Anyways, this issue I really enjoyed, some minor complaints aside.First off t...

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Soaring to Greener Pastures 0

Hell yes, We've been waiting and now it's happened, Scott Snyder has finally taken all the pieces and hints and threads of the past 6 issues and finally wove them all together for one fantastic pay-off. Sure, not much happens in this issue except one or two big plot points, but in the end this installment serves as a great mood piece and new beginning for Alec Holland, finally breaking the floodgates and just letting the horror begin to poor out.Snyder has chosen to use this issue to create a vi...

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slowing down the pack 0

To be honest, Animal Man to me seems to be in a bit of a slump. The gore and horror seems to have been rather significantly reduced, and honestly things seem to be going a little slow compared to the first 5 issues of greatness Jeff Lemire has been writing thus far. I think the reason for this is the approaching departure of Travel Foreman, or rather, his motives behind it. from my understanding, He recently had a death in the family, and he feels uncomfortable continuing to draw a story with su...

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Mind of the Knight 0

With Moon Knight wrapping up with issue #12, much to my disappointment, I was left with the desire to at least see this title go out with some dignity and give us a satisfying conclusion that will at the very least give this character a shot at playing a bigger role in the Marvel U. While my reaction to issue #9 was a bit mixed, issue #10 kicks things into gear and gets us set up for the end of the arc.This issue mainly deals with the aftermath of the last books happenings, giving a bit of expos...

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Back Beyond the Bat 6

Aww yeah, Batman Beyond is back. While my memory of the show is hazy at best, I still have fond memories about certain aspects of it, and when I read that a new series was coming out, Including a Beyond universe Justice League, I got pretty excited. Sure, it's written by Adam Beechen, who doesn't have the best track record (wikipedia says he's the one who ruined Cassandra Cain and did a few parts of Countdown, so yeah not exactly making me brim with confidence right now) but still I had hopes si...

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darkly dreaming 0

I finally caught up on a few titles, and I have to say JLDark, while one of the more out there ones, bringing in a bunch of characters that have long stayed in limbo between DC and Vertigo, is also one of the slowest. The character work is great, and John Constantine is a damn likable son of a bitch, but each issue reads so slowly that the story suffers as it tries to push itself forward. That said it's still one of the stronger books in the DCU so far.What I think is this issues strongest and w...

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Mild shock 0

Alright, so after a bit of a pause I decided to give Teen Titans another look... and all I can really say it's probably one of the most uneven books I've read in the new DCU. mostly, things were either great (Batwoman, Batman, Wonder Woman etc.), Horrible (Hawk and Dove, Legion) average, or average with good points. but this just wobbles from side to side, never really finding it's place.The main problem in this book, which I'm noticing in a lot of Scott Lobdell's recent work, is that it breaks ...

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Hell Hath No Fury 0

Ooh boy, it's Aquaman time! I've been looking forward to this and, while flawed, I can't say I was disappointed with this Mera-centric issue.Aquaman #6 basically continues with Johns integrating the Curry family with plain old surface dwellers. The story told serves as a nice parallel to the flash backs included in this story, and help paint a clearer picture about where the couple are in the new DCU, and also serve to show why she and Aquaman make a really great couple: there both 2 people with...

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Devil in the Deep 3

Well, Waid and Rivera have done it again, just like every issue they've put out for almost a year now. Following up on the events set-up from the crossover with Amazing Spider-man, this story covers both DD's quest to save his father's body, as well as the revelations about Black Cat last issue, and each part is told in an incredibly solid manner.DD's story is the stronger of the two, considering that most of the book is focused on him as he delves into the underground of New York. As usual, Wai...

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Red and Orange 0

Like last Issue, The reigning consensus I can give Red Hood and The Outlaws as a whole is: emotional, yet dumb. There's no getting around it when Red Hood stops nuclear arms smugglers in a submarine, and blows it up while he's swimming away. That's right, he EXPLODES a sub full of NUCLEAR DEVICES, and all he has is a headache and a busted arm. Wow I think I got stupider just writing that. In fact how could he possibly have gotten out without be crushed by the water pressure? But I digress. The s...

