The Story of Persephone

Persephone is the daughter of Demeter and Zeus she was very beautiful and some gods have tried to woo her but her mother kept her away from the Olympians to live with nature where she would live peacefully. Hades the god of the Underworld suffered a lonely existence as the ruler of the dead below the human world he then saw Persephone and had an attraction to her and he requested that Zeus let Hades take her as his wife. Zeus allowed hades to do so and when Persephone was alone Hades emerged from the underworld in his chariot and carried her away back to the underworld. Then Demeter realized her daughter was missing in her grief the earth turned barren and plant life wilted away and then Helios the god of the sun explained what happened she became furious at Zeus and in anger she said the earth will remain in its horrid state until her daughter was returned. After a while people where starving and have died from famine and Zeus could not bear to she the mortals suffer. so he told Hades to return Persephone but it was to late since Persephone was tricked into eating Pomegranate seeds which are the seeds of the underworld which lets her to stay with Hades for only one season a year (which is three months of our winter season) and afterwords she can return to her mother and when this happened the earth was fertile again but when it was time for Persephone to return to the underworld with her husband hades the Demeter grew sad and the cold winter began and that cycle kept going til this day so in fact this myth explains why we have seasons.