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Nice roster you got there.

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@batkevin74: I meant that he could always come back. What Marvel character dies and doesn't come back, Right?

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@irishlad: @batkevin74: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! (: And Is Ben still alive? We'll have to see, PM me if you want to plan some things.

And to Irishlad, I'll do my best to fix my spelling! (:

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I need to include Spidercide in some Scarlet Spider. Maybe a reference, or a flashback! (: @batkevin74

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Ryker's Island

In the depths of Kaine's cell, he laid in his bed, uncomfortable as could be. Another night of staring blankly at the ceiling, almost as if he was staring into the eyes of all the lives he took, men women, even children staring down at him. They were all crying, repeating "Why?!" or "Please! No!" He shook his head to the vision, seeing his "brother", Ben Reilly staring down at him with an angry expression.

"Remember the day, Kaine? THE DAY YOU KILLED YOUR BROTHER!?" The illusion replayed often, stained into his mind.

"YOU AREN'T MY BROTHER!" The discomforted Kaine Parker shouted back, with a guard watching questionably.

"Remember.... REMEMBER!"


Three years ago

"No! NO!" The Jackal repeated in his lair, slamming his fists angrily on his desk. His eyes starred down at his greatest project, Ben Reilly. The Scarlet Spider. It had been a month since the clone was created, sent to replace his genetic template. And now gone. "The Spider must've got in his head... Made him leave... WHY!? WHY WOULD HE ABANDON ME!"

Miles Warren's cries echo'd through the lab, and Kaine stood in the shadows listening. His "brother" left them. Ben Reilly was "The perfect clone", while Kaine and the others were failed experiments. Kaine knew what he had to do, what he had to do to prove to his father that he was better then Ben Reilly... He had to kill his brother.


Ben stood on a rooftop, looking out at the city. He felt lost, everything he knew was a lie.

"I'm not Peter Parker... No matter what my father told me... I'm just a tool used to ruin his life." He stared down at his spider-man styled mask, minus the webbing. On his assignment to kill Peter Parker and slip in his place with no one knowing, he learned who he was, his friends, family. He couldn't take that from someone. Unknown to the Jackal, Ben started fighting crime throughout his month of creation. Now finally he had the guts to leave the Jackal, and planned to never return. Just as Ben pulled his mask over his head an unexpected event occurred.

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"None of us are Peter Parker." Kaine's voice crawled into Ben's ears, right before tackling him from the rooftop. Ben's spider sense was triggered, but he didn't act to it. The two battled in a free-fall, exchanging fists. Ben cocked back his arm and released into Kaine's nose, giving them both room from each other. He then slung a web onto Kaine's chest pulling him into another punch.

"Father will know who is the better son once I bring him your head!" Kaine shouted driving both of his feet into Kaine's gut on his way down to Reilly once more. Scarlet Spider brought up his forearms to block the powerful kick, though still speeding up their fall.

"You can be better than this! All of us, we can be our own men! We all deserve our own lives!" Ben argued webbing both of Kaine's shoulders, then flipping him through the building's window, sending him crashing inside, shards of glass making their marks as they did.

"Enough!" Scarlet Spider protested while standing in the shattered windows frame. He stepped into the dark empty office building and walked over to Kaine, offering his hand to help him up. The "failed" clone accepted the hand, right before Ben's spider sense was triggered. Kaine sent his fist to Ben's Jaw, knocking him off of his feet, then leaping on top of him gripping both hands around his neck, squeezing in all of his hatred and might.


As the Jackal requested Kaine, unable to find him for awhile, His most prized creation's dead body fell down to Jackal's feet... Leaving only a look of shock on his face.

"The deed is done, he won't hurt us anymore, Father." Kaine said, staring down at the body with Jackal.

"..." Miles Warren stayed silent at first, his eyes locking with Kaine's soon.

"He was never truly perfect, was he?" Kaine said, proud at first of his accomplishment.

"He was perfect. Nothing like you... A freakish failure!" Jackal exclaimed, his eyes burning in rage.

"I KILLED HIM! That proves I'm worth something!"

"Proves you will never have his heart!" The Jackal said, stepping back. His goblin like posture showing his savage anger.

No Caption Provided

"Finish him."

Jack emerged from the darkness behind Kaine, tightening thick webbing around his throat.

"WITH PLEASURE!" Jack accepted the task, Dragging Kaine away.

During Kaine's struggle he rammed backwards into Jack, leading him into a wall then breaking his grip of the webbing, allowing Kaine to turn around. He then weaved from one of Jack's punches, grabbing the left arm which was launched and used it to pull Jack into Kaine's knee.

Jack leaped backwards after the hit, recovering. The two faced each other with insanity in their eyes. The Degeneration affected all of the clones accept for Ben, who didn't have it, and now he was dead. Jackal watched his two creations fight while holding Ben's body in his arms, cradled to him.

Kaine sent a forceful fist at Jack, who leaped over him and caused Kaine to bash his hand into Laboratory equipment used for Jackal's creation. The control panel's began to spark along with a few others, leading to cause a fire.

"You fool! What have you done!" Jackal said, in tears while holding Ben.

