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Disappointing New 52 Titles.

Let's face it, we all have characters, teams or concepts we all love. The very name of the thing, for example "Teen Titans", puts a certain idea in our head about whether or not we will want to read the title, and advertising is basically centered around finding the middle ground between what people will expect and what there gonna get. So, as always, we feel let down when we actually get to read this title that has been hyped up to us and then really disappoints us. So thinking along those lines, I've decided to quickly compile a list of the most disappointing titles I've read out of the new 52, some based on first issues i dropped soon after, some after a reading the whole run. Here we go.


This stems mostly from the fact that Grant Morrison, as he is want to do, set up a whole new Superman with a changed attitude, one closer to his socialistic roots as originally conceived. Like it or hate it, it was a take on the character that accomplished what DC has been trying to do for years: Make the Man of Steel relevant and interesting in today's climate. Then I gave Superman a read and couldn't help but wonder what happened there. I only read the first issue, but he seems just like the big boy-scout we all got tired of. And since Action comics took place 5 years before the current title, that means he hasn't made any real connection with Lois despite knowing her all this time. What the hell? I don't get the appeal other than "Hey, it's superman. Look up to him", and that's not enough for me. Bleh.

Static Shock

Static Shock was a case of DC comics expecting too much and too little from Static fans. His show was pretty big and pretty cool as a kid, despite being a pretty much unknown character at the time, and I'm willing to bet few people who knew the show were even aware he was DC, so this was the perfect chance to give him his due. But no, DC decided to bring him to New York, give his sister a clone, and stick him in a lab. Besides his name and powers, I doubt people would have even recognized him If they were made to read an issue. And not even the writer stands by his work, so you know things weren't going well, not too mention a sub-par artist doing the pencils. This was a chance to win over a crowd who loved the show as children who might have given it a shot, but this... didn't work.

Red Lanterns

Okay, I'm kinda cheating, since I don't think anyone expected much from this, but when the bar is so low, the fact that I felt gyped means they really didn't give a damn about this title. and Peter Milligan is a great writer, so don't get me wrong. but 5 issues of staring at a corpse and then losing said corpse is not what I want from a series about a group of murderous Aliens that spit blood-acid.

Teen Titans

Scott Lobdell is a good writer, but he dumbs his script down so much in what can only be an attempt at targeting the youth market that the story just doesn't appeal to me. He's great with big concepts and tie-ins, plus he can write a solid character (such as Jason Todd), but really this book just doesn't work. What all writers have to do when writing for a certain demographic is trust their audience without expecting anything from them, that's how a good book gets done.

Legion, both titles

I literally had to force myself to finish these books, they were that bad. I thought the legionnaires looked kinda cool, and the setting could have gone anywhere, especially since I had no prior knowledge of the series. but that's just it: I had no idea what the setting was. And the writers REALLY counted on the fact that you knew everything there is to know about these guys, because they never explained shit. There was a bit about how Flashpoint meant that the Legion lost contact with the cast of Legion Lost, but that's it. unlike some titles, where you could come in around issue 3 or 10 or 50 and be able to piece things around as they went along, I wasn't able to do that on issue 1. And that's just a fail beyond anything I have ever heard of.

Green Arrow

More than anything, this series angered me. It's not the garbage writing, the weak cast or the poorly executed plots, it's the total mischaracterization of Oliver Queen. What made him stand out from other DC characters was his swashbuckling attitude, his loud mouth and his notoriety for going off on left-wing tangents. He could be an asshole, but that's what made him fun, and they took that all away to make him younger and fit with the image of him from "Smallville". In fact, de-aging him was the biggest mistake they could have made, since not only did he lose his awesome beard (sure, it was goofy, but so was he), but he also lost alot of his history that made him unique: his fully grown son (which would make him what, 40 at least?), his time as a billionaire, a pauper, and as mayor? His whole relationship with black canary? He lost everything in this reboot, and gained nothing of any real value. Ann Nocenti is taking over soon, hopefully she can inject some much needed douchebaggery and left wing bravado to maybe give us an entertaining Ollie Queen.

and those're my picks. Feel free to tell me what let you down, or if you disagree and why, i'd be glad to hear it.