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My thoughts On MCX- Chapter 1

Here are my thoughts from reading Chapter 1 of Messiah CompleX and from various websites. Judging from the opening pages, Cyclops is already stepping up. He commanded and the others lept into action. Also, Emma seemed to give full command to Cyclops. I already know Wolverine will be leaving the main team. Now for the Chapter 1 Thoughts Savior: I am, beleive it or not thinking Sinister. Either him or Rogue Destroyer: Obviously this is referring to either Predator X or the baby Traitor: This one is a little hard but I am thinking it will be someone from either the Main Team or X-Force. Fatality: I am thinking Beast. He is devolving one. and he went down a path of no return consorting with various known villains. His death with unify the X-Men for the final battle


Messiah Complex- Chapter 1

I just finished reading the first chapter of Messiah CompleX and it doesn't disappoint in any category. The storyline is well paced and the pencils and coloring really bring everything to life. We start with a team of X-Men ((Cyclops, Emma Frost, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, and Angel)) making their way to Alaska after Xavier discovered a new mutant birth which fried Cerebra. Arriving there, the X-Men discover that they are late. Both the Marauders and Purifiers beat them to the scene but the baby cannot be found. We do not know who got the baby as two Marauders and 6 Purifiers were discovered dead. However, I seem to think that the Marauders got the kid. The X-Men find a mother whose child has been killed by the Purifiers and with Emma using her powers to see what the woman saw. A pitched battle between the Marauders and Purifiers that levelled the town, though it might have still been the baby. Emma communicates with Angel to check a hospital and they find out that their were three births but only two birth certificates, meaning at least one was a mutant. Angered and frustrated the five X-Men go back in the Blackbird and return to Xavier's mansion to plan their next move.

Oh yeah. At the end there was a Predator X sighting


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Messiah Complex - It All Begins Here

Well this is it. It has been over 10 years since the last major shake up of the X-Men. Now the biggest event to happen to them since House of M and M-Day is upon us all.

After the Decimation, just about all mutants lost their powers. No new mutants were born.

However, this changes suddenly which the appearance of a mutant signature so powerful that it fries Cerebra. Turns out the first new mutant since M-Day has been born.

Now a race is on between the X-Men, Marauders, Acolytes, and Purifiers to find this baby. However, as it is shown, by the time we((X-Men)) arrive the baby is gone. Emma reads through a woman's mind and discovers what happened. A battle between the Purifiers and Marauders.

As the war to either save or destroy mutant kind begins, one will rise to lead them. One will be a savior. One will be a destroyer. One will betray them and one X-Man will die.

It all starts right now in Messiah CompleX

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