My Pull List

I guess I don't really read comics anymore.

I didn't mean to. It just kind of happened.

2 books, just 2 books.

List items

  • I'm wasn't liking the new season (god I hate when comics are classified as seasons). The change in cast had me longing for earlier issues. Saya just isn't an interesting character and can't carry the series. Still the first 20 issues were awesome, and issue 26 resolved my problem. I'm reading this in trade, so I am always a little behind.

    A prep school for assassins? It's been done. But what about one that uses the 1980's as a backdrop? Oh wait, that's also been done. Ok but what about one that uses the 1980's as a backdrop through nostalgia rather than just being written in the 80's? Now we're getting somewhere. After reading Remender's Marvel work, I certainly wasn't expecting this insane speed fueled story about teenage melodrama in the world of organized crime. Honestly though, they had me at Reagan Youth.

  • I guess I will read this. It's weird putting a book on my pull list that I haven't technically read, but I was reading Lazarus in trade, but of course the series stopped at issue #28 but the trades only made it to issue #26. I'm assuming the next trade will include #27-28 plus this.