The Iron Age of Batman Villains

This is a list of Iron Age Batman Villains. It covers Batman's enemies from 2000-September 2011. Though shorter than most other comic ages, No Man's Land and the New 52 seem like perfect book ends.

I've tried to focus on the characters that are villains rather than just criminals but I've yet to come up with a perfect formula to explain why I exclude some and include others.

I wanted to use Hesoid's 5 ages for the comic book periods, because lumping everything from 1986 until now as the Modern Age seems too much. After all, the Silver Age was 14 years, the Bronze Age was 16, and the Golden Age was 18 years. The Iron Age is the shortest of all the ages, 10 years and 9 months, yet has the most villains.

The list is chronological, based on when Batman first encounters the character as a villain. The focus is on Bat-villains, so if the character is from someone else's rogues gallery (like Weather Wizard) they won't make it in but if the character is a general villain (like Solomon Grundy) they will. I also don't include villains that Batman only encounters when he's part of a team.

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