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Day: June 19th

Time: 9:36 PM

Nothing has changed from my last entry, at least not really. I'm still greeted with half-smiles and fake interest at work, which lead me to decide to take a few days off, reasoning? to clear my head. They eagerly bought that lame excuse. It helps give them ease of mind, and it allows me to actually work, without people breathing down my neck.

I've been running on at most 3 hours of sleep per day, trying to figure this out. What 'they' aren't telling us. What was that that fell from the sky, what was that mysterious agency that swooped in and quarantined off the area. And most importantly, why the cover-up? Why not only hide it but feel the need to keep it from us.

For the most part, I've found nothing, not on the falling object, not the secret agency, and especially not on the reason to hide it from us.

And not because of my lack of trying, it's just every wacko wants a piece of the action in some way. Some making a profit off the conspiracy theorists' wildest dreams. Some just wanting their 15 seconds of fame. At the end of the day sorting through all the bullcrap is hectic, but necessary. At the same time, I have to be careful to cover my tracks, I can't allow myself to be found out by every loudmouth willing to talk about a detective looking into things. So, every interaction is full of fake names, disguises, different backgrounds, you name it. For the most part with all the bull crap, it's pointless, but I have a feeling that once I start diving into the truth, it'll save me in the end.

Hopefully, my next meeting will be the diamond, I've been searching for. A meeting with Dallas Novak, no doubt a fake name. He's already postponed this meeting three times. Every time like clockwork, he'll make a reason for being late at whatever the destination was supposed to be. After 15 minutes, He'll reply with can't make it, we need to reschedule. Again, not necessarily a bad sign. What I'm thinking is, he's scouting me out. He is also looking for his diamond. I've been devoted to this case ever since it happened, and all I have for proof of something up is what I saw that night. I can't imagine what Dallas is going through if he has the proof he claims.

Pictures and a chunk of whatever landed in the city.

Pictures can be explained. Everyone took pictures that night, most were unlucky to get a clear shot, other stupidly posted it on to a social media of some sorts and had the proof removed from them.

But a piece of whatever landed? I have no idea how someone could have gotten ahold of it.

This time he's decided to meet up in an abandoned subway tunnel. Should I be so quick to trust someone and allow myself to walk into a possible lion's den in hopes of finding out what I want to know? Maybe not, but it would drive me insane if I didn't. It's not like I'm going in there completely unprotected, I am a detective after all. With all that being said, I have 10 minutes until I need to be down there, better not keep him waiting.

- A. Whitaker.

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@the_multiverse: things I were trying to do just wouldn't come together. I was trying to get the power lavaliere into play some ways, but I completely understand the decision and I'm okay with it.

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From the moment his eyes opened again, he could feel their presence. The numerous people surrounding the doorway to his room. He could hear their whispers, all bundled up together speaking about him. It was somewhat overwhelming, one minute his fading in and out of scenarios playing his emotions like an instrument and the next moment he's here in a bed, feeling cold as he's studied like an animal in a cage who had just woken up from their daily nap for all the children to see.

It made him glad that they didn't have anything in their hands as they stood outside because the feeling made him sure that if they had sticks they would prod him, if they had popcorn or treats of some sort they would try to make him dance, and if they had guns, luckily they don't have guns. Obviously, those imaginations were just that imaginations of this feeling and scenario overwhelming the newly awoken Whitaker.

He tried to calm himself down, by first figuring out where he was at and who were these people. He looked at his right bedside towards the edge of the bed and the people who found themselves outside of his room. The bed was an easy hint, the white railing along it was for safety to prevent anyone inside them from falling or moving too much. It was a hospital bed, Michael had spent plenty of times in them, especially during his FORCE years to know that much, and the people he could only guess from their similar uniforms and things in their hands were medical staff. The monitors above his head were silent, but they were working keeping track of him, making sure he was constant and safe.

"I'm in a hospital." He thought to himself, "Why?" He questioned right back to himself.

He finally got the courage to get up from out of the bed. He began to remove the covers, but every time he tried to grab them with his left hand, he couldn't. "Maybe it's some medication." He tried to grab his left hand with his right to try and get feeling back to it through assisted movement, but it was useless. He couldn't feel his left hand with his right. He looked down making sure he wasn't just imagining the lack of feeling. He checked his right hand first, opened a fist in front of his eyes, and then closed it. It was there, but as he looked to his where his left hand should be, it was gone, but it didn't stop there. It wasn't just his hand. He tried following from where his left hand felt like it was, but his forearm was missing and so was his upper arm.

He threw the covers off with his right hand and got up in a hurry, which then caused the whispers to get louder, did he hear a shriek? were they scared of him? What did he do? Why is his arm missing?

Focus. What do I know? I'm missing a FUDGING arm!

Is everything else fine?

Whitaker began feeling his body

Not too fast you don't want to frighten them more.

His movement became less erratic as he searched around his body. It was all there.

Any facial or head trauma?

He felt his face to his surprise, he had a beard and his hair was longer.

No trauma, but I have a beard and longer hair. Possible memory loss. It's possible I've been here for a long time, explains the group outside trying to decipher every move of mine.

