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Enjoying the Quests

This is just a little note about how much I'm enjoying the whole quest system on Comic Vine. 
I've been a lurker on the site for a few years.  I enjoy the chance to get updates on what is going on in the world(s) of comics, and learning about series/characters/stories I'm not familiar with.  But I always tend to go to the same sections of the site, and rarely go exploring.  I also tend not to be that social (at least around comics), so I haven't done much to interact with other comic vine users. 
The Quests have been a fun encouragement for me to step out a bit, to explore parts of the site I've neglected.  Obviously it's just for fun, but it's just that little nudge I needed to step out of my normal routine.
So here's some appreciation for the Quests!  They've made me appreciate Comic Vine and it's fabulous creators and users even more than I did before!


Thinking about blogging...

So I'm really enjoying the whole quest idea.  It's fun encouragement for exploring all the great material on the site.  It's also making me think about some blogs I might want to write.  I've got an idea for a post about why I don't read comic books anymore, but still enjoy comic vine so much...maybe I can work on it once I've finished my finals! 
Update:  I didn't really mean to post this to the general forums...clearly I'm still learning my way around the blog/forum aspects of the site!  I apologize for any inconvenience...


Legion of Super-Heroes Headquarters

Back in the day the Legion of Super-Heroes had a fantastically well-detailed headquarters.  They gave a full tour of the building in "Who's Who in the Legion of the Super-Heroes" in 1988; I loved it!  Here's the picture...my scanner wasn't big enough to get the whole thing.

Legion of Super Heroes Headquarters
Legion of Super Heroes Headquarters

Two Smarties

Mr. Terrific
Mr. Terrific
Mr. Terrific and Oracle would be my choices.  Smart, experienced leaders, tough as nails and with very strong personalities, they could handle anything.  I'm not sure which should be President  vs. Vice President.  Whoever started as Vice President could become President next!



Team Up

For Marvel I would enjoy seeing:
Invisible Woman
Jean Gray

In DC I would go with:
Donna Troy

For a crossover I would do:
Black Panther (Marvel)
Vixen (DC)

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My Ideal Avengers

My ideal Avengers line up; looking at the list, it's amazing how many are dead or ruined!  Luckily, in comics it's always possible to bring folks back...

  1. Mockingbird
  2. Vision
  3. Arachne
  4. Captain America (Steve Rogers)
  5. Tigra
  6. Thunderstrike (Eric Masterson)
  7. Black Knight
  8. She Hulk
  9. Diamondback
  10. Black Panther
  11. Beast
  12. Jocasta
  13. Machine Man
  14. Beta Ray Bill
  15. Iron fist
  16. Storm
  17. Photon
  18. Marrina
  19. Forge
  20. Speedball (From before they completely destroyed him)
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All secret

I would only use my powers in secret...the standard super hero is too flashy, draws too much attention...it would be best if no one even knew you had powers, or that anything was going on at all...you could get a lot more done, with a lot less hassle...

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Yes, I think...

 This is actually much harder for me than the Daredevil question...Most of Xavier's powers would be hard to use ethically (reading minds without permission, mind control)...but I think I would do it.  Astral projection would be cool, and you could be the world's best psychologist...

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