My Pull List

This is my current Pull List in order of interest. It's always going to be changing as books end or stop being interesting. I've wrote my thoughts beside most of the titles.

Sadly, I don't read any DC anymore. 10 years ago, I couldn't get enough DC, but now I just don't get it. I haven't checked out any of the Rebirth stuff but don't really feel compelled to. I miss DC.

It`s kind of frustrating reading so many books that don`t come out monthly. I miss having tons to read. Recommendations are always appreciated.

List items

  • I'm wasn't liking the new season (god I hate when comics are classified as seasons). The change in cast had me longing for earlier issues. Saya just isn't an interesting character and can't carry the series. Still the first 20 issues were awesome, and issue 26 resolved my problem. I'm reading this in trade, so I am always a little behind.

    A prep school for assassins? It's been done. But what about one that uses the 1980's as a backdrop? Oh wait, that's also been done. Ok but what about one that uses the 1980's as a backdrop through nostalgia rather than just being written in the 80's? Now we're getting somewhere. After reading Remender's Marvel work, I certainly wasn't expecting this insane speed fueled story about teenage melodrama in the world of organized crime. Honestly though, they had me at Reagan Youth.

  • So, they somehow managed to make Archie interesting. This is horror done right and while it feels really weird to say that about a book being published by Archie Comics, it doesn't change the fact that this is the best Zombie book out there. Issue 6 was particularly amazing. Sabrina the teenage bride of Cthulhu. I only wish they'd do more than 1 issue every 2 years.

  • It may not be as cool as what Afterlife with Archie did to Sabrina, but it's still pretty enthralling. I just wish they'd put out more issues in a year.

  • Putting together the pieces of a revolution and everything that followed from it, has really worked for this book. I am somehow reminded of Doctor Zhivago. I don't know if this is over, but it's been a while since a new issue came out.

  • How do you even describe this book? I mean other than awesome.

  • I'm reading it in trade so please don't spoil this for me.

  • Despite everything you've heard, you do not actually need to read this title. Saga's good, sure, but it isn't the be all end all of comic books that a lot of people make it out to be. I like BKV but this isn't Ex Machina, and while Fiona Staples is a good artist, she isn't doing anything to revolutionize the medium. Still, its a fun read, though an issue usually takes you about a minute to get through.

  • I`m not just a huge BKV fan, I just happen to be reading everything he's putting out lately. Anyhow, this book is weird. 80`s movie nostalgia combined with odd elements of Sci-fi. I'm very behind with this book.

  • I am really behind on this one, but I like it. With Invincible gone, this is the only Kirkman I'm still reading.