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25 Year old from Las Vegas. I am a musician and online DJ/Radio Host who loves to party and have fun. Oh yeah, did i mention i LOVE COMICS?? Got back into comics probably a year ago because i read a few comics my buddy had and i was like, "DUDE... comic book shopping tomorrow!" So here i am a year later still deep into comics... don't think i'll ever stop again.

-DC/VERTIGO = For: Batman, The Flash, Hellblazer and Blood Syndicate
-MARVEL = For: Spiderman, Iron man and The Punisher
-VEROTIK = For: Ge Rouge, Grub Girl, Jaguar God, verotika, Satanika, Venus Domina
-IMAGE = For: Spawn, The Maxx 
And, too all those Indie companies out there grinding... Keep on it!! U guys always put out interesting, different stuff.
I am very open minded to comics.. there is so much for me to try and i am always open to suggestions! ;-D