The Notes of Detective Whitaker

Day: June 17th

Day: June 17th

Time: 12:01AM

Last week, there was a crash landing in the center of the city and no one is talking about it. If you had moved to the city, the day after you wouldn't have even known there was an incident. The whole situation was written off in some way or another.

The "Higher-Ups" said the incident was from a fallen part of a privatized rocket. Your average civilian or even a detective such as myself couldn't get near the damn thing to object that statement. Not even 15 minutes after the damn thing landed, "suits" surrounded the site and made it impossible to get near it or even see it from a distance.

Pictures on the internet, that had gotten even somewhat of a glimpse of what it might have been was removed on multiple social accounts. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, you name it.

Everything had to be word of mouth or at least kept to one's self if there was even a whisper that you had something to prove 'their' story wrong, well there were means to deal with you. Everything had to be discreet or at least discredited, and oh did they discredit people. Labeling people who went against their story as crazed conspiracy theorists. They even questioned your well-being if you disagreed, maybe you were working too many hours. Maybe you were running on too little sleep. Or maybe just maybe the job had finally gotten to your head.

The truth was and still is: I know (like many others) what I saw that night, that wasn't a part of a faulty rocket from some privatized space program. It was a vessel of some sorts. It glowed with a bright yellow, and it was foreign. Not from a different nation, but foreign to this planet.

Next thing you know before you can even answer your deepest wonders about the object, some shady branch of government is quarantining the place off completely. And we are fed this false bullcrap story about a privatized space program.

The average person is okay with this false narrative, they believe everything they're told for better or worse. Who are they to question the government, the news, and everything else they're being fed?

Another Truth is: Because of my need to solve all of this, I was forced to go home multiple days to "rest" from my superior. He has me being monitored during the day, people coming by my desk acting interested in whatever case I have at the moment. They're wandering eyes and half smiles give them away, they don't care about some street punk I'm chasing down. No, they're only task and goal is to find out if I'm still on edge about last week. So, I play along, I march to the tune they have all decided to play, at least while they are all around. You'd be surprised how empty a precinct is at midnight, how alone one can be. That's why I'm here now, alone with only my personal leads on this matter and whatever notes I can scribble down.

Last week, there was a crash landing in the center of the city and no one is talking about it.....and I want to know why.

- Alexander Whitaker.

Just to be clear this is a different Universe, so a different Detective Whitaker than before.