He opened the blinds to the room slowly, still not trying to frighten them more.

What could I have done to make them fear--

Whitaker's eyes gazed down at the city, and it looked familiar to him but brighter. As if it had awoken from when he remembered it.

That's when he heard different kind of movement outside of his room, a more direct set of steps heading closer to his room. He kept facing the window, they were coming whether he liked it or not and there wasn't much he could do to prepare for them, so why try to.

"Everyone who isn't assigned this case needs to leave. Move aside." One set of the footsteps commanded, his voice was familiar which at the time to Michael felt comforting. He was also somebody of power and/or respect because the swarm of medical staff dispersed quickly and quietly.

"Hey, Whitaker. It's me. Your friend. Your partner."

Whitaker turned around to see a very familiar face handing him a picture of a previous memory. A previous life it felt like.

The picture was of Agent Crews messing with Brian's hair while Whitaker was slightly showing his amusement, but actually losing it on the inside.

"We had just gotten off a crazy case that day," Whitaker replied as if he was speaking to Brian's company, a woman, "It was a real hard case, one of those cases partners talk about until their death bed when they reunite, and Crews," Whitaker pointed to the woman, "couldn't believe Brian's hair was still looking good, to the point where she began ranting and then decided the only logical reaction was to mess up his hair to make them even. On what? who knows, but damn did she follow through. His hair was so wacky, I thought his hair was never going to be the same." Whitaker smiled just as he was in the picture before he handed it to the woman so that she herself could analyze it and try to relive the story knowing Whitaker's memory of it.

"You see, we know each other. You're safe here. You're safe."

"I can see that Brian," He said as he took a seat on the hospital bed.

A slight lull in all of it and then,

"But why am I here?" He stood up again never fully getting to rest on the bed.

"Why is my arm missing?" His voice was getting higher with each sentence.

"And why in the hell were those people outside whispering and staring at me as though I'm a caged animal, who they fear, but not enough to discuss me while also being near me?

I need answers man."

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    @quintus_knightfall: thanks. Public didn't really know I was active or planning anything with it. So I just wanted to let it be know before the ball gets moving for someone else to obtain it.

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      The Power Lavaliere is not free/open.

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      It all seemed like a blurry dream, past memories, possibilities, the fades in and fades out. Never a present situation to grasp on to, never a strong foundation to stand upon.

      Past FORCE memories ringed in his head, the chaos all around them as they operated in it. Chaotic Order was the only way the team could possibly be described, strong individuals with unusual characteristics and demons, but Order nonetheless.

      and just like that again he drifted out of the memory.

      Then there Michael sat on the couch watching the TV, cradling a small child, his child. He looked to his left and there sat on his phone, another one of his. He smiled watching the TV, holding dearly onto the one in his arms, then a car alarm went off signaling someone locking it. He heard the jingling of keys and then the opening of the door, and a woman walked through the doorway. To another person, she might be considered average, but to Michael at the moment, a goddess. "How are my favorite three men doing?"

      and just as Michael was about to answer he once again fell out of a possibility.

      Another vision came too in between all of this.

      It was Brian, sitting right beside him, speaking.

      "Is it wrong that I-I miss it....." Brian grabbed Whitaker's hand as he laid there trying to move, trying to speak to Brian himself, but nothing came out.

      "I'm sorry...." Brian finished.

      Once again Whitaker was taken from the moment as if it was right for him.

      Blackness surrounded him once again until it didn't.

      Whitaker awoke struggling to breathe, it felt like something was inside him, suffocating him. Alarms began to ring around him, "Where was he?" His eyes finally lifted, and he began to look around the room, still trying to catch his breath.

      He was in a small room, laying in some kind of hospital bed. "How did he get here?" Just then a woman rushed into the room. "HE'S AWAKE!" She screamed, "LET HIM KNOW HE'S AWAKE!" Her voice dropped in volume immensely as she eased closer to Whitaker, "Easy there, easy." Before Whitaker knew it was drifting away again. This time was different though, it felt to him as though he was in control at that moment, not like the others where it felt as though he was living in a simulation almost.

      Whitaker drifted back to sleep with the help of some anesthesia, so that the medical staff could remove the ventilator that had assisted him those six months since the incident. "Is he on his way?" one woman said. "Of course you think after all those visits, he wasn't going to be here when he fully wakes up."

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      @animus_: well it's kind of a lot. Some people bombed a school. Sarin Gas was released through the city causing death. The prison inmates got out mobs of people with the purposes of destroying buildings and harming those who didn't agree with the villains rebirth of Grimm belief. Fires. Bridges were destroyed. No help from the federal government believing the whole process to be a local issue. So after Grimm was barely left standing. The people of Grimm and it's leaders decided that it needed to.change. so it did. Grimm became Valor. A new city with a new goal and new standards fo it's people.

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      @animus_: some bad guys came did bad guy things in Grimm beginning RPG.

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      @animus_: Gave it life. Destroyed it and made something new out of it.

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      @shanana: LOL. STAHP. you've done enough evolving around here. Move on! I hear Gothic could catch up in Evolution.