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Interest peak Mr.Cain?? 1

Alright, so... i read this issue. I couldn't find the First issue so i am not sure how Mechanika got locked in that cell or why this other broad Katherine or "Commander Winter" is there right when she is let out to be a total bitch to Mechanika. The art is pretty effing cool, reminds me of Aeon flux sort of from the 90's. The Read was okay, a lot of story setup..... SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.mildy interested in what happens when mechanika goes to that circus and they...

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Wolverine Origins 0

    Another comic some random dude at the comic store said i should give a try because i told him im a Wolverine fan. Damn, am i glad i did. this was a dramatic issue. never knew Wolverine had such a heart. My cell phone rang.. i just hit silent and kept reading. The flash back colors of Wolverine's suits are really cool. really brings me back. the art was reaaallly good the colors in this comic remind me of the 90's X-Men comics.   Word on the fan boy and fan girl street that this serie...

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