Farewell to a one of a kind Musical artist song writer RIP Juan Gabreil

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Random Pieces

My old unpolished Dark angle series.

"Dark Angel "

Envelope me in your dark shroud

Grant me leave to bathe in your

Numbing shadow.

Caress me with your

frigid hands so I

may know the pain

of your splendor.

Permit me the succulent Kiss

of your dark mystery.

Devour my soft flesh

so I may relinquish

this parody of life.

Drink me with your delicious

eyes so I know only you.

Love me in your dark purity and

bathe me in your eternal night

Grant me stay in the sanctuary

of your wings, so I no longer bleed

when I see the sorrow of this world!!

Darkness Song

To achieve symmetry

and deny the flowers

of disease

A voice refusing

To carry

Twisted tongue

Salvation suffers

From Inflation'

Still lipped bone

Beneath withering stone

Cut with fluidity

Showering with

The Maidens

Of lithium seas

Falling into

Eyes of leprosy

Life's bitter treason

Injection of

Placid Plagues

Mental stasis

Of venomous entropy

Blood's fire

insurrection of greed

Misery defines

Darkness Song!

Falling Into Darkness

A labyrinth built beneath

a mountain of Tragedy

Celebrate the shaken

and the shamed.

A mighty assassin

Armed with weapons

Of words

The Inner voice

To defy the lies

No longer

A victim

Of compromise

..My Name Is Pain..

Beneath moonlit Rays

I delete myself

Dancing round

and round

On top of

Rotting ground

Succumb my sweet.


Silk to leather


Into Madness

Mahogany soil

Silence my screams


Light Falls

As I slowly fall

Into Darkness.

Ascension (The dark one act 4)

We are alone now

You and I

look me in the eye

and finally die

Your Innocence

Is over

You will know me

By The hate I bare

You will see me by

the scars I Swear

I will devastate and

Shatter your Sanctuary

Insolent Cur

I'm alive look around

Look Inside

For I'm of you

You cannot fight me

Nor my tribe

I am your Twilight

Through me run the

Pulsating Venomous Veins

Of entropy

Through me is

The only way

Walk the path

of Redemption

And die

On your knees

Insignificant nothing

for my

Ascension draws near.

Dark Lullaby (The Dark One act 3)

Delight in my Dark Light

Illuminating the Labyrinth of

My nocturnal Night

embrace the screams of

My Madness and

Drown in a gaping well

Of sorrow

Surrounded by the walls of

My Trembling shadows

Shudder in Fright as

I grant you a wicked Enlightenment


Feast your eyes

As I massacre you deep

Within my Black Masquerade

"Suffer In Silence"

And plead for the Whisper

Of my ..

Dark Lullaby!

Less dark Pieces


A storm

Rages at dawn, lightning strikes

Blinding male eyes

"My First haiku,"

Open Eyes

They are the source

of all my hate

trying to

control my fate

-Blood Pigs-

Iridescence hue

another shade of

the bruise

I will never

Accept you

Not your

shame nor

your blame

My tongue is a

razor blade

I will slice

your minds


With open


I see through your

disguise and

I will

Never Compromise...

Who I am

Is me

and me

Is all

I need

Revise and Arise


your repugnant requiem

-Embrace -

your judicious journey


your blithesome blitzkrieg


in resounding luminescence



and denounce



your Flamboyant fable and fame


the diligent deceiver


Eternal evolution


Worldly wisdom


The zealous zenith




Cosmic Rainbow

Life's blood Cascades

into ethereal subconsciousness


Stars light enfolds

in pleasant darkness


Thundering drums

in a cosmic rainbow

Tiger Eyes

Colorless inside

A vast blackened sky

Why go home

You don't belong

A fragmented mind


With wayward whispers

Search for another sky before you


Walk away before you


Unleash the Lion


The Dragon


Tiger Eyes

Conquer yourself

Shimmers of mirrors

-Emerge Anew-

Revel in you

and you





Fire In Natures Song

A folded tapestry

echoing in colors,

with blinking stars

asleep beneath

the night sky.

Where trumpeting rainbows,

shoots daggers of brilliance,

across a translucent moon.

Rushing to meet her brother,

Then the sun rises

in admiration,

to meet the challenge

of warming

tumultuous seas,

where tides turn to yearn

as sand shifts

melting icebergs

into vast deserts.

Where destiny howls

in the turbulent breeze.

While blowing the splendid,

song of swaying trees.

As the sun sets

over whitened mountaintops,

I see the soaring