My Favorite Sonic Comic Characters

My list of Favorite Sonic Comic Characters (more to come soon)

List items

  • The Mascot of SEGA what else I must say? He's weird but a little bit selfish too.

  • The evil side of Sonic and was exactly like Sonic before the Master Emerald changed him like this

  • I can say she's the Anti (Evil) side of Sally Acorn and she's more serious than her counterpart

  • The complete "Insane" version of Amy Rose and also she's funny and crazy!

  • Don't ask I think Sir Charles is my favorite due to him being Sonic's Uncle

  • The sexy expert treasure hunter and I also love how she also works for G.U.N as their part-time agent

  • One of SEGA's first characters that should be back in Newer Sonic Games.... Also one of my Favorite characters to have a australian accent

  • The only Hedgehog that can use Psychokinesis and can travel to any universe using a warp ring

  • The only thing about Rob is that he's the cousin of Amy Rose

  • I have to love Amy Rose in order to love Rosy for this

  • I forgot Lara-su and the reason I picked her to be my favorite b/c she stopped Sonia and manik from getting into so much trouble and sent them to bed

  • I kept on forgetting that lovable two tailed fox! I'm quite a fan of Tails too

  • All I can say Manic the Hedgehog is a cool to have skills like Hacking and Lock-picking and yes I both have the skills just like him too!