Cyborg, Vibe, and what could've been an ongoing

why couldn't DC do for Cyborg what they're doing for Vibe?

Both are from Detroit

Both got their abilities from the Darkseid invasion.

Vibe's role in DCnU has been defined as being the link between all DC multiverses...

that could have been Cyborgs role!

instead of using 'vibes' he could've simply used his connection to the mother box and boom tubes.

I don't understand.


Why haven't Blade been an Avernger or X-men or SOMETHING?

Would you like him as one? Would you read an ongoing book? It doesn't have to be about the Avengers or X-men, I'm just saying like a regular title. For a character that had an amplitude of media exposure in the 90's- early 00's, in the Blade film that jump started Marvel's Cinematic Universe, there sure hasn't been much else done with the character.

SHhhhhhh....That animated TV series never happened