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Your Favorites List

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  • Angelic reaper the first best friend i ever made on comicvine

    unfortunately she died august 3rd 2008 and we never spent enough time together but i know shes in a better place and would want me to keep going

  • her other name is lyn according to my conversations with her she's very good natured and has a nice attitude towards things she is Fantasy's girlfriend but im not sure if they are togther or not its not very important she has an optomism that i greatly admire and me and her have somethings in common but im trying to explore that area alittle more afterall friendship takes time

    unfortunately she left the vine for good im gonna miss her

  • Valeria is a very nice girl who im sure is in middle school currently she is very nice and has a kind and friendly deamenor that makes me feel comfortable talking to her but she hasent been around often much of late

  • this is one of my best friends

  • risky is another of my good friends shes honest, loyal couragous, and has a good heart and has always sticks with me

  • she may be a villian but hey shes my vine sis what can you do?

  • this is another friend of mine shes married to andferne and they have a daughter vanessa she is the most kind hearted, decent, nicely mannered, noble, generous person ive ever met shes also very tough when she has to with a good sense of justice to and she turned out to be a good friend i even tip her at the coffee shop lol

    well unfortunatly our friendship ended because a bunch of jerks turned her against me i wished it never happened it was great while it lasted

  • shes another friend we talk alot about things shes very nice unlike other villains very sociable individual

  • another of my friends i look at her as a vine sis and she is very nice and we talk about alot of things we go way back

  • this is mantoid she rocks we have great fun together and she is very funny one of my good friends indeed

  • ok this is vanessa summer a bundle of friendly joy. Shes alot like her mom shes very nice, well mannered, sociable she does spend alot of time in the academy of vine prodigies. we talk about things and she's very a good talker her parents raised her very well i must say i think were making good progress in our friendship

    our friendship ended like her mom bunch of jerk turned her against me another good friend down the toilet

  • ok now don't confuse her with a guy named Pixelized cuz they aren't the same person but anyway she's another friend who is really tough she has a real good attitude especially when she is pissed but she has a good side shes very cool to talk to

  • Lady L is one of my most trusted friends she was a member of the Justice 10 when me and mister number 10 man were making it she is a smart and very nice individual and shes been very helpful to me and helped me through some bad times shes a great friend