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Enjoying the Quests

This is just a little note about how much I'm enjoying the whole quest system on Comic Vine. 
I've been a lurker on the site for a few years.  I enjoy the chance to get updates on what is going on in the world(s) of comics, and learning about series/characters/stories I'm not familiar with.  But I always tend to go to the same sections of the site, and rarely go exploring.  I also tend not to be that social (at least around comics), so I haven't done much to interact with other comic vine users. 
The Quests have been a fun encouragement for me to step out a bit, to explore parts of the site I've neglected.  Obviously it's just for fun, but it's just that little nudge I needed to step out of my normal routine.
So here's some appreciation for the Quests!  They've made me appreciate Comic Vine and it's fabulous creators and users even more than I did before!