Technically should Doomsday be much more powerful than he is?

Let be start out by saying this has nothing to do with making him interesting or any desire for him to be more powerful.

We know that Doomsday originally got powerful through experiments that evolved the character everytime he died after being released on prehistoric Krypton until he came to the point of being able to do so on his own after death. He gained other various powers like speed, strength, etcetera while being on Krypton which resides under a red sun and heavier gravity.

After leaving Krypton his power kept on growing by meeting new challenges and traveling from place forcing him to evolve after each death. These powers are completely it's own thing relying only on the trauma of death for activation. Eventually he arrives on Earth where under the benefit of the yellow sun Kryptonians gain superpowers like you would normally find in Superman. With Doomsday being Kryptonian and under the yellow sun shouldn't that only increase his powers? If a Kryptonian who is no stronger on Krypton than a human is on Earth. Shouldn't a Kryptonian who is already super powerful on Krypton only be further enhanced under a yellow sun? Shouldn't that put him far beyond the capabilities of someone like Superman making a gap in power equally as far as human and Kryptonian on Earth?

To explain the discrepancy I originally thought that Doomsday might not actually be Kryptonian and only was experimented on there. Something that was later put to rest by finding out he has Kryptonian DNA. This leaves me with the issue of trying to find some other excuse without just saying "comics". Off the top of my head while writing this I've come up with two possibilities. One being that during either the experiments or evolutions that he was some how altered so the yellow sun wouldn't have an effect. Another being that maybe he was some Neanderthal or Cro-Magnon type of Kryptonian that shared DNA but with a difference that they lacked that portion that turns yellow radiation into power. Though neither would address the gravity issue I believe.

So should Doomsday be more powerful and if so how would you explain him not being?