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What separates man and beast? 2

It's always sad to see a book you love not getting the recognition it deserves. At the time of this writing, the user reviews give this book an average rating of 2.8, which I can't understand at all. Captain Atom, to me, is a very well written, very interesting and very enjoyable book, which makes it all the worse that it's probably never going to be a strong seller, which is upsetting to me because these past 2 issues have just been great installments in a great story.Issue #6 is just superbly ...

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The Savage Offense 2

Demon knights most likely came about as a response to the large influx of sword and sorcery based graphic novels coming out recently, such as Queen Sonja, Conan, and the wheel of time adaptations, but the fact that this formula is tweaked to fit the history of the DCU is what really makes it stand out, and this issue just delivers 20 pages of concentrated awesome that it's hard not to love such a fun, well written book.This book has been from the start about the characters, and this issue contin...

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Crumbling House of Candy 2

Like most people, I've been loving Gaile Simones run on Batgirl, and I think she has a great handle on the character and is doing a great job introducing us to her. That said, this issue just gave me little reaction except just... meh. It's certainly not bad, in fact it is a pretty good issue. It's just some parts really dragged it down in my eyes and made it kind of annoying at some parts.First, the good. One thing I like was how natural the Batman cameo felt. unlike most books, where he just p...

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(NOT) Spider-man to the rescue 0

Last month, issue #1 of the Scarlet spider came out, and I have to admit I was impressed. Chris Yost managed to introduce a solid character, give us his back story, and his motivations (and in some cases, the lack-thereof) and made an interesting anti-hero as he comes to grips with the freedom he won after so much suffering, though I do wish he kept that awesome beard. Issue #2 continues to deliver, though it serves mainly as a means to wrap up what was already introduced last time than introduc...

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Plans Within Plans 0

After 4 issues of just loving everything about this mini-series, I was a bit concerned by the end of last issue about how the story would be wrapping up. There's still a lot to cover and we have less than 2 issues to do it. After reading Luther Strode #5, I can't say that all my questions we're answered (In fact, none of them were), I still feel this installment pointed us straight at the final destination, while still providing us with another great romp.This issue I feel is meant to get to the...

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Animal Man: The Movie 0

I... really don't know what to make of this issue. Part of me wanted to just write it off as filler, but at the same time I feel there might be a deeper importance to it. Even after re-reading it I left a bit puzzled on how to best describe what I just read. It's certainly not a bad issue, but I'm still left at a bit of a loss about how to process if significant this issue is to the main plot. I may tread lightly on some spoilers, but I'll do my best to keep relatively vague.Issue #6 for the mos...

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Rot hits the fan 1

If there's anything I can say about Scott Snyder's run on the Swamp Thing, it's that he's been doing A LOT of build up to this story. Issue 5 finally got the ball rolling, and this issue kicks off a steep descent into total chaos, driving Alec Holland even deeper into the mad world he so desperately tried to escape.The payoff this book brings is incredible, pushing Holland to his limit and giving us twisted, tragic emotional reactions to his world falling apart. Everything from previous issues t...

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Fish out of water (Hyuk Hyuk Hyuk) 0

Aquaman made a big splash coming out of the new 52 (No, I won't stop with the water puns), giving us a rather likable, noble character who we genuinely wanted to see succeed. Geoff Johns continues to give us more good stuff on the former king of Atlantis, as well as setting up the next few story arcs Aquaman is going to find himself in.From the start, Johns clearly shows how comics are supposed to be a visual medium, something we occasionally forget in dialog/inner monologue heavy books that hav...

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Turtles Rule 0

Captain Atom #5 at long last forces our hero to confront the creature that has been foreshadowed throughout the first 4 issues, which puts to rest some of the fears I was developing, but at the same time I feel Krul has introduced the beast in such a strong way in this part of the story that it kinda makes it's appearances in the previous issues meaningless: everything we gleamed from past events is told to us in a very satisfactory way in a couple of pages. This is in no way a negative thing fo...

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Insert Waylon Jennings here... 0

I've read all 5 issues of Red Hood and The Outlaws, and from these issues I've been noticing 3 problems that just keep popping up. 1)This series would work so much better as a solo series for Jason Todd than as a team series 2) some characters are horribly mischaracterized (you know who i'm talking about) and, what I've come to realize in this issue, is that 3) the series does try to have some serious personal and emotional moments for the characters, and in many ways succeeds. However, the seri...

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