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    The Notes of Detective Whitaker

    Day: June 17thDay: June 17thTime: 12:01AMLast week, there was a crash landing in the center of the city and no one is talking about it. If you had moved to the city, the day after you wouldn't have ev...

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    @the_multiverse: things I were trying to do just wouldn't come together. I was trying to get the power lavaliere into play some ways, but I completely understand the decision and I'm okay with it.

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    From the moment his eyes opened again, he could feel their presence. The numerous people surrounding the doorway to his room. He could hear their whispers, all bundled up together speaking about him. ...

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    @quintus_knightfall: thanks. Public didn't really know I was active or planning anything with it. So I just wanted to let it be know before the ball gets moving for someone else to obtain it.