Jack attempted to tackle Kaine into the fire, who instead of being burnt reversed the move and threw Jack inside the flame watching him burn. The fire was spreading quickly due to the machines exploding. As the lab began to fall apart Kaine reached his hand out to his Father who held onto Ben, wishing to save him.

"I'll never go with you!" Jackal refused the hand and kicked Kaine back, just as the ceiling began to collapse.


"Wake da' hell up!" The black eyed prison guard commanded from outside the cell.

"What do you want? I was busy having visions, or flashbacks, or whatever you want to call insanity these days." Kaine replied beneath his restraints.

"Yur free." Kaine thought he'd never hear those words, nor did he deserve to hear them.

The cell door opened, and the Guard sent in an extraction team, who then violently transported him to the processing room. Kaine stared at the stranger, dressed in purple, with fine jewelry and a cain.

"Don't damage my stuff!" The plump asian man barked as the guards unshackled Kaine at gun point. "He belong to me now!" He then added.

Kaine was shoved over to the mysterious man who bailed him out, a pimp if Kaine was right. The clone watched as the round man handed the Warden a briefcase.

"All yours, Mr. Isto!" The Warden gratefully accepted after checking to see that all $250,000 was there.

"Excellent!" His bejeweled hands slapped together. "Put my stuff in the car!"

The very confused, and degenerating Kaine was hauled into a purple limo, facing Mr Isto with two beautiful woman by Kaine's side.

"Who are you?" The scarred Kaine questioned, ignoring the fragile female's hands brushing against his chest.

"A business man, Kaine. And we can manage great deal!" Mr Isto answered, with a sinister smile.

"What kind of deal?" Kaine continued.

"The kind that cures degeneration."

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@batkevin74: I vote for you, After reading them all. All awesome though. And maybe I will. (:

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Scarlet Spider is available if I am correct, Right?

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This is a story I'm going to try to complete. I apologize for not being too great at keeping my word and finishing things I started. But here it is, the Rebirth of the Thunderbolts. A re-imagining in a way? I don't know what to call it, but here it is.

Deep in the one of The Vault’s cells Bullseye sat, grinning. His cell was empty, a plain white room with nothing inside. The guards wouldn’t risk anything in that man’s cell. They illegally stopped feeding him in fear that one day delivering him his food they’d find themselves with a piece of silverware jammed in their eyeball socket. Bullseye’s cell hadn’t been touched in weeks, and the expert marksman was beginning to starve. To his surprise, the slot that never dared to be opened opened. Lester’s eyes met with the peeping eyes staring in at him.
“May I help you?”
“You’ve been bailed out.”
Bullseye’s eyes widened and a look of surprise was given to the guard.
Bullseye was carried in a wheel chair, sporting a restraint jacket and a mussel. Two guards placed a hand on his shoulders, lifting him from the wheel chair, and removing the facemask, then the Restraint Jacket, leaving him wearing a white T-Shirt and Levi’s. The rest of the process was unseen to him, as he was being given back the items he came there with.
A toothpick.
A pen.
A paperclip.
A bouncy ball.
Bullseye gratefully accepted and nodded to the man, who in reply, narrowed his eyes. Lester then continued by placing the items in his pockets.
“There is a limo outside.”
Bullseye didn’t reply, and headed to the exit, turning around before he did, tracing his fingers around the Bullseye carved on his forehead with a grin to the guard.
Outside he looked around, and just as he did the limo pulled up, and a suited man rushed him into the car.
“What the hell is goin’ on ‘ere?”
Bullseye asked, confused. His expression turned into a pleased smile.
“It’s always a pleasure to be with an Osborn.”
Harry didn’t give him a happy look and tossed him a file. Bullseye received and flipped through.
“Thunderbolts, eh? Sounds familiar.”
Bullseye replied tossing the file back to Harry.
“The world needs a team to do what the big guys can’t get done.”
“Big guys?”
“Heroes, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor…. Even Spider-Man.” Harry explained further.
“I’m not out to make the world a better place, I’m out for money, an’ Hornhead. If you don’ get me either o’ those, count me out.”
Bullseye declined.
“Do you think that I’m dumb enough to think I wouldn’t have money to get you in this team?”
“Like Father like son.”
Bullseye smiled, and turned his head as a suited man beside him popped open a suitcase filled with cash.
“One Million Dollars.” Harry said, needing this to work.
“Common price….” Bullseye said, not satisfied.
“I do my own thing now, Osborn. I’m not your average hired gun. I told your father the same thing, but he still got me to join ‘is Dark Avengers.”
The limo pulled to a hard stop, and Harry commanded him to get out, as the two muscle men beside him did before Harry said the words. Lester did as he was barked, and stared into the barrel of the gun that was aimed at the Bullseye carved onto his forehead.
“C’mon, I dare ya’.” Bullseye challenged, with his hand in his pocket, grabbing onto his led-less pencil, and as the tough guy’s finger itched the trigger, Bullseye weaved from the barrel of the gun then releasing the pencil into the man’s eye in a quick motion. As the other man in black tried to make a move, Lester took the man’s gunned hand whom he had just injured, and snapped the elbow over his knee, receiving the gun, then blasting away the second man. In what seemed to be a flash he then darted the gun through the driver’s window shattering them, allowing the handle of the gun to kill the driver.
“Try better then that, Osborn.” Bullseye said with a bow, then darting up a fire escape.