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Unwritten #5 0

Gross does a good of depicting lots of different locations in this issue, each one feeling authentic. There's also beautiful depiction of Kipling's How the Whale Got His Throat , and a few Jungle Book teases.This issue was a little hard to get through. It's very dense compared to the previous issues, with almost no action. However, the book nerds reading this will love it. Instead of staring Tom Taylor, this issue focuses on Rudyard Kipling. I had to check the cover to make sure I had picked up...

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Unwritten #2 0

I'm liking the art a bit more this issue. Gross's detailed backgrounds are definitely something that sets this book apart. Shimizu's cover is excellent again, though I don't really see how it related to comic.This issue starts off with another great Tommy Taylor scene, complete with Harry Potter references. After that, Tom Taylor is confronted with the new messiah-like status he has as a result of the previous issue. There are more literary references to be found, including Dickens and Doyle, an...

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Unwritten #3 0

The art in this issue is about the same as the last two, with another great Shimizu cover that seems to be disconnected from the story.This issue opens with a great scene from Frankenstein. I've never read the book, but if Carey and Gross wanted to do an adaptation, I'd definitely be on board after the two pages we get here. This series is turning out to be a book nerd's wet dream. The setting for this issue is like a locked room mystery, without the mystery. The guests are 5 authors with some ...

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A Comic for Book Nerds 0

Imagine there was a real person named Harold Potter, and that the Harry Potter book series was inspired by him, and you've got about half the idea of this introductory issue. In Unwritten, Tom Taylor is the real life inspiration for fictional wizard Tommy Taylor, and the world won't let him forget it.Unwritten #1 opens with a beautiful scene depicting the end of a Tommy Taylor book. The Harry Potter  homage is obvious, but doesn't poke fun. HP fans will enjoy these opening pages. Book nerds in g...

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A disappointing end 0

The art in this issue is about on par with issue 2... lacking a lot of detail compared to the amazing first issue.  The heist is underway in this final issue. Remender takes the approach of not cluing the reader in to how this are expected to go down ahead of time. I find this type of storytelling to be a bit cheap. Since the reader doesn't know what the plan is, there is no way to know if things went according to plan or not. Remender starts dropping twists at the end, but they aren't based on ...

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A step down from the first issue 0

This issue opens with a great scene a Mexican gang leader trying to get some intel. Tocchini shines again, creating vivid, unflinching imagery. After this scene, the art quality comes down a bit. Characters are bit less detailed, and the backgrounds feel very unfinished. There are some panels where it is hard to tell what is going on, especially in action sequences. The art is still great, but it's not as good as the first issue was. I wonder if Tocchini had more time to work on the first issue ...

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Beautiful Characters, Beautiful Art 0

The art in this book is some of the best in comics today. Gerg Tocchini brings to life a very lived in world. All the backgrounds are detailed. The characters have unique and interesting appearances. There are lots of close ups shots, with great expressive detail. No one in this book is just standing in frame; even the background characters are expertly done.  The story favors character interaction and goes very light on the plot. After finishing the 3-part series, the plot points that are in th...

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