I haven't been here as much

Well turns out I been busy over the last few months and haven't been here since. I'm gonna try to get back into gear soon so I can here be more often and I hope I'll be active again and right now no plans to keep up on what I'm missing here and I hope to regain my activity here.

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A quick video of what comics I have


  Here's a video I'm putting up and you can watch the video of what comics I have in store and yes I do wear gloves because I don't want to ruin the covers of my comics and I would like the value on these be high as much if I want to sell these.
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how I could get past issues of comic books?

Now this brought me to too much into comics again and here's what I need answered - How could I find and buy past issues if the comic book publisher's site store doesn't have them and I could use some old issues by now and how could there be a way to get such past issues that was like produced on like 1997? I'm going insane over here!  I also have no idea where this topic (blog) fits so just move this to the right place


I need info about UV rays damaging comic books

I have created a podcast on blogger so I need some information about the UV rays that damage comic books (or call it yellowing) So can anyone provide me some notes (info) on how UV light can damage comic books so I can use this Comic book info 101 podcast? 


New voice actors for Sonic and friends

What is this now? SEGA having replacements of Sonic voice actors now Damn those fans! 
 Roger Craig Smith as Sonic - Has voiced Chris Redfield in Resident Evil 5 and Ezio in Assassins Creed 2. Also has voice credits for Bleach and Naruto

Kate Higgins as our favorite 2 Tailed Fox - Voiced 3 characters in Valkyria Chronicles and 2 in MADWORLD. Also voiced Sakura in Naurto.

Mike Pollock has been chosen to remain the voice of Eggman    (He's one of the best what you do think sonic fans?) 
Knux, Amy, and Shadow will have voice changes too.... hopefully Rouge's will stay the same... actually there will be a new voice actor for her dang you SEGA! 
Well for this kind of changes I'm through with you SEGA!!! (nah kidding but I'm not really amused with these changes!!!!)


Archie Comic Issues..... darn it!

Well Archie Comics run into trouble this time..... and read this news and feel free to post on what you think about this issue  http://www.tssznews.com/2010/07/07/ken-penders-claims-copyright-on-several-archie-characters/
To me I think Ken Penders should let go and just work back at Archie Comics and just give the Copyrights of his characters to Archie Comics so they'll be even, so what do you think about this?


I love Archie Comics... but I'm only into the Sonic comics!

Well I have to admit that I like Archie Comics along with Marvel, DC and other Comic Publishers but I'm only into the Sonic series and I can't break out of it! How could I get more comics from Archie Comics if I'm only into Sonic? Are there any good comics made by Archie that isn't Sonic? I don't mind what character from the Archie Comics, I just want more Archie Comics to suit my needs and the desire to read and collect!

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