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Save Olliver Queen

I did a blog a while back about how much the current volume of Green Arrow disappointed the hell out of me, which many people seemed to agree with. However, this weeks issue Green Arrow #7 kicked off the run of a new creative team, with Ann Nocenti penning the title, which gave me a bit of hope. I just finished reading the issue (download, the past 6 were way too crappy to warrant ethics when all I wanted was COMPETENCY in a title) and it was definitly an improvement. it was much more entertaining, Queen was much more of a happy go-lucky asshole playboy than before, and the story was a bit goofier. It was still flawed, though, and didn't win me over or convince me to add it to my pull list. That being said, when re-reading it to do a review (I scrapped that, couldn't express myself clear enough) I realized that they might have done a hard reboot with this character, and that he may have only been Green Arrow for a shorter amount of time than the Justice League. In fact, they might be setting him up to become the old Ollie we know and love.


Reading this issue a second time, I saw a lot of hints that may lead to a repeat of Ollie's original beginnings. Back in the Silver age, Ollie was just another Batman knock-off, a billionaire/superhero, until he loses all his money, lives poor for a while, and sees how people are living, which prompts him to take up the ultra-liberal politics we loved him for. In this issue, we see that Ollie is very irresponsible and kind of selfish, and that someone in Q-core is trying to wrestle control from the company from him because of that. Because Ollie is presumed dead at the end of the issue in the eyes of the public, I feel like there's a good chance Ollie will lose the company, which will trigger his decision to become more responsible and more liberal minded, like his classic origin. It also helps tie up a few loose ends, such as why Ollie was so cold-hearted to Roy in the past (and why he was never mentioned so far), where his relationship with Black Canary stands (probably never happened), and could leave things open to the return of Connor Hawke, which would be a nice addition. This would really help bring some life into the series and help clean up some of the unanswered questions we have over this tale.

Honestly, I'm really hoping this happens, Ollie is so bland and generic nowadays that he needs something to set him apart. And considering the 2 writers that have already left the title and the poor reception I keep hearing, I'm hoping something at least similar to this happens to save this title.