The Current Age of Batman Villains

This is a list of Current Age Batman Villains. It covers Batman's enemies from the beginning of the New 52, September 2011, until now(ish).

Originally,I wanted to use Hesoid's 5 ages for the comic book periods, because lumping everything from 1986 until now as the Modern Age seems too much. However, when I got to 99 villains in the Iron Age, I decided to start a new age so I guess I've departed from the Theogony.

The list is chronological and the focus is on Bat-villains, so if the character is from someone else's rogues gallery (like Weather Wizard) they won't make it in but if the character is a general villain (like Solomon Grundy) they will. I also don't include villains that Batman only encounters when he's part of a team.

The list is up to issue 30.

List items