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Full Name:   Desiderina Seres-Lockheart  

Parents:   Madelyne Seres (Lady Redhead) and Christopher Lockheart (Final Arrow 

Powers:    Immortality, Master of Shadow and blood magic, Superhuman strength, speed and agility, teleportation and dimension  travel, flight, Regeneration and healing powers, demon control, shadow control, soul collector, ruler of Hell 

Book of Souls: World within the book sucks in humans and puts them through trials to prove their worth, those that fail their souls are taken to Hell.   

Sword of Souls: She is able to draw the Sword of Souls from her hat, also given to her by her father, it is able to cut through any object 

The Hat: Given as a gift from her father the hat possesses powerful otherworldly magic 

Weaknesses: Mind control, Powers stronger than hers, Mentally unstable.  


Gods and Demons

Lady Redhead her mother
Lady Redhead her mother
 True evil is never born but created.
Though her true father would be revealed to her later in life it was Ares the enigmatic god of war and mayhem that seduced her mother, drawing Lady Redhead into a dark and passionate affair, spinning a spell on her mind, weaving his love around her til he got what he wanted. 

Ares raised Desiderina with the help of his twin sister Eris the goddess of discord, a dark and tempestuous woman who despised
 Ares the man who stole her from her mother.
 Ares the man who stole her from her mother.
Desiderinas love for her father and Ares passion for this half caste child. Eriss jealousy for Desiderina was evident to all except the arrogant Ares.            
  Eris would abandon RIna in  shadow realms, other planets anywhere she thought the child would die and force her to find her way back. Tormenting the child with tests and telling the child her mother hated her, her father despised her.. all sorts of nasty thoughts she placed in Rinas head. Desiderina had her mothers courage and her fathers powers and was able to save herself more than once.  

The child was a favourite among the gods. Her vivid purple eyes gleamed as she read ancient books and sucked in knowledge with a passion. Always desperately searching for that which would make her parents approve of her, seeking out other children who would shun her for her breeding.
Over time, her inherent nature began to present itself and she would hunt with her father attacking innocents for fun. Ares revelled in his daughter but was also puzzled by her, he was unsure how to deal with the child as she reached her teenage years. The other gods began to fear the child, seeing in her an evil that they knew would not be controlled. Only Ares knew the real parentage and what was slowly manifesting itself...

Over time Ares grew fearful of the child as well and threw her too the earth, abandoning her to be to the entrance of an insane asylum, all this time no knowledge of her child was bought to Madeleine s attention.


the voices within
the voices within
Rina revelled in the smell of the place, the screams from the other inmates and the fear that emanated from the guards around her. 
 A smile began to grow on the girls face as she strated to see the world, see what it was and who she was.  
The asylum was the place that made her who she was, it was a mad house for most but Rina was at home amongst the madness.. a child of hate and mayhem she revelled in the place. Over time she grew stronger and one day manic laughter erupted from deep within the girl and a wave of power hit her, ripping the bars apart she leapt at the nearest guard and tore his throat out with her teeth, draining his blood.  
Ripping at his chest she snapped apart his rib cage and dug into his body hauling out his innards and throwing them at the other guards as they ran. The child walked down the hallway dragging her nails across the walls as she walked, dragging the guards head behind her the blood flowing from her as she walked. The maniacal laughter subsiding as the demon within calmed as her god powers began to grow within her controlling the demon and allowing a modicum of sanity to evolve. As she walked out of the building she stopped and picked up a lone baseball bat that sat against the wall in the guard room, swinging it around in her hands she peered through her dark hair and smiled. 
The evil that was inside her was born, born of the madness around her...but who or what had awakened it?


Arrow teaching Rina 
Arrow teaching Rina 
A man who moulded the child. Rina met Arrow in one of the Shadow Realms. At the age of 5 Rina was taken there by her aunt and left to rot. Rina wandered the place and happened upon a man who seemed to absorb any light w within the area. Turning to the child he raised an eyebrow and looked at her, Rina tilted her head and watched him back. The mad knelt down to the child and simply took her hand, guiding her out of the realm realm and took her home. Once they arrived at Mount Olympus he dropped her hand and walked to Ares, leaning in close speaking to him. Rina heard nothing but watched her fathers face as it turned purple with rage, the large man turned to the girl and winked and vanished.

