Nobody move, I dropped my brain...

WASSUP guy, Rina here, your friendly neighbourhood psycho goddess of chaos daughter of evil... 

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 SO yeah, as only a few of you know, recently like, dad and I, according to him, had a reallyyyyy big fight with this huge big bad demon guy and yeah, he kinda like.. destroyed my memory! the last 5 years of my life are totally wiped out!!! what an ahole right? like seriously WHO DOES THAT!? ANYYWWAAAYY my dad has kinda gone missing, no idea where, probably to his usual hidey hole away from me.. he is always bailing on me! like for real! No wonder I have trust issues, well my doctor says I have trust issues, oh yeah did I mention that I am kinda hospitalised? its this weird hospital for people like me... well yeah I am actually not allowed to say to much about that, as its kinda confidenntiiallllll or however you spell it...I had to like give my blood and prove that I would not kill anyone and blah blah but yeah so I am stuck here, inter dimensionally and away from my family and friends! 

One of the crazy doctors here, she totalllyy dresses like a big whore bag, but she is like super hot so she can get away with it, kinda told me to like get in touch with you guys and ask you to help my memory, but your not alllloowwweeedd to hint at what our "connection" is you have to get me to tell you! LAMMMEEEE

But like if I wanna get out of here any time soon, I kinda have to do it.. so could yall hellppp a girl out and ask me to tell you what our story is? and then like, tell me if I got it right? I have to do this weaarrrdddd meditation thing and like pull sh*t out of my ... shut up I did not swear I totally edited it... *rolls eyes* getting told off for not saying this right.. 

Yeah so like post here and try to help me jog my memoryyyyyyyyyyy


Rina <3 <3

(kinda copying a few other ideas from people here so thanks to Sha, Wandy and others for the idea for Rina, wanted to have a bit of fun with her ;P post your name below and Rina will write what she thinks your story is ;) )