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@batmanplusjay: Nah man.. Are you from somewhere other than America? Season three dropped awhile back and was said before it dropped that it was the last season. All Marvel shows are canceled now.

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I'm still a virgin and used to living in self imposed misery so I can survive without sex. I dont want to know what life without music is like though.

Screw sex; music is infinitely far more important.

I'm not getting any from anyone anyways, can't live without music.

You guys got the masturbation loophole. He never said anything about that.


You might also get the Bill Clinton precedence. "I never had sexual relations with that woman."

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@lord_tenebrous said:

The reality is, only one side here consistently condemns the horrid actions of both terror groups, while the other refuses to talk about anything that doesn't insult the opposing party in some way.

There's little to talk about in terms of white supremacist terror. It's widely condemned, it's acknowledged, it's loathed to the highest degree, it's nowhere supported except in the dark recesses of the internet. Both parties and sides repeatedly, consistently, and overwhelmingly condemn it. Wheh it lashes out, we all talk about it.

When white supremacy happens, we all talk about it. When Antifa happens, only one group of us talk about it.

Bottom line: when something terrible happens, we are going to talk about it here, regardless of whose perceived side it was on.

Mostly the point I was trying to make.

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I'm not sidestepping anything, nor do I see anyone else doing so. You must be referring to users from another site.

I was talking in general but then there is no need to criticize someone criticizing bad people doing bad things if you weren't.

Antifa sucks. They're violent, and they need to be knocked down a peg. With that said, they still haven't killed anyone. I also don't see the left media protecting them at all. If anything, they just don't get coverage.

See right there. It's the violence Olympics now? You can only talk about them if they kill someone?How long before that happens. Might be soon considering how they're amping it up the past couple of years. Bike locks to the head. Kicking someone into traffic, throwing quick dry cement that can burn the skin. Attacking old people. You know old people can die if hit too hard.

Dude off the top of my head CNN defends Antifa because they made the "it's not bad tactics only bad targets argument. Hell even after Andy Ngo was attacked many in the media attacked or blamed him instead. Hell just look when they're not on air and their social media posts. Then you really see that shit. They not always so blatant but they find someways to minimize it or make the person they went after into monsters. If not that they refuse to talk about it.

Why is that? Because all things considered, they aren't that big of a deal. On the other hand, the right media, like Foxnews, puts them on level with violent white supremacist groups going by how they cover them. It's just more partisan fear mongering on their part.

See now you're doing it. Not a big deal bullshit. No no they're just a

  • growing problem
  • international, from what I hear they're even worse outside
  • listed as a terrorist group
  • getting more violent
  • bomb and other death threats
  • spreading extremist views
  • People. media keep making excuses or trying to minimize what they are.

Ya not a big deal.

Being a better recruiter for far right extremism than far right extremist group, the best recruiter for the extreme right is the extreme left. In the 90's far right groups were at an all time low. Then the far left started making noise and action and made them relevant again.

Far left SHOULD be right up there. Antifa is just the face of it right now because they're making the most noise. That's not partisan fear mongering.

This also isn't whataboutism. I'm not trying to deflect any argument leveled against me by bringing up something you do

YES it is because what I was doing was pointing out and criticizing bad people for doing bad things. Then you whatabouted me with the far right. Criticizing me for spending time there and how I choose to deal with both there instead of on groups you see as worse. That's a whataboutism.

. I'm just calling out patterns I see.

So am I. A pattern of bias, and hypocrisy. When do you ever criticize there far left here or defend the right like you do in reverse.

And to be honest, it wasn't even directed at you for the most part.

No but you just said it was about MY actions.

This also isn't whataboutism. I'm not trying to deflect any argument leveled against me by bringing up something you do


It was others like Mr. anti-muslim and so forth. And those people continuously ignore and downplay the violence of right wing extremists and neo-nazis.

Neo-nazi ism is a shrinking group. Muslim extremism is on the rise. They have control of countries. What neo-nazi group do you know can say the same?

One of them even said he'd march with them if they were marching for proper causes, like the environment.

And? I'm not a marcher so it's not a choice I'd have to make but if they kept it non violent and weren't spouting racist shit I can see people not caring. I'd hope they'd give them the finger and blast them for their racist views. Same goes for the far left.

Personally if I was a marcher I don't think I could do it. I'd do it elsewhere but I'm not going to change my stance that dumping toxic waste is bad and work against it just because bad people are doing the same..

I mean if you were marching at Lake Michigan because they were going to dump toxic waste there and you find out Neo Nazi were doing the same would you change you position? More people stand against something bad the more chance we have to stop it. It's not a back and white issue though it sounds like it.