It was not til years later that Rina encountered the man again. She found her mother after she escaped from the asylum and lived within her mothers walls, watching and hating the whore who spat her out. It was here she met him again... it had been some time since the shadow realm but Rina had never forgotten the man who fascinated her. 
 A teenager now Rina approached Arrow begging him to help her kill her mother, he simply laughed at her and told her to attend to her toys. Rina growled and attacked Arrow, he pinned her against the wall and smiled at her. It was then Rina began to fear and respect the man, dropping down she bowed to him. Over time Arrow taught Rina how to control her powers.. slowly she is developing them. Rina looks upon him almost as a father, she loves him as much as a psychopath can.   


The Femme Fatales and a new Rina

The Femme Fatales 
The Femme Fatales 

  Though Rina's life had been a playground in the Femme Fatales she finally felt that she had a home, a family. Her dear friend and the mother she never knew Lady Tileso by her side, there was nothing that could stop them... except love. Tileso's love of a man began to draw Rina away... seeing that she was no longer the main person in the Lady's life she became bitter and angry. When the attack came on the team Rina's pain built to a level that pushed her into the powers of her true father.


xcerpt from Manic Monday RPG  

 Water rushed over her head as she opened her purple eyes. Raising her hands, long fingers scraped mud out of the sockets flinging the black goop on the ground below. “what the hell Uncle Arrow did you sleep teleport me again?” shifting her long legs under her she began to rise but stopped sitting on her feet looking down at her naked body. “Arrow?.... Uncle?...” she listened hard closing her eyes but could hear nothing. “Ok” she yelled to the cow standing near her staring with big brown eyes “I appear to be naked, Arrow is not in my head and last thing I recall I was bashed in the head by some soldier dude…. It must be Tuesday” laughing at her own humour she stood up and looked down at the small child like body beneath her totally covered head to toe in mud she whistled a long whistle and cocked her head to the side. She could hear traffic and the wind but not much else; thoughts of the girls in the Femmes flashed through her mind as she closed them connecting with each one, she realised most of the girls were still in the compound where she had been kept, stretching further she kept scanning for the girls finally seeing into Homicides head she could see Arrow strapped to the girls chest, residing in his teddy form she laughed out loud, closing her eyes she sent out a tendril to touch her Uncles mind waking him up “Rina, your ok then I presume?” slight annoyance mixed with a vague amount of relief waved over her “Im fine uncle, are you and the other girls ok?” Silence washed over her as she could feel Arrows mind searching hers “Rina how did you get out?” smiling she shrugged her shoulders “No idea, woke up in this cow field a minute ago and contacted you straight away, thought it was the best thing to do” Again she could feel searching as she stood patiently waiting for him “Rina look at your arm” Rina raised her pale arm and looked down at it, a large red mark was there travelling up her arm “WTF there is a track mark, did they make me a freaking junkie??” annoyance travelled down the line “No you idiot but they did something, you’re not behaving your normal self… your behaving… normal..” 

His comment triggered something inside her something awoke and seemed to whisper over her body “Uncle I’m scared..” her body shook with the cold and the fear raising inside her as she felt him scanning her physical self “I can’t find it, I can’t see what they have done, but your powers are intact, there is just something in your mind, some kind of hindrance” Raising her right arm she shot her fist out into the sky as a dark black liquid shot out of it and hit the flew into the air, falling down it landed on the cow and began to eat at its flesh Raising her eyebrows wide she could feel Arrow also reacting. “Rina your powers…. They are no longer blocked”

As the comprehension washed over her Rina began to smile the smile widening over her mouth encompassing it larger than human until the flesh began to peel back over itself flipping out and stripping off her body like a banana peel she stood there blood and bones muscle with flesh removed. She could feel her uncle’s pride as he watched her emerge, raising her arms flesh began to grow over her once again forming around her curves, reforming around her sucking into the muscle and bone as it went racing up her body to her face where the mouth pushed itself in and around long black hair dropped to the floor behind her as she tilted her head back. Raising her head the girl standing was older than the previous form, face similar but body more luscious and mature than before eyes shining red with purple irises. The smile stayed as she spun on the ground material appearing out of thin air and wrapping around her to create a tartan skirt, knee high school socks, knee high purple boots and a small black t-shirt with the Evil Dead logo on it. Her hair was shortening and a purple streak appearing down one side, earrings firing through and massive black skulls dangling from them.  Clicking her fingers a long purple flowing coat appeared with a top hat dropping onto her head from Arrow to complete the look.

“You could have changed your look at least” Arrow muttered as Rina began to stride across the cow field, her feet hovering above the ground the girl walked with a swing to her hips as if in slow motion, her coat wafting around her as black tainted nails adjusted his hat upon her head.   “why change the awesomeness that is my look just because I’m finally grownup, now go look after the other girls, I have somewhere to be” silence once again spread over the line as she listed for his reply “I will meet you when I’m done”

With a smile and a nod the new born god blinked into thin air, appearing on top of the statue of liberty.  Looking down below that grin appeared again, it seemed to signify the change in the girl, the darkness that has finally blossomed in her was there. Standing as the wind picked up her coat she watched the people below screaming and running around. She knew Precise was not there she knew where he was, who he was with and what he was doing. She knew everything but nothing at the same time; it was like clarity was no longer an option. Time was no longer linear to her; she could go where she wanted when she wanted. She knew her new path was to join the Crimson Rose to work with some of the best to really disrupt the world, she used to enjoy killing now she wanted to play with more than death and life.  Waving her hands in front of her she created the letter and wrapped it inside a rose, throwing it out into the air she watched it spin before disappearing, its destination Precise’s desk at the mansion. She had seen what Lady Tileso had said through her uncle’s mind and knew that the lady she adored had left her for her own journey, The Femmes had been a home for her but it was time to move on.

A new Rina had been born and she was ready for the world to meet her. Dropping down to the ground below she wiped out a series of humans running past and watched the zombies feeding, walking past them all she strode through the mass of blood looking for some fun.

True Parentage..

 After the events of the Femme Fatales, Rina was finally fully powered and ready to help Arrow. It was during this time she finally faced Ares once again, his minions  
capturing the girl and holding her, Arrow came after her and faced the god once more.  
Learning during this time that he was the true father Arrow destroyed Ares for his betrayal. Rina ran from them both using blood magic and cutting out her left eye as a sacrifice she leapt into a seperate dimesion to hide from the pain that welled inside her.     


They all left her at some point; all turned their backs on her… her heart beat pounded in her ears as Ares and Arrow fought she watched them, purple tears streaming down her face.  The earth shattered around her as they fought, totally unaware that the newly reborn daughter of heaven and hell and come to find her uncle, only to find the truth wrapped in pain.

Her powers finally restored to her, the psychotic girl the world adored heard the words spat out of Ares mouth as he fought with Arrow “she is your daughter fool, I took her to repay your debt to Olympus” shock had rocked through the tiny body as the words washed over her, the truth clear as day to them both.

Large purple eyes dragged themselves from the man who had tortured her with his control, her desperate need for love always taking her back to him, to the man who had always been more of a father than a friend. Arrows face showed no emotion as he drove the spell home, shattering Ares and causing him to become human, nothing… no smile, no joy nothing. She realised he was yet another person in her long life too despise her existence.

Running through the portal that ripped into the side of Ares kingdom the daughter of Final Arrow raced through the shadow realms her pain and anger driving behind her shattering the portals as she roared through them. 

Leading her to create her own world within the realms, she unleashed hell upon earth. Doing her best to show her father her talent, at the same time wishing those around her would simply love her for who she was.  

All Hell RPG 

During All Hell Rina opened the gates of Hell and unleashed it upon Earth, dancing in the devastation. Torturing Kurrent and Gambler and killing her mother Rina was set on a course of chaos and destruction, eventually leading her into death. Lady Tlieso and her father Final Arrow helped to bring her back to the real world, back to reality,  Arrow healed the world and his daughter repairing her eye and setting her forth on a new journey with him. The two of them disappeared into the void to heal and recuperate, neither seen on earth for some time.  It was during this that Rina ripped her mothers soul out and vanished her body.
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 Returning to earth Rina now had the power of a world trapped inside a large volume, Rina and her father Arrow had created the book together, forming a world inside it, Rina had been punished by the demons she set forth and now owed Hell 10000 souls, using the book they created they could only give Hell souls that were evil, the book itself was a world where people had to go through trials focused on their lives and all that they have done.  
Contacting their alliance with Gambler to create a world where Rina could find victims, the trio where united once again, encouraging others like them to join, the Carnivale was born.