Comic Companies that I recommend for Comic Starters

Here's some Great Comic Companies I recommend for those who are starting to collect comics also you don't have to follow this list all it is it's just my own opinion about how great are these Comic Companies like DC Comics

List items

  • Marvel is another one I recommend to anyone who wants to get into comic books they have some characters I enjoy like Wolverine, Spiderman so if you need a good start try Marvel and if you don't like Marvel that is fine

  • The same goes for Archie comics publishings if you like their famous characters like Archie Andrews, Betty and Veronica, Jughead or go with their line of Sonic the Hedgehog comics only if you're a fan of that blue hedgehog

  • DC comics one of my favorite Comic publishers to create superman, Batman, and many others so this means if you like any DC comic character like Superman this comic publisher is a good one to get started into the world of comic books