Now having said that. I can see how easy it is to paint them both with the same brush if you see them marching together if you don't know the person. I might do that myself but I'm not perfect. Heck maybe if you do know them. I'd be all like couldn't you have marched somewhere else?

Until one of those wolves jumps out their sheep costume and bites, they don't NEED to be talked about on level with the wolves out here killing people.

But the are biting though. What don't you get? Putting people in hospitals, giving brain hemorrhages, splitting heads open, putting flesh burning. Holding terrorist camps in mexico to fight border control. Buying guns from mexican cartels. That's just the face of Antifa.

Nah, don't even bring this one up in this discussion. That asshole was a democrat, but he didn't kill those people for political or partisan reasons. He was just violent. I have friends who knew him in HS. We were talking about his little hit/rape-list for over a week. There's no motive. As far as we know it had nothing to do with politics, and making it out to be just because his political leaning was revealed is pretty shameful on your part. We can only go by the history of violence this dude already displayed.

More hypocrisy. I was hoping you'd use this common argument I've been seeing so I could make this point. You'd many others would be singing a different tune if he was from the right. How many shooters spitting out far right rhetoric, like he did the left rhetoric, have you said the same thing about as you're now? How many of these far right people shot those that had nothing to do with or aligned against their rhetoric? How many were driven by forces beyond political belief? That were just violent people? You should be ashamed of yourself.

Yes. And it's true. But again, why do I NEED to spend time on Antifa??

You don't feel any need at all to call out bad people for doing bad things but you're perfectly fine with rightly criticizing people who do because they don't do it enough to others?

Yeah that makes sense. Do you listen to yourself?

They haven't don't anything but threaten and assault people.

lol those saints. perfect angles. I'm sure all those people from the Rainbow who only threatened and assaulted by groups who only did those things should be ok with it now.

I should have read your reply fully before I started to respond so I didn't have to wast my time. I don't know why I kept giving you more credit than you deserve in the past. I wont from now on. You've put the last straw on the camels back. You're too indoctrinated by extreme biased partisan propaganda. I'd rather have discussions with more rational people. so if it's political please don't reply to me in the future. I won't read and wont engage other than to say stop replying to me. I'll consider it you trying to bother me.

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@batmanplusjay: You haven't finished watching Jessica Jones? I asked because that was canceled.

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@richubs: You don't need a Reddit just PM any mod and they'll tell you.


Other than that it would only hurt the ComicVine forum. It already struggles to keep users because no more articles and staff. Posting there for ComicVine things mean you're not posting on ComicVIne. If successful how ling before Gamespot says "lets close CV forums and just have it on Reddit." "Wiki is all we care about".

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It's amazing how some users try to sidestep the growing threat to terrorist groups like Antifa even though they get shielded by populations and media because it doesn't suit their narrative. Maybe just maybe because they might actually look at themselves and see that part of the problem resides there.

It's amazing that these users who like to complain about "whataboutism" and then do the very same thing when the spotlight is on things closer to home. The hypocrisy is real.

Everyone knows right wing extremist groups are bad. Everyone knows Neo Nazi groups are bad. They get trashed everywhere rightly but the moment you point out groups on the left NOW it's suddenly a problem...... The fact that some have that mentality makes it all the more reason why we NEED to talk about it. These groups are wolves in sheeps clothing and this attitude they have only enables that cloak.

Also lets not down play groups and people like Antifa. They're a growing problem that are only getting more violent and many are only waking up to now because of these cloaks.

We've had attacks twice on ICE. The Ohio pouted left leaning rhetoric. Antifa routinely attacks innocent people, bomb threats, death threats, going after family, threats to burn down theaters and attacks media that tries to report on them. There's brand of rampant racism and anti semitism in these groups.

You complain some users spend to much time on these left groups and not enough on the right groups. That's better than those users who are making those complaints who don't spend any time at all on complaining and try to deflect minimize from it. At least the first group does acknowledge it and has the benefit that the extreme right is widely talked and condemned from both sides. Unlike the extreme left who really isn't, other that groups from the right. These users these users would just love for everyone to ignore it.

But hey I guess It's only bad when one side does these horrible things. Should only be talked about then. :/


Edit: If guess if some people wanted to use the tactics of those who complain about people shining a light on these groups/people they'd question on why do they go out of the way to throw a blanket on the subject. Perhaps, wonder if they support these groups? Who am I kidding. If it was their tactics they would outright state they were card carrying members.

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@thekillerklok: I just looked further into this. We jumped the gun. It appears her name is Bianca Turano and she's college aged. Damn she looked twelve tho. I was convinced.

If true it's still wrong. You shouldn't go after a girl that small or anyone like that